Part 1 – Sleepy Bear

“Come on! It’ll be fun!” I pleaded.

Harry looked up from his laptop. “I said no.” The rugged looking polar bear said firmly, before returning to work.

“What, are you afraid or something?” I said. I was trying to get him to agree out of pride, to prove he wasn’t scared.

“I am not scared, Jack!” Harry grumbled. “And for the last time, no, I will not let you hypnotise me!”

I sighed and left the muscular bear to his work, heading to my room. I had been needling Harry for an hour and he had resisted my best attempts to get him to agree. It was probably best to leave him for a while before trying again.

Once in my room, I looked at myself in the mirror, shaking my head at the young grey-furred wolf staring back at me. I wasn’t particularly handsome, as wolves went, but at least I had a good body. Whenever I got the opportunity and had enough energy, I went to the gym and worked out. But my trips to the gym seemed to be getting less and less frequent as I settled into my hectic new postal job.

It was through the gym that I had met Harry, the bulky polar bear with the bulging muscles. We had become friends and when I happened to mention that I was looking for someplace to live, he said that he had been looking for a roommate to share the rent on his apartment.

Looking back, I must have been thinking with my dick when I agreed to it. I really didn’t consider how tough it was going to be for me, a young gay wolf, living with a big, handsome, beefy, and above all straight, bear like Harry. Despite the fact that I found Harry fantastically attractive, I never let him know that. He knew I was gay, sure, but I had assured him he wasn’t my type.

At the time, I think I had this fantasy in the back of my mind wherein Harry would fall madly in love with me while we were living together, realise he was gay, and we would live happily ever after.

In the time since I had moved in with him, my attraction to Harry had grown and developed into a full on crush as I got to see just what a great guy he was, caring and considerate and friendly.

Harry made a living writing computer technical manuals, and as such worked from home, and spent a good deal of time at his laptop, typing away. The job allowed him to adopt a leisurely lifestyle, dividing his time between his writing, his social life and the gym. Keeping his physique in top shape was something of a minor obsession for Harry. He did at least a couple of hours at the gym every day. I could understand. If I had a body as incredible as his, I’d want it to stay that way.

That day was my day off and I was searching for ways to kill time. I’d already been to the gym for a few hours with Harry. I considered heading out, maybe meet some friends, do some shopping, but I realised I didn’t really feel like it.

What I really felt like doing was practising my hypnosis.

The hypnosis thing came about as the result of a comment Harry made about a year ago when I was hanging around the place with nothing to do. He had suggested that I either find myself a mate or a new hobby.

A new hobby would be so much easier to find than a mate, so that was what I went for.

But why hypnosis? I honestly don’t know. I had just been surfing the Internet one night, looking for ideas by visiting random web sites. When I stumbled across one on hypnosis, I happened to start reading and it just grabbed my interest and I ended up spending some time researching hypnosis further.

I had already been practising hypnosis for months on some friends down at the leather club who had been adventurous enough to give it a try, and I had built up a lot of confidence in my abilities. It was actually quite fun, and my imagination had come up with some creative uses for the control hypnosis gave me.

I would be lying if I said wanting to practise my hypnosis on Harry didn’t carry some sexual aspect for me. The thought of having the hunky polar bear hypnotised and at my mercy was really arousing.

After some time spent watching TV in my room, I decided to try and convince Harry again.

As I stepped out of my bedroom, I was struck by how quiet it was. Having lived with Harry for months, I had grown accustomed to the sound of tapping keys as the bear worked away at his computer. Now, that sound was gone.

With a frown, I entered the living room. I knew Harry and he was very dedicated to his work. It was very unlikely that he had stopped working so early in the afternoon.

I found Harry still sat at his desk, staring at the screen of his laptop. He was drumming his fingers on the desk and grumbling quietly to himself.

“Something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

The polar bear glanced up unhappily. “I dunno. Can’t seem to concentrate properly.”

“Really?” I said. “The workaholic having problems?”

Harry shrugged. “Yeah…” He got up and padded off into the kitchen. Jack took a moment to admire his physique, barely contained in the loose-fitting shorts and t-shirt he was wearing, before following him.

Harry got himself a glass of water and gulped it down. “I guess I’m just a little stressed out.” He said. “I broke up with Rosanna yesterday.”

“Sorry to hear it.” I said. Harry and Rosanna had been going out for about a month. It had been a stormy relationship, to say the least. The break up was no surprise.

“Well, things had kinda been heading that way.” Harry admitted. “But that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m all tense and wound up.”

I knew an opportunity when I saw one. “You know, hypnosis can help you relax.”

“Please, Jack!” Said Harry. “Not this hypnosis crap again!”

“I’m serious!” I said. “Look, hypnosis is basically a relaxation exercise. If you don’t believe me, I can show you a couple of web sites…”

The bear frowned. “I don’t know…”

“Well, what have you go to lose?” I tried.

Harry sighed. “Okay. I’ll give it a try. But it probably won’t work.”

“Sure it will.” I was grinning like an idiot. This was going to be fun.

“What do I have to do?” Harry asked, obviously not sharing my enthusiasm.

I led him into the living room. “Just lie down on the sofa there and make yourself comfortable.”

Harry did as I’d said, his huge body taking up the whole couch as I grabbed a chair and placed it next to him, sitting down.

“Now just close your eyes.” I instructed. “And concentrate on the sound of my voice.”

The bear closed his eyes and settled himself, finding a position in which he was comfortable.

I began. There are various ways to send someone into a hypnotic trance, but I had settled on a method that worked best for me.

“Just listen to what I’m saying.” I said in a soothing tone of voice. “And breathe deeply. In and out. In and out. Focus on my voice and relax, feel the tension melting away…”

Harry was breathing deeply in a steady rhythm. I could see his body start to relax. It was working! But it helped a lot that Harry trusted me.

I took him through a basic relaxation technique, telling him to focus on relaxing his body bit by bit, starting with his toes and gradually making his way up to his head and face. The whole time I kept my voice in a soothing monotone and breathed deeply in time with him.

It was having the desired effect. Harry’s powerfully built body was quite obviously relaxing as he lay there, the tension seeming to ooze out of him.

“That’s very good, Harry.” I said, once he’d done relaxing his body. “All nice and relaxed now. Just focus on my voice. It’s so easy to just focus on my voice and relax. My voice is all that you hear. Relax and focus on my voice.”

The monotone voice and the repetition, in combination with the relaxation and deep breathing, was having the desired hypnotic effect on Harry. He was now totally relaxed, his body slumped across the sofa. His eyelids were flickering, as if he was in a deep state of sleep and were dreaming.

Before I went any further, I had to test to see if Harry really was in a trance.

“Harry, can you hear me?” I asked, gently.

“Yes…” Harry murmured.

“I want you to focus on your left arm.” I said. “You can feel it getting lighter and lighter. The weight is just dropping away. It’s now getting lighter than air…”

As I spoke, Harry’s left arm started rising into the air. I grinned. It had worked! Harry did seem to be hypnotised. Although Harry’s arm was no lighter than normal, under my instructions, he believed that it was, and so had raised the arm accordingly. It was a pretty simple way to test the trance.

“Now your arm is getting heavier again.” I said to Harry. “Its weight is returning. In a moment it will be normal again.”

The arm dropped to the bear’s side once again.

I sat back, wondering what I should do now. One thing was for sure. Now that I had hypnotised Harry, I wanted to have a little fun with him.

But, first things first. I had to set up a trigger, a word or phrase that I could use to put Harry back in this state easily.

“Harry, I want you to listen to my voice.” I said. “In this state, listening to my voice makes you feel more and more relaxed. You like feeling so comfortable and relaxed. Doing as you are told makes you more relaxed. Anything you say while in this state can only be the absolute truth. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Said Harry.

“Now,” I continued. “In this state, you like doing as you are told. It relaxes you and makes you feel good. Say it.”

“In this state.” Harry mumbled. “I like doing as I’m told. It is relaxing and makes me feel good.”

Getting him to say it was the key, of course. He’d already accepted that whatever he said while he was like this was the truth. So whatever I had him repeat, his subconscious would, for the most part, accept as being true.

“From now on.” I said. “Whenever I, and I alone, say the phrase ‘Sleepy Bear’ you will immediately return to this state, but more deeply relaxed than before. Whenever you hear the phrase while in this state, you will feel yourself going deeper and deeper into the trance, feeling more and more completely relaxed. If you understand these instructions, repeat them.”

“Whenever you say ‘Sleepy Bear’, I will return to this state.” Harry repeated. “And I will be more deeply relaxed than before. When you say Sleepy Bear while I am in this state, I will go deeper into relaxation.”

I shrugged. His wording was different, but was close enough. I was about to wake him up so that I could test the trigger phrase, but I stopped.

