Bryant was in a foul mood as he got home.

The tiger fumbled in his pocket for his keys, going over the events of the day in his head, trying to figure out where things had gone so wrong. Why had he just quit his job? Sure, he’d been feeling more and more dissatisfied working there for months now, but that was no reason to just resign. But, try as he might, he couldn’t figure out why he had done just that.

He finally fished out his keys and let himself into his house, slamming the door behind him in annoyance.

The big tiger strolled into his living room, stripping off his jacket and tossing it aside. What really bothered him was the way in which all his supposed ‘friends’ at the office hadn’t supported him at all, instead simply telling him how much he’d changed over the past few months.

But Bryant knew he hadn’t changed at all. He thought back over the recent months, and his behaviour was normal. Perfectly normal.

Unconsciously, the tiger unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off over his broad shoulders and well-built frame. He then threw it over his shoulder.

Sure, he’d ended his relationship with Melissa a while back. But that hadn’t been going anywhere. And he’d also started going to the gym a lot, and had put on a fair bit of muscle, but there was nothing wrong or unusual about a desire to be in good shape, was there?

Bryant unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, slipping them down over his thickly muscled legs. He stepped out of them and kicked the trousers aside.

There was nothing odd or strange about his behaviour. Nothing at all. The problem must be his so-called ‘friends’ failing to understand who he was. Well, there were no friends of his anymore.

He slipped off his boxer shorts, releasing his large semi-erect cock. The shorts were quickly discarded and forgotten.

As the muscled tiger stood there, completely naked, all his worries, angst and annoyance about his day quickly ebbed away. It all seemed so unimportant…

Bryant sank to his knees. Kneeling felt so good, so right, his natural position. It was so comfortable on his knees…

There was a sudden knock at the door.

In a split second, Bryant was getting to his feet, filled with an all-consuming urge not to keep whoever it was waiting. He was a little unsteady at first, almost as if he’d been kneeling there for a long time. But surely it’d only been a few minutes?

He glanced at the clock on the wall as he left the living room, and realised he’d been kneeling naked and in a daze for almost two whole hours. Somewhere at the back of his mind, he felt there might be something odd about that. But the thought disappeared almost instantly. His behaviour was normal. Perfectly normal.

He reached the front door and unlocked it. Again, another thought at the back of his mind, trying to tell him there was something definitely odd about answering the door naked. But the only thing he could do was ignore it; he couldn’t stop himself answering the door even if he wanted to. The urge to let in whoever was there as quickly as possible was overwhelming.

The tiger opened the door to find the most handsome fur he had ever seen waiting on his doorstep. It was a tall and heavily muscled snow leopard, dressed in jeans a figure-hugging shirt. A wave of pure happiness washed over Bryant at the sight of him, but he wasn’t sure why. He was pretty certain that he’d never seen this guy before, so why did he seem so familiar?

Instinctively, Bryant stood aside to allow the leopard inside. He was feeling strange. Surely there must be something odd about letting a complete stranger into your house? And yet his mind kept telling him it was all perfectly normal.

The leopard stepped inside and Bryant closed the door. Before he could turn around, his visitor placed a hand on the tiger’s shoulder.

Bryant’s whole body shuddered, the leopard’s touch causing a wave of sexual pleasure to engulf him. His cock sprang into life, and within a second was rock hard.

“Today’s the day, Bryant.” The leopard whispered in his ear, his voice deep and alluring.

The pleasure of the leopard’s touch was making it difficult to focus, but the tiger was able to gather enough of his wits to wonder how this stranger knew his name, and what he was talking about…

Suddenly, the touch was gone, and the intense ecstasy was gone with it. Bryant felt a little empty without it. He yearned to feel it again…

The tiger shook his head. This was wrong! He wasn’t gay! He shouldn’t be feeling that way about another male touching his naked body! Yet, he couldn’t deny that it did feel amazing…

“Follow me into the living room.” The leopard commanded, firmly.

