The Sabre-Toothed Sorceror

Kuman crept along the shadowy corridor, keeping pressed to the right wall the whole way and staying in the shadows wherever he could. He wanted to stay as out of sight as possible, in case someone should suddenly appear. Considering his large size it wasn’t easy.

The dusty stone floor was cold beneath the grizzly bear’s bare feet, but he paid it no attention. There was a gentle breeze as well, whipping at his unkempt brown fur, but Kuman hardly noticed, even though he was only wearing a simple black loincloth and leather belt. The scabbard containing his broadsword was strapped across his broad back.

He slowed as he approached a turn in the corridor. He could hear voices ahead. The light of the flaming torches placed irregularly along the walls cast the shadows of two figures standing just around the bend. Kuman pressed his big muscular frame against the wall and listened.

“Did you hear that?” Said one.

“No.” Said the other.

“I’m sure I heard something.” Said the first.

“You’re imagining it.” The second voice mocked. “Do you honestly believe an intruder could get this far into Necras’s fortress without raising any alarms?”

The bear moved one hand slowly upwards and gripped the hilt of his sword. He started to draw it, slowly and silently.

“So,” the first voice was changing the subject now, “you been at this long?”

“Yeah.” The second replied, leisurely. “Been working for Necras for years. The pay’s real good, even if the hours aren’t. How you liking the job?”

“Pretty well so far.” The first voice seemed to sigh.

“I should warn you, though.” The second said. “Whatever you do, make sure you’re not near when the old sorceror’s feelin’ horny. He’ll have you without giving it a second thought.”

Kuman smiled at this. He’d heard the stories about Necras. His sword slipped free of the scabbard.

“Has he ever… with you?” The first asked.

“Oh yeah.” The second replied. “A couple of times I’ve been unlucky enough to get caught when he wanted a male.”

“And? What happened?” The first seemed eager to know.

“What do you think happened?” The second snarled. “He fucked my brains out then went back to his business, and told me to get back to work. After the first time, I was angry, thought about doing something, report it. But then I realised. What could I do? This is Necras we’re talking about. A sorceror as powerful as him, you think any prison would hold him, or that anyone would even be able to take him in?”

There was a pause in the conversation. Kuman readied himself for a fight.

“My advice,” the second continued, “is that if you ever get used by our employer that way, you just grin and bear it. Don’t kick up a fuss afterwards. Couple of guards have tried to over the years. They all disappeared.”

From where he stood, Kuman shrugged. Time to go to work. He didn’t have all night.

The grizzly charged around the bend, his broadsword raised for combat. He found himself confronting two guards in simple uniforms, their swords still sheathed at their waists and their spears resting against the wall. One was a young black wolf, and the other an older looking leopard.

He caught them completely by surprise. A simple swipe of his blade, and the wolf was easily decapitated. As the body started to fall, Kuman turned to the leopard. The guard was going for his spear. The barbarian bear struck without hesitation, bringing his weapon around and plunging it into the leopard’s back.

It was all over far quicker than Kuman had expected. He looked at the guards’ corpses sadly. It had been nothing personal, but he couldn’t let anything get between him and his target. Not after he spent so much time and effort getting this far into the fortress without being seen.

Crouching, he cleaned his bloodied blade on their uniforms. When he stood again, he proceeded on his way, keeping his sword drawn. He was close now. Close to finding Necras.

There weren’t any more guards, just as Kuman had expected. This far into Necras’s stronghold, there wasn’t need of any, since the sorceror would of course assume that no one would ever get this far.

The corridor eventually led the barbarian bear to large chamber, like a gigantic meeting hall, with a high arched ceiling. Flaming braziers stood along the walls, illuminating everything with their flickering light.

At the far end of the room was a large throne, intricately decorated with gold and silver. Kuman cast an appraising eye over it as he crept across the hall toward it. If he had all that gold and silver, he’d never have to work again…

He shook the thought away. He was here for only one purpose. He had to find Necras. Besides, he had no way to strip the precious metals from the throne, or to carry it from the fortress.