The trigger might not work, and Harry might not let me try hypnotising him again. While I had the chance, there was something I wanted to do.

“Harry, stand up.” I ordered calmly. “You will find that you are able to move normally as if you were awake.”

Harry got up off the sofa, pulling himself up to his full six-foot height. His eyes remained closed.

“Harry, I want you to strip off all your clothes.” I told him. “You can open your eyes to do so and still remain in this state.”

The bear was about to, but stopped suddenly, a frown on his face. He was sub-consciously fighting the command. I intervened.

“Relax, Sleepy Bear.” I said, quickly. “Relax and listen to my voice. There is nothing wrong. Just listen and relax.”

The frown disappeared and was replaced with a look of contentment. I was curious as to what had happened.

“Tell me, Harry,” I asked, “why did you have a problem with what I asked you to do?”

“Don’t like…” Harry mumbled. “Undressing, being naked, in front of other males…”  

I had guessed as much. Hypnosis had its limits. It would be very difficult to make Harry do anything he wasn’t comfortable with. The bear would be more likely to unexpectedly snap out of the trance.

But I refused to admit defeat. Luckily I was something of a lateral thinker. With a little thought, I could usually maneuver my way around such problems, just as I had when I’d run into similar barriers with others I’d hypnotised.

“Harry,” I said, soothingly, “I want you to imagine that I’m not here. You can still hear my voice and are affected by it, but as far as you are concerned, I am no longer in the room with you. You are here all alone. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Harry replied.

“Good.” I smiled. Hopefully, that would take care of it. “Now, you find yourself wanting to get undressed. You have an uncontrollable urge to be naked right here, right now. You feel very comfortable doing this because you are alone. There is no one else here.”

Even before I had finished speaking, Harry had started pulling his t-shirt off over his head, dropping it to the floor. I almost started drooling at the sight of Harry’s chest and stomach. They were truly beautiful, a display of well-developed and solid muscles.

Then Harry peeled off his shorts, his leg muscles flexing wonderfully as he did so. Underneath, he wore a pair of white briefs, with a great bulge at the front.

He started to pull them off and I of course watched, with a huge grin plastered across my face.

My bear roommate dropped his underwear with his other clothes and stood there before me, completely naked. And you can imagine where I had trouble pulling my eyes away from. Harry’s dick was larger than I imagined it would be and it looked marvellous.

A huge erection was already growing in my boxer shorts from the strip show. The naked Harry with his fantastically large cock completed my arousal.

But for now, I had a muscle-bound polar bear standing naked before me and under my hypnotic trance. I really didn’t want to push my luck by taking this too far, even though it was tempting to go further. I had to be patient. If the trigger phrase worked, this wouldn’t be the last time Harry would be in a trance for me.

There was still one more thing I had to do though, while I had Harry like this. I wanted to see what that massive cock of his looked like when erect.

“Harry,” I said, “you are suddenly feeling very aroused. A surge of sexual excitement is suddenly running through you. This is perfectly normal. You will enjoy this feeling. It will be immensely pleasurable.”

My words were working. A look of delight spread across Harry’s face and his cock started stiffening. Within moments, it was fully erect and standing to attention. I was tempted to reach out and touch it. Hell, I wanted to grab it and fondle it. It looked so great, rock hard and almost throbbing. But that would be too far. I doubted Harry would be comfortable with it.

I was tempted to grab my camera and take a picture of Harry like this. I decided against it, however. It was too big a risk. I wouldn’t want Harry finding it and demanding an explanation.

“Harry.” I said, deciding to move on before I gave in to temptation. “Listen to my words, Sleepy Bear. The sexual arousal is passing and subsiding now…”

Harry’s dick drooped again as my words took affect.

“Everything is returning to normal.” I went on. “You will now get dressed again. You will be unable to ever remember having undressed here and now and feeling what you just did. As soon as you have finished getting dressed, you will be once again aware that I am here. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Harry replied, pulling on his clothes again. I sat and watched, admiring his body as I often did.

When he was done, it was well past time to get things back on track. “Lie down again, as you were before, Sleepy Bear.” I commanded. I was trying to use the trigger phrase every now and again. Every time I did, Harry would go deeper into the trance, and would become that little bit more suggestible.

The huge polar bear laid down once more and closed his eyes.

“Focus on my voice, Sleepy Bear.” I said. “It is all you can hear. Listen to my words. When you awaken from this state, you will feel very relaxed and refreshed. All your stress and tension will be gone. Repeat.”