Before Bryant knew what was happening, he was following the tall snow leopard through the house into the living room. He started to wonder why he was doing what this stranger told him to do, when he realised that following the leopard, obeying the command, made him feel pretty damn good, it felt right and natural… yes, obeying was good, natural…

The tiger tried to shake of that thought, but it kept reverberating around his mind. For some reason, being in the presence of this snow leopard was making it hard for him to think straight…

They arrived in the living room, where Bryant’s clothing was still scattered about. The leopard sat himself leisurely on the couch and made himself comfortable. The big tiger watched him, unsure what to do, until the stranger pointed to the centre of the room.

“Kneel there.” He ordered.

Bryant’s body responded to the instruction before his conscious mind fully comprehended what he was being told to do. And once he was moving, obeying the command felt too good for the tiger to stop himself.

Once Bryant was kneeling, the leopard stared at him, grinning. “I have been looking forward to this night for many months Bryant.”

The tiger was filled with questions about what was happening, but try as he might, he couldn’t find his voice. He was unable to speak.

“I imagine you have plenty of questions right now.” Said the leopard. “But you can’t speak, can you? That is because when I am around, you cannot say a word without my permission.”

Bryant frowned intensely.

“And now you’re wondering why that is.” The snow leopard smiled. “And the answer is simple. It’s a post-hypnotic suggestion I embedded deep in your sub-conscious a long time ago.”

Hypnotic? Bryant thought. Is this guy suggesting I’ve been hypnotised?

“I’ve had you under my control for a little over six months now.” The leopard explained. “Why do you think you find kneeling so comfortable? Why do you automatically strip naked whenever you’re at home? Why do you find my touch so pleasurable? And why do you firmly believe it is all perfectly normal? Hypnotic suggestions, all implanted during my gradual enslaving of your sub-conscious.”

The tiger’s mind was racing. This couldn’t be true! He’d remember being hypnotised…

“I still see the disbelief in your eyes, Bryant.” The muscular snow leopard chuckled. “You’re likely thinking that it can’t be true because you don’t remember any of it. Well, how about we take care of that? I’ll have to put you into a trance for a moment. But I long ago implanted a trigger phrase to allow me to do just that.”

The leopard leaned forward, fixing the tiger with his stare. “Striped slave.”

For Bryant, awareness dissolved, his mind draining away. His head slumped forward, but he remained in his kneeling position.

“Bryant, can you hear me?” Said the leopard. “Permission is granted for you to talk.”

“Yes, Sir…” The hypnotised tiger muttered.

“Do you realise what today is?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have you been looking forward to it?”

“Very much, Sir.”

“Glad to hear it.” The leopard said, grinning broadly at the thought of just how well he’d enslaved the tiger’s sub-conscious. “But I’m going to have a bit more fun with your conscious self before we proceed.”

“As you wish, Sir.”

“Now, I want you to remember the first time you met me.” The snow leopard instructed. “That first time I hypnotised you. Visualise every detail. Right up until I left, leaving you to forget the encounter.”

“I remember, Sir…”

“That’s a good tiger.” Said the leopard, noticing the twitch of the tiger’s cock at earning the feline’s approval. “Now, in a few seconds, I will click my fingers and you will awaken to full consciousness again. But the memory you have visualised will now be unlocked. Your conscious self will be able to remember each and every detail. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Sir…”

“Good.” The leopard and sat back. This was going to be fun to watch. He clicked his fingers.

Awareness came rushing back for the tiger. His eyes snapped open and he frowned, wondering what had just happened.

And then it hit him. A whole night of his life he hadn’t remembered before, it was all there in his head, each and every detail.

He’d had a fight with Melissa that evening, so had gone to a bar to drown his sorrows. After a few drinks, a large, muscular snow leopard and sat down in the bar stool next to him. The same one who was currently sat on the couch before him! That was why he seemed so familiar!

He and the leopard had got to talking. Before long, the leopard was doing most of the talking, in a soothing tone, telling him to relax and not to worry about Melissa. Just listen to his voice and relax, relax and everything would be fine…

After awhile, Bryant was completely focused on the leopard’s voice, even if he was having a little trouble making out the exact words. He just kept feeling ever more relaxed, sinking deeper and deeper…

He had been hypnotised by the leopard! Bryant realised with a start as the memory played out in his head. At the time though, he hadn’t realised it, he could only remember how amazingly good and relaxing the experience had been.

And then suddenly the leopard had changed the subject, telling Bryant how tired he must be after such a long trying night. And the tiger had suddenly found that he was indeed tired. The snow leopard hadn’t been drinking any alcohol that night, so said he’d drive him home.

Bryant had followed him out of the bar. It was so easy, so good to simply follow the leopard’s instructions and let himself be guided to the leopard’s car and be driven home. All through the journey, the big snow leopard had continued talking and Bryant had sat in the passenger seat and continued to listen to his soothing voice, sinking deeper and deeper into a blissful, mindless state where there existed nothing but the snow leopard’s voice, he was firmly within the snow leopard’s power…

The memory after that became a little vague as he was so deep in whatever trance the stranger had put him in that he stopped noticing anything much beyond the leopard.

They had arrived at Bryant’s house and the tiger had allowed himself to be guided from the car to the front door, his attention focused and riveted on the snow leopard’s fantastic voice. It was incredibly relaxing to just listen to him and obey…

He handed over his keys when asked for them, and the leopard opened the door. Once inside, they had headed straight for the bedroom. Bryant was very tired, so he had to go to bed, the leopard told him.

When they reached the bedroom, Bryant just stopped, waiting for instructions. He’d been obeying the leopard since the bar, and in his entranced state, was waiting to be told what to do next. The muscular leopard had told him to undress. The tiger was momentarily uncertain about getting naked in front of another male, and there was a sickening moment when reality had almost come crashing in, destroying the wonderfully relaxed state he was in, breaking the trance that held him in the stranger’s power...

But then the big friendly snow leopard was at his side, whispering soothingly in his ear that everything was OK, he could relax, there was nothing to worry about. And he had remained hypnotised.

The leopard explained, in his soothing, hypnotic tone, that it was fine to get undressed in front of him. He was Bryant’s friend after all, wasn’t he? Helping him to relax and stop worrying, making sure he got home safely; these were things only a truly good friend would do.

The tiger had agreed.

And besides, Bryant had already discovered that obeying the leopard felt very, very good, hadn’t he?

The tiger had agreed once more.

So obeying again and getting undressed would actually make him feel good again, wouldn’t it? And since the leopard was such a good friend, he could be trusted absolutely, couldn’t he?

The mesmerised tiger, his mind almost completely overwhelmed by a combination of logic and the snow leopard’s powerful will, could do nothing but agree.

And so he had undressed in front of the mysterious leopard he had only just met.

Before then, he had never known just how wonderful the act of removing one’s clothes could make him feel, but then and there he learned differently. When he was done, standing there naked, Bryant found his cock had become almost fully erect. Obeying the snow leopard had made him feel far better than he expected it would.

Before he had a chance to feel embarrassed, his friend was there again, whispering in his ear, telling him again and again how it was nothing to feel embarrassed about. It was only natural for a male to get aroused when he felt good. And obeying his instructions felt very good.

The leopard then suggested that he should lie down on his bed and start stroking himself, that it was an absolutely natural thing to use the erection to make himself feel even better.

Bryant followed the suggestion, and it felt good to do so. By the time he was laying down on his bed, his erection had been full and rock hard. He started pumping, feeling fantastic, as the leopard crouched beside the bed, continuing to whisper in his ear about what he was doing was good and natural and nothing whatsoever to be ashamed about.

His sense of time was a little distorted by the hypnotic trance, so Bryant wasn’t sure how long he lay there, pumping his cock with the leopard’s voice constantly filling his thoughts, but eventually the end came.

The snow leopard’s voice was telling him over and over how when he climaxed, it would be the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced, and Bryant could do nothing but trust him completely.

Then came the climax. His back arched as a powerful wave of sexual pleasure washed over him, filling every inch of him with ecstasy. It was far greater than anything he had experienced before. His cum exploded from the end of his throbbing cock, splattering across his naked body.

And then the moment passed and he felt exhausted as the orgasm faded. The leopard’s voice was there again, filling his thoughts, telling the tiger that he would soon slip out of the trance and into a deep refreshing sleep, and when he awoke in the morning he would not consciously remember anything that had happened here, or even meeting the snow leopard. But the leopard would return the following evening, so Bryant would be sure to stay in alone to wait for him, and when he arrived, a special trigger phrase would return him to this deep, relaxed, mindless state.

And then the voice was gone, and Bryant had slept. The following morning he had remembered nothing about the snow leopard, convincing himself that he had simply got drunk last night and got a cab home. He had assumed his cum-encrusted fur was a result of drunken masturbation over thoughts of Melissa before he’d fallen asleep.

Back in the here and now, the newly unlocked memory was still sinking in. The snow leopard sat watching the looks of confusion passing across the tiger’s face as he adjusted to what had been revealed.

“Quite disorientating, isn’t it?” He commented to Bryant. “A whole night of experiences you didn’t know about before. And such intense, pleasurable experiences too…”

At first he tried to deny it to himself, saying it must have just been the hypnosis making him feel things, but he couldn’t keep that up for more than a second. Whichever way he looked at it, the whole experience had been the most relaxing time he could remember, followed by the most intense sexual pleasure he could remember.

“And you must be wondering,” the leopard added, “what other experiences and memories are buried in your head, hypnotically locked away?”

Actually, he hadn’t been wondering that, but now he was. What else might he have done while in the snow leopard’s power, that he hadn’t been permitted to remember? Maybe there could be stuff that had been even more enjoyable? It was frightening and intriguing at the same time…

“Would you like the rest of the memories unlocked, Bryant?” The leopard’s entrancing voice intruded on his thoughts. He found it strangely soothing. “I think you do don’t you? You would like to find out everything, right?”

He actually did want to know. It crossed his mind that maybe he actually didn’t, maybe it was just this powerful snow leopard impressing his will on him. He was surprised that the idea didn’t bother him as much as he would have thought. But there was still a part of him that wanted to resist simply following the leopard’s suggestion.

“But who are you?” He asked, frowning at the fact he could talk now, he couldn’t remember permission being given. “Why are you doing this?”

“I am the one who has you under his hypnotic power.” The muscular snow leopard answered. “As to why I’m doing this, the answer is simple: I want you to be mine. I want you as my loyal obedient slave, devoted to serving me for the rest of your life.”

“You can’t do that!” Bryant protested.

“But I’ve been doing that for six months now.” The leopard grinned. “Bit by bit, I’ve been making you mine. Tonight is the final step, when we say farewell to the last of your free will.”

“But I don’t want to…”

The snow leopard got off the couch and strolled over to the kneeling tiger. He crouched next to Bryant and began stroking his head fur. The tiger was suddenly awash with pleasure, his solid erection throbbing, begging for release. In that moment, Bryant could not stop himself feeling a burning attraction to this mysterious stranger.

“My touch makes you feel very good, doesn’t it?” The leopard soothed.

“Yes…” Bryant admitted.

“And obeying me makes you feel just as good, doesn’t it? The leopard said.

“Yes…” The tiger murmured, closing his eyes and enjoying the feelings running through him.

“Then would it be so bad to be in my service and feel like that all the time?” The leopard said softly.

“No…” Bryant grudgingly admitted. “But I’m not gay, I can’t really be attracted to you! It’s the hypnosis!”

“But you are gay.” The leopard revealed. “I was careful about making sure about that. You’ve repressed your homosexuality your whole life, but it is who you really are. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have been able to get you to do most of the things I’ve had you do. Through making you mine, I’ve unlocked who you really are…”

The tiger wanted to deny it, but he was feeling attracted to the snow leopard, the whole thing had the ring of truth.

“But in the end,” the leopard continued, “it doesn’t really matter whether or not you believe me. You’re going to be my slave, and it’s time to get on with that. Striped slave.”

The trigger phrase made the tiger’s head slump forward again, as he slipped back into a deep hypnotic trance.

The leopard stood up. “Bryant, I want you to listen to me very carefully. You’re almost mine. Deep down, you want to belong to me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” The hypnotised tiger replied. “Very much, Sir.”

“Good.” The large snow leopard returned to the couch and sat down again. “When I click my fingers, you will return to full consciousness again. But all the memories of me, all our sessions together, everything I have done with you, it will all be unlocked, you will be able to consciously remember everything in detail. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Sir.” Bryant said.

The snow leopard clicked his fingers.

Bryant was once again awake and aware, and he instantly knew something was different. A split-second later, a tidal wave of newly unlocked memories washed over him, engulfing his conscious mind with a series of images and feelings and experiences.

He now knew everything that had happened to him. Since that first meeting, the snow leopard had visited Bryant in his home at least three times a week for six months, hypnotising him, training and preparing the tiger’s mind for this day.

The first few months had been nothing but hypnotic conditioning, deepening his trance more and more, drilling home again and again that obeying the snow leopard was good and natural, teaching his sub-conscious the joys of submission, of how freeing it was to give up control and let the leopard make his decisions for him. By the end of the second month, every fibre of Bryant’s subconscious was enslaved completely to the leopard’s will.

And now the tiger’s conscious mind could feel just how wonderfully fulfilling that submission and enslavement of his sub-conscious felt.

After that had come the physical training for Bryant’s future role as a slave. Months of being trained to suck the snow leopard’s large ample cock, something which he had excelled at. Having his ass fucked again and again, each time more pleasurable than the last. Being taught the joys of worshipping every inch of the leopard’s beautiful, muscular body. Learning the pure simple satisfaction of waiting on the leopard, and attending to his every need or command.

Bryant experienced all of these memories almost at once, intense sexual experience after intense sexual experience, all hammering through the tiger’s brain. God, it was fucking incredible!

And the tiger remembered all the practical preparations for his new place in life which the snow leopard had orchestrated. The break up with Melissa. His interest in the gym and building up his body. The growing dissatisfaction and eventual quitting of his job. All had been a result of powerful hypnotic suggestions from the leopard. He also now remembered a trip to his lawyer just a few days previously, when he had legally signed over everything he owned to the snow leopard, for the handsome feline to sell off once Bryant had fully become his.

The tiger’s mind was a whirl of emotion and memory. Becoming a slave was seeming more and more attractive by the second; these memories showed him how the absolute joy of submitting to a superior male was intense. And the snow leopard was obviously a superior male for being able to organise and pull off his complete enslavement like this. A part of his sub-conscious yearned to be the leopard’s slave, and the more he thought about it, his conscious self shared it…

The snow leopard watched Bryant intently, the cascade of expressions and emotions that flashed across the tiger’s features, waiting for his moment to take the final step. With Bryant’s thoughts engulfed and overwhelmed by the memories of all the intense experiences he had been treated to, now was the time to enslave the tiger’s mind to him finally and completely.

“You understand now, don’t you, Bryant?” The tiger said, leaning forward. “The pleasure and joy of slavery, of submitting to me?

“Oh, yes, Sir!” The tiger enthused. Even the act of calling the snow leopard ‘sir’ made him feel incredible!

“Then you want to be mine?” The leopard asked. “Do you want me to take you as my slave?”

“Please, Sir, please make me your slave!” Bryant begged, meaning every word.

“Then listen to my voice Bryant,” Said the leopard, fixing the tiger with his gaze, “focus on it, how relaxed it makes you, how it makes you feel good…”

The big tiger did as he was told, letting the snow leopard’s hypnotic power wash over him, allowing himself to easily slip into a light trance.

“Now grab that cock of yours and starting pumping it hard, Bryant,” the leopard commanded, “pump it with all your strength…”

Doing as he was told, revelling in the feeling of obedience, Bryant grabbed his cock and began furiously pumping it.

“The more you masturbate, the better it feels…” the leopard instructed, “and the more you want to keep going, to reach the intense climax waiting for you at the end…”

The snow leopard’s words sank into Bryant’s mind as he worked away, taking immediate effect, his brain on fire with sexual pleasure.

“Now, as you pump, you can feel Bryant fading, can’t you?” The leopard instructed. “The ecstasy flowing through you is erasing him completely… all his personal memories, his personality, every shred of Bryant’s mind is dissolving… replaced by the pleasure of obedience and submission… dissolving… dissolving… the mind that was once Bryant is almost gone completely now…

From the look in the tiger’s gaze, the snow leopard could tell these instructions were having the desired effect. The tiger’s mind was obeyed. There was a blankness in his eyes now, the personality that had once occupied them dissipating…

“Almost gone…” The leopard continued. “Almost… and Bryant is nearly no more… just let go of every particle of his being… let it all go… only the joy of being a slave remains… and now he’s gone… only the slave remains…”

“Only the slave remains…” The tiger droned.

The leopard felt his own dick hardening. He was enjoying this. “On my command you will cum. And it will be an extremely intense orgasm as reward for submitting to me.”

The tiger looked very happy with that command.

“And as you ejaculate,” the leopard added. “You will visualise that the last of whatever free will may remain passing out of your body with your cum. When you are done, it will all be gone. You do not need it any more and will not miss it. And then you will finally be completely mine…”

“Not need it…” The tiger repeated. “Not miss it… be completely yours…”

“On my command then!” Said the leopard. After months of work and planning, the moment was finally here. “1… 2… 3… cum!”

The tiger let out a roar of bliss, his whole body spasming in sexual heat, his cock exploding with threads of white creamy cum. The intense pleasure washed through him like a cleansing fire.

And then it was over. The big tiger’s body sagged as he struggled to catch his breath. He felt new… reborn...

The snow leopard stood and approached, towering over the kneeling tiger. “Look at me!” He barked.

The tiger looked up at the hugely muscled snow leopard and his new worldview clicked irrevocably into place in his head.

“Who am I?” the leopard demanded.

“You are my Master, now and forever.” Said the tiger, eager to please.

“And who are you?”

“I am a lowly slave, Master.” The tiger replied. “Existing only to serve and obey.”

His Master smiled down at him, causing the new slave’s cock to twitch, and his heart to beat faster in excitement. “Good answer.” The leopard said. “What is your name?”

“I have none, Master.” It was the only answer the tiger could give. He thought as hard as he could, but he could not find any trace of identity, of who he might be beyond a slave…

“That just means all traces of who you used to be are gone for good.” The leopard beamed. “On your feet!”

The tiger climbed unsteadily to his feet, having been kneeling for quite a length of time.

“From this moment on, you are simply ‘Slave’.” Said the leopard. “That is all the name and identity that you will need.”

A smile crept across the tiger’s… across Slave’s features. He felt honoured that his Master had chosen to bestow a name on him.

The snow leopard pulled Slave close. “You belong to me now.” He grinned, and then leaned forward and kissed the tiger, deeply and passionately.

And as Slave felt his Master’s tongue explore the inside of his muzzle, he was overcome with delight, feeling whole and happy and entirely content.

He was a slave, and he had a powerful and handsome Master to devote himself to absolutely.

As far as he was concerned, all was right with the world.


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