The Bodybuilder and His Boyfriend

He’d won! Caleb could hardly believe it. All the long months of training and preparation had paid off. His already massive chest swelled with pride at his accomplishment, placing first in the heavy weight class of the National Bodybuilding Federation’s championship.

And he knew exactly who he had to thank, who he wanted to share this victory with more than anyone else in the world.

The wait to be able to leave the stage was difficult. He had to receive his trophy and medal, pose for some photographs and so on and so forth. The big muscular cheetah went through all these things on autopilot, his thoughts mainly on who was waiting for him.

At one point, he glanced to the wings and spotted him, waiting just off stage. Ralph. A brown wolf in jeans and a nicely snug green shirt, watching him with a wide grin, his expression radiating pride and adoration. It was a look that warmed Caleb to his core.

Eventually the time came where he could head back stage. He actually had to stop himself sprinting to the wolf. The wolf however, showed no such restraint, rushing to him and hugging him tightly. Caleb gratefully hugged him back, wrapping his big arms around the smaller wolf, savouring the embrace of the one he loved.

A moment later, they pulled apart, Ralph looking up at the cheetah, unable to stop smiling. “I’m so damn proud of you!” He said. “You won, just as I knew you could!”

“Hey now.” Caleb said, lovingly stroking the wolf’s face. “I owe it all to you.”

“No.” Ralph said, with a shake of his head. “You’re the one who put in all the hard work and…”

The cheetah put a finger on the end of the wolf’s muzzle, silencing him. “I may have been the one to put in the hard work, but you were the one who kept me motivated and focused, who never let me give up on my goal. There is no way I would have managed this without your love and support.”

A wave of warm emotion washed over the wolf as he stared into the eyes of this cheetah he loved with all his heart. “You big softie.” He said, not managing to keep the emotion from his voice. “You know I’d do anything for you.”

Caleb suddenly grinned a slightly mischievous grin. He shoved his trophy into the wolf’s paws. “Here, hold this for a sec, would you?”

Slightly confused, Ralph took the trophy, wondering what his cheetah had in mind. “Sure.” He said. “But what are you…?”

Before he could finish the sentence, Caleb playfully scooped the canine up into his huge muscular arms. Ralph gave a little yelp of surprise, but was soon chuckling, resting an arm around the cheetah’s shoulders and making himself comfortable.

A second later, Caleb was leaning in and pressing his muzzle against Ralph’s, kissing him lovingly and passionately. The wolf kissed back without protest, slipping his tongue into the cheetah’s mouth as Caleb’s tongue entered his.

They were both aware they weren’t exactly in a private location. Contest officials, other bodybuilders and their assistants were all milling around them. Many of them were even stopping to look at them and their very public display of affection.

But neither Caleb nor Ralph cared.

They broke out of the kiss to stare lovingly into each others’ eyes for a moment.

“I love you, my Wolfy.” Said Caleb.

“I love you too, my Big Kitty.” Ralph replied.

And then they kissed again, muzzles meeting and eyes closing as they ignored the whole world except for each other and the deep all encompassing love they shared.