“When I wake up…” Harry said. “I will be relaxed and refreshed… No stress… No tension…”

“Very good, Sleepy Bear.” I said, smiling. “I’m going to count to three. Then you will wake up. And you will not be able to remember anything we discussed while you were in this state. Understand?”

“Yes…” Said Harry, with a slight nod.

“OK then… 1… 2… 3…”

Harry woke up blinking. He sat up on the sofa and looked at me. “Is that it?” He asked. “Did it work?”

“You tell me.” I grinned. “How do you feel?”

The bear’s eyes widened in surprise. “I actually feel great! Really relaxed. It did work! Thanks, buddy!”

“No problem, Sleepy Bear.” I said, hoping this would work.

Harry frowned, his eyes blinking as if the eyelids were suddenly feeling heavy.

“Just relax, Sleepy Bear.” I added. “Sleepy Bear, relax.”

My repetition of the trigger did the trick. Harry’s head slumped forward as he slipped back into the trance.

I breathed a short sigh of relief. The trigger phrase had worked. I would probably have to use it a few more times before it became a proper part of his sub-conscious and Harry would go under after just saying it once.

Sat there with my hypnotised bear roommate on the sofa, I thought about what to do next. It would not be a good idea to go too much further with this today. But now I could put Harry in a trance at pretty much any time. That alone offered all sorts of interesting possibilities.

So, I settled on simply giving Harry a few post-hypnotic suggestions for now, then I’d see how things went, and then maybe hypnotise him again tomorrow.

“Sleepy Bear.” I said. “Listen to my voice and relax. My voice is all that you hear. You hear my voice and want to obey. Obeying makes you feel good. Repeat.”

“I hear only your voice.” Harry said, his head still slumped forward. “I hear and want to obey. Obeying makes me feel good.”

“That’s very good, Harry.” I said. In my head, I was going over the suggestions I wanted to implant. Many would have to wait for another time and many would make the bear too uncomfortable in order to work. It would be best to start with something for Harry’s own good. “From this point onward, your break up with Rosanna will no longer bother you. The two of you were simply too different in order to work as a couple. You will feel fine about this and will be fully ready to start looking for someone else. Repeat.”

“The break up with Rosanna no longer bothers me.” Harry mumbled through his trance. “We were just too different. I feel fine and am ready for someone else.”

“That’s good, Sleepy Bear.” Time for suggestion number two, something for me. “Starting tomorrow, you will start wearing tight clothes, the tighter the better. And wherever possible, you will not wear underwear. Doing so will make you feel good and very attractive. You have worked hard to get such a great body. You want to show it off to the world by wearing clothes that hug your figure. Repeat.”

A brief frown crossed Harry’s face, but he accepted the command. “Tomorrow, I will start wearing tight clothes and no underwear. This will make me feel attractive. I have worked extremely hard to get my fabulous physique. I want to show it off with tight clothing.”

It didn’t bother me at all that Harry put each command into his own words. It was as if his sub-conscious were rewording them so that he would find them more acceptable. A few subjects before had done this. It was normal.

Time to wind things down. “Harry, when you wake up, you will feel refreshed and energised, completely free of tension. With your tension gone, you will be able to return to work. Do you understand?”

“Yes…”Said Harry.

“You will not be able to consciously remember anything we have discussed while you have been in this state.” I continued. “All you will you know is that you enjoyed being hypnotised. This will not worry you and will seem completely normal. And you will not object to being hypnotised again in future. Understand?”


“Good, Sleepy Bear.” I said. “And remember, the phrase ‘Sleepy Bear’ will return you to this state, but more deeply than before. You will wake up when I count to three. 1… 2… 3…”

Harry’s head sprang up as the big polar bear awoke, blinking. “Wow.” He said. “That felt good. Thanks.”

“You feel okay?” I wanted to know.

“Better than okay.” Harry grinned, leaping to his feet. “I feel fantastic. In fact, I better get back to work. Thanks again, pal!” He passed me on the way to his computer and patted me on the shoulder.

“You know.” The bear called over as he sat at his desk. “I don’t know why I was letting the whole Rosanna thing get me down in the first place. We were just too different. Time to move on, find someone else.”

“That’s great.” I chuckled.

“Hey, maybe we should do that hypnosis thing again sometime!” Harry shouted after him.

“Oh, you can count on it.” I muttered to myself.

To Be Continued…

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