The bear turned around, looking the whole room over. There didn’t seem to be any other exits beyond the door through which he had entered. The sorceror must be somewhere else.

“Greetings, barbarian.”

Kuman spun around, shocked. The voice had come from behind him.

The throne was now occupied by a shadowy figure dressed in simple brown robes and a hood that hid his face.

“And just what is a lowly savage such as yourself doing in my home?” The figure demanded.

“Are you Necras?” Kuman snarled, brandishing his weapon.

“I am, not that it’s any business of yours.” Necras said, dismissively.

The bear raised his sword, ready to impale the robed sorceror.

Before Kuman could strike, Necras pointed at him with a clawed finger and spoke. “Existo Similis Statua!”

There was a flash of light.

Kuman was frozen to the spot, his muscles locked in place. He struggled and strained with all his strength, but was unable to move.

Necras sat on his throne, laughing. “Don’t even bother trying to move, barbarian. You will only move when I allow you to move.”

Ignoring him, Kuman went on struggling, but his whole body was simply unable to move, not one inch. He couldn’t even growl menacingly at the sorceror who had done this to him.

The sorceror got to his feet and walked over to Kuman, walking around him, looking him over. He stopped in front of him.

“That’s a very nice body you have there.” Necras purred. “And you have arrived just as I find myself hungry for a male. You’re going to have the honour of being used by me, savage. Before I kill you.”

Kuman was only able to watch as Necras reached up and threw back his hood, revealing his face to the bear.

Necras was a sabre-toothed tiger, and a very handsome one at that. Kuman felt a slight stirring in his loins. The tiger noticed.

“Isn’t that nice?” He chuckled. “You’re getting excited already.”

Kuman could only look straight ahead at Necras. He noticed the tiger’s big sabre teeth. They were unusual as they were covered in tiny mystical looking symbols, etched all over them.

He’d heard the stories, but had been unsure whether or not to believe them. The stories said that the symbols inscribed on his teeth gave him his immense power.

“Well, in order for me to use you, you’re going to have to be able to move.” Necras said. “But I can’t have you attacking me, can I?”

The tiger took a step back, raising his arms. “Demo is ea id bestia libertas! Tu existo servio meus imperium!

There was no flash as before. There was just a slight glow around the sorceror’s hands for a moment. Kuman suddenly felt strange, sort of light-headed.

“You can move now, savage.” Necras grinned. “And throw away that sword.”

Sensation flooded back into the bear’s body. The first thing he did was to throw away his sword. Why had he done that? He was going to go grab it, finish off Necras, when the tiger spoke again.

“Stay where you are.”

Kuman was rooted to the spot, his legs wouldn’t move.

“On your knees, barbarian.” Necras ordered.

Without hesitation or thought, the bear dropped to a kneeling position.

“What the fuck have you done to me?” Kuman growled in anger.

“It’s just a simple incantation of enslavement.” The tiger sorceror explained. “And it’s working very well. You will automatically obey any command I give you without hesitation. And from this point forward, you will address me as ‘master’.”

“I am going to kill you, master.” Kuman spat. It wasn’t until after he’d said it that he realised he’d subconsciously added the ‘master’.

“Get up.” The tiger commanded. “And strip naked.”

The bear was unable to stop himself from climbing to his feet and undressing. He pulled the scabbard from his back and threw it aside. Then he unbuckled his belt and let it drop to the floor. The he tore his loincloth away, tossing it away to the right.

Necras gave his naked body an appraising glance. “Very nice.” He commented.

Kuman didn’t feel particularly embarrassed. He’d been naked with other males on plenty of occasions, but this was the first time as a helpless slave. He knew he had to find a way out of this. But until he did, he might as well play along, enjoy the sex.

The sabre-toothed tiger threw open his robes and slid them off his shoulders. They dropped to the floor as Kuman stared in surprise.

Beneath his robes, the sorceror had only been wearing some leather shorts, and had the most beautiful male body Kuman had ever seen. He had an amazingly well developed physique. Perfectly formed muscles rippled stunningly beneath his fur as he moