Part 3 – Taking Control

“What the hell are ya moaning about Jack?”

That was my friend Liam, putting things into perspective as he always did.

“From where I’m sitting,” he went on, “you’ve got a big hunk of a room mate who you can control to your heart’s content. Where’s the problem?" 

I looked up at my friend, a badger dressed in leather. “I guess I’m just feeling a bit guilty about doing all this to him…”

“Hey, he agreed to be hypnotized, didn’t he?” Said Liam.

“Yeah, but…”

“And you’re not doing him any harm?” The leather badger asked.

“Of course not! But…”

“Then I don’t see the trouble!” Liam interrupted. “He gave his consent and you’re doing him no harm. I’ll even bet he’s enjoying being hypnotized. I remember I did, and so did Arthur. Isn’t that right, cub?”

Arthur, a short brown bear, was lying on the floor nearby. He just nodded mutely at the question. Being gagged and chained, there was little else he could do.

Okay, I guess at this point I should explain a little about Liam and Arthur and their relationship.

See, they live a master and slave lifestyle. While this may seem a little unusual to some, to them, it seems perfectly normal. And after the amount of time I’ve spent with them, it’s come to seem normal to me as well. Basically, Arthur is Liam’s consensual ‘slave’ and lives with him and willingly serves him in any way. These relationships come in different degrees and can be pretty varied from case to case. Liam and Arthur’s relationship was a more ‘hardcore’ kind of thing than some, they were master and slave 24/7, and had been for a few years now.

I’ll admit the lifestyle appealed to me a little. I liked being in control. But I just wasn’t into it as much as Liam was.

And some may be surprised that a badger like Liam is a leather master. Most tend to imagine badgers as homely, quiet, and gentle. It’s a stereotype Liam hates, and I mean seriously loathes. There was this one time at the leather club he used to keep dragging me and some other friends to, before he met Arthur. A real cocky sub, a well-built 6-foot tiger no less, had made a comment, asking what a gentle little badger like him was doing masquerading as a master.

Liam had smiled at first, but I glimpsed the anger in his eyes from the moment the question had left the tiger’s lips. My smiling friend stepped up to the tiger, as if were planning to be friendly and pleasant. So the tiger never knew what hit him when Liam grabbed his thick leather collar and pulled him down.

This move had caught the tiger by surprise, and as such Liam managed to pull him down to his knees, which looked very impressive. Then my badger friend, his pleasant act gone, fixed him with a glare of superiority, while keeping a grip on the collar, pulling it tight against the feline’s neck. He leaned in and whispered some stuff into the kneeling tiger’s ear. I have no idea what he said and Liam has never told me, jokingly claiming it was a ‘trade secret’.

But I can tell you that the tiger quickly developed a bulge in the front of his tight leather shorts. He seemed to be enjoying being dominated like that. A moment later, Liam had pulled him up to his feet by his collar and led the tiger, never once letting go of his collar, off into one of the private back rooms of the club, the ones that were fully ‘equipped’.

They were in there for several hours. When Liam re-emerged, the tiger was following him about like a loyal pet. I knew that if a leash had been available among the equipment on offer in the private room, the tiger would have been on it. The tiger spent the rest of the night on his knees at Liam’s feet, even though he was virtually ignored by the badger. When we’d left, the tiger had actually begged Liam to go home with him and service him some more. Liam had, of course, flatly refused. “After all, I am just a gentle little badger, right?” He had said.

I remember at the time I had felt a little sorry for the tiger, because that really seemed to hurt him. But Liam did take him home on plenty of other occasions after that, he’d only refused the first time on principle after what the tiger had said. But after that night, he never put so much as a foot out of line around Liam. He’d been put in his place.

In fact, that incident earned Liam a reputation at the club and no sub, and even most masters, didn’t make any comments about how he was a badger. You could say it was that reputation that led to Liam meeting Arthur. But that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into right now.

Anyway, at that point, Liam and I were sat on his couch talking while Arthur lay quietly restrained on the floor before us. I’d come by for a visit and a chat, just to catch up on things.

“But what I’m doing isn’t what Harry gave his consent to.” I was saying. “And he enjoys it because I program him to enjoy it, he can’t not enjoy it. Just in the same way he won’t ever get suspicious about the changes he goes through or the time lapses when I put him under suddenly.”

“Yeah, I was wondering about that.” Said Liam. “No offence, but this Harry must be a little dim not to notice the changes and the time lapses.”

“He won’t ever notice because I program him not to.” I explained. “I always tell him that when he wakes up, he’ll believe everything to be fine and normal. It may seem simple, but it works, the sub-conscious simply adapts, and the subject believes that everything is fine.”

Liam’s expression told me he didn’t really believe me.

“Even if there are a few things out of place,” I went on, trying to convince him. “The mind is able to adapt and the subject’s view that everything is fine remains. But if there were something REALLY strange or out of place, like waking up naked when he’d not normally be naked, then it’d be too much for the sub-conscious to adapt to and he’d know something was wrong. It differs from person to person exactly how much is ‘too much’ because everyone is different and has their own attitudes and personality. But I’m always careful to make sure there is nothing big out of place.”

“I hope you realize that’s difficult to believe.” Said Liam, skeptically. “Surely the mind doesn’t just ‘adapt’ that easily?”

“Of course it does.” I smiled. “After all, you never thought it was strange several months back when you started wearing a studded black leather jock strap in bed every night.”

“Are you trying to tell me that was down to you?” Liam gaped. “It can’t have been. I decided to start doing that myself.”

“That’s the way it works.” I told him. “I was experimenting with my hypnosis and put in the suggestion that you would start wearing the jock strap in bed every night, and that you’d enjoy it and find it all completely normal.”

“But it is completely normal!” Liam insisted.

“Of course you felt that way.” I said. “Because that’s the way I set up the suggestion. Wearing a leather jock strap in bed wasn’t too big a change for you, it was the sort of thing your sub-conscious would accept and adapt to without ever being suspicious about it.”

I got the impression that a part of Liam didn’t entirely believe me. That was to be expected, because believing this would go against the suggestion of finding the nighttime wearing of a leather jock strap as being normal.

I wanted to get things back on track. “The point is, I’m using hypnosis to program Harry.”

“So?” Liam laughed, seemingly glad of the change of subject. “He still enjoyed it, whatever the reason. And he did give consent to be hypnotized. I don’t see a problem with taking control of a beefy hunk like that room mate of yours.”

I rolled my eyes and motioned to the chained Arthur on the floor. “Well, you would see it that way, wouldn’t you?”

Liam sighed. “Just look at it like this. You like having this control over Harry, right?”

“Yeah…” I admitted.

The badger smiled. “Of course you do, you’re like me. And like me, I’ll bet you don’t want to give up that control.”

“Well, no…”

“Then don’t!” Liam chuckled. “He gave consent, he enjoys it, you enjoy it, it’s doing him no harm. You’ve really got to stop worrying so much.”

It was then that I realized just why I went to see Liam. His good humour was always infectious and he was always able to cheer me up and help me get past my problems.

“I suppose you’re right.” I grinned.

“Hey, here’s an idea that’ll make you feel better.” Said Liam. “How about you do your hypnosis thing on Arthur and me? It’s been more than a month since the last time.”

“You sure?” I asked as I thought about it. It could be fun…

“Sure! Go ahead…”


An instant later, Liam’s head slumped forward as he slipped into a trance. I’d had him under several times, so the trigger phrase worked very well now, and he was very suggestible while under.

I looked to the chained slave on the floor. Arthur was looking at me with awe. I’d have to do something about what he’d just seen.

“Slave Cub.” I said. It was Arthur’s trigger phrase, and the bear slumped in his restraints. “Arthur, can you hear me? Nod for yes.”

The gagged bear nodded.

“I want you to listen very carefully, Slave Cub.” I told him. “I want to forget seeing your Master Liam going into a hypnotic trance. You will forget it and hearing his trigger phrase. Do you understand?” Arthur nodded. He understood.

Now, what to do with these two?

First things first, Arthur should be out of his chains. “Liam, can you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.” The badger mumbled. Having him call me ‘sir’ while in the trance had been something I’d done early on. Liam’s sub-conscious had taken to it surprisingly quickly and the hypnotic suggestion had stuck.

“That’s good, Leatherbound.” I said. It never hurt to repeat the trigger now and again. “I want you to release Arthur from his chains. Throughout this session you may open your eyes and move about as normal, but will remain in this trance.”

“Yes, sir.”

Liam stood to obey my command. He pulled his keys from his pocket and set about unlocking the padlocks that held Arthur’s chains in place. When that was done, he pulled away the chains and let them fall to the floor. Then he stood, waiting for further instructions. Arthur, in his own trance and still gagged, lay where he was.

Now it was time to have some fun.

“Liam,” I said, “strip naked for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

The hypnotized badger set about removing his clothes. Even from the very first time I had put him under, he’d never had any trouble doing this for me. His sub-conscious just didn’t seem have any problems with him being naked around me. I never try to think too much about what that might mean.

Pretty soon Liam was done, and his body was on display for me. He had a good body, not exactly as muscular as Harry, but he kept in good shape.

“Arthur!” I commanded. “On your feet!”

The bear obeyed quickly, and was soon on his feet. I eyed up my two entranced subjects, letting my imagination wander as to what I should do with them.

Of course, I had plenty of ideas regarding things I’d like to try with hypnosis. But I didn’t want to do anything too nasty or elaborate with Liam. He was my friend, after all.

But something struck me. I knew what I would do.

“Arthur.” I instructed. “Remove that gag and kneel in front of your Master.”

As the bear set about doing as I commanded, I turned my attention to Liam.

“Focus on my voice, Liam.” I told the badger. “Listening to my voice feels so good. You feel relaxed and comfortable. Now you are feeling horny, feeling more and more sexually aroused as I speak…”

Liam’s cock was stiffening rapidly. Arthur was by now kneeling in front of him, the gag discarded and lying on the floor, his nose only inches from the badger’s hardening dick.

I had no idea how what I had planned was going to play out. It would be interesting to say the least.

“Leatherbound, whatever happens next,” I instructed. “You will be unable to cum until I give you permission. Repeat.”

“I will not be able to cum until given permission.” Liam repeated.

Now, it may be surprising to some that a suggestion like that would actually work. When I first started studying hypnosis, I would have felt the same. But something I’d learned was that the body would often follow what the mind wanted. Unless the suggestion threatened the subject’s health or safety, then their natural sense of self-preservation would kick in and stop them hurting themselves.

But what I wanted wouldn’t hurt him, so if Liam’s subconscious had a suggestion implanted that he would not cum, then he wouldn’t cum. Not indefinitely of course, there’d be a point where the physical need would become too much for the sub-conscious to control, but the suggestion would hold for quite some time.

“Slave cub,” I said to the kneeling bear, “focus on my voice, you’re feeling very relaxed and obedient. You’re a good obedient slave, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir…” The bear murmured. “A good obedient slave, sir…”

“Focus on my voice.” I instructed. “Right in front of your muzzle is your master’s dick, Slave Cub. When I tell you, you will suck on it, and you will keep on sucking until your Master cums. Repeat.”

“I will suck Master’s cock…” Arthur muttered. “I will suck until Master cums…”

“And you will drink down every drop of your Master’s cum.” I added. “Like a good slave.”

“Like a good slave…” Arthur repeated. “Drink every last drop of Master’s cum…”

“That’s a good Slave Cub.” I smiled. “Commence sucking.”

Arthur found Liam’s cock immediately and took it into his mouth, sucking away on it. A look of delight passed across Liam’s face. The nude badger just stood there, looking happy, as the bear kept sucking and sucking on his cock.

I left them for a moment to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. This was going to be interesting. Arthur would keep sucking until his Master climaxed, which Liam wouldn’t be able to do until I gave permission.

I returned a few minutes later to find that both Master and slave were really getting into this. Liam was now tightly gripping this slave’s shoulders, and Arthur’s hands were planted on his Master’s buttocks. Both of them had their eyes closed, but were obviously enjoying all this immensely.

Taking a seat, I watched this scene with a smile plastered across my face. It was like watching live pornography. There was just something missing…

I got up and wandered over to Liam. “Leatherbound.” I whispered in his ear. “I want you tell your slave how good he is doing. Encourage him.”

No sooner had I finished saying it, than Liam started speaking.

“That’s a good slave.” He said, one hand now stroking Arthur’s head fur as the bear sucked. “You’re doing great, cub, keep going…”

I went back to my seat, and happily watched as the hypnotized Master and slave went at it, Liam continuing to offer constant encouragement to his slave. It was quite entertaining, knowing that there were doing this at my command, and that only my command could end it.

After about ten minutes, both of them were sweating heavily. Liam was panting for breath between his words of praise, and the look on his face told me that he really wanted to cum. But my instructions were preventing him.

My sadistic side let things go on for a few more minutes, just to really enjoy the now tortured look on the badger’s face. But Arthur was starting to tire, he was slowing down a little.

I wandered over to them and looked over the sweaty bear and badger. Damn they both looked sexy. I would have liked to fuck either of them then, but that would be going too far. Liam was my friend, and Arthur was his lover. I’d have to find someone else to unleash my sexual desires on.

“Liam, can you hear me?” I said.

The badger broke off speaking to Arthur. “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” I smiled. “I’m going to count to three. When I reach three, you will cum, and it will be one of the best orgasms you have ever had. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Liam gasped, breathing heavily. “I understand.”

“Very good.” I told him. “1… 2…” I paused, delighting in the look of desperate expectation on Liam’s face. “3, cum now, Liam!”

The badger’s body shuddered as he orgasmed. He let out a groan of bliss as he shot his load straight down Arthur’s throat. For his part, the bear sucked and gulped down the cum as it came, but it seemed to be a little too much for him to handle at once and some of it dribbled out the sides of his muzzle.

Liam kept cumming for several seconds before he was done and his body relaxed a little. Arthur, ever the good slave, kept on working, gulping down the last of his Master’s cum and then hungrily licking the badger’s cock clean.

When both of them were done, they stayed where they were, waiting for me to tell them what to do next. I decided that was enough for today.

“Liam, Arthur.” I said. “I want you both to go have a quick shower and clean yourselves up. Then dry each other off and return here for further instructions.”

They nodded and marched off to the bathroom. I sat and waited for them to come back, thinking about what I’d like to do with Harry next time I put him under.

Liam and Arthur eventually came marching back and came to a stop in front of me. Their naked bodies were now clean of sweat and cum. “Leatherbound, get dressed again. Slave Cub, kneel where you are.”

Arthur dropped to his knees as Liam pulled on his clothes. Once the badger was done, I had him sit down next to me. “Leatherbound, Slave Cub, I want you to both relax, listening to my voice makes you feel so good. When I count to three, you will both awake. You will consciously remember nothing of has happened while in your trances. Everything will seem completely fine and normal. You will both feel great, very relaxed. Do you understand?”

The hypnotized badger and bear both nodded their understanding.

As an afterthought, I added. “Leatherbound, when you awaken, you will feel extremely aroused.” I noticed with delight that the crotch of his jeans was already bulging as Liam started to get an erection.

It was time to wake them up. “On three, you will both wake up… 1… 2… 3.”

As the word ‘three’ left my lips, both my subjects blinked and where fully conscious again. Arthur, the well-trained slave that he was, simply stayed kneeling where he was, but had a look of contentment on his face. Liam immediately broke out in a wide grin.

“Wow.” Said Liam. “That was incredible! I feel great!” He looked at Arthur. “In fact, I feel so good, I feel like using my slave here for a while. He could do with a good fucking. Hey, you wanna join in?”

You know, I sometimes wonder why Liam keeps making the offer for me to join him in fucking Arthur. I never accept.

“No thanks.” I said. “I’d better get going anyway.”

I grabbed my jacket and showed myself out as Liam started slipping out of his clothes, completely unaware that he’d only put them back on barely a few minutes before.

I walked home, my mind once again returning to Harry. Now that I took the time to seriously think about it, Liam’s argument hadn’t completely convinced me. Sure Harry had given consent and all, but I doubted he would have if he knew exactly what I was going to end up doing to him.

But still, I really didn’t want to give up hypnotizing Harry. Just the thought of having that hunky polar bear in a trance under my control again was making me horny.

These things swirled round and round in my head along the journey home, my thoughts seeming to go in a continuous circle. But I already knew what I was going to do. I was going to go on hypnotizing my roommate. I told myself that Harry had given his consent to being hypnotized and that was enough. But I must confess there was a part of me that still wasn’t certain.

When I arrived back at the apartment, I wanted to just crash in front of the TV, but as I stepped inside, I found Harry had a visitor.

My polar bear roommate was sat on the couch, talking with a hugely-muscled bull dressed in jeans and a loose shirt that was hanging open, unbuttoned. They both looked round at me.

“There you are, Jack!” Said Harry. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Really?” I said, taking off my jacket. This wasn’t really what I’d been expecting.

“Yeah, this here’s Baxter.” Harry explained. “A buddy of mine from the gym." 

The bull got to his feet and smiled at me, shaking my hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Jack.”

“Hello.” I nodded back. Baxter looked fantastic. He was quite handsome and had a very impressive physique of hard, rippling muscles.

“Harry’s been telling me for days all about this hypnosis you did on him and how great and relaxed it made him feel.” Baxter went on. “And so I convinced him to let me meet you and ask if you’d do the same for me.”

“You want me to hypnotize you?” I said. This was most definitely not expecting this, a huge hunk wanting to be put under, and of his own free will.

“Well, according to Harry, it’s an incredible experience…” Said Baxter.

“And it is…” Harry interrupted.

“…So I just wanted to give it a try.” Baxter finished. “If you’d be willing?”

Under the circumstances, with this beefy stud wanting to go under my control, there was really only one thing I could say.

“Sure, I’m willing.” I said. “Let’s do it…”

To Be Continued…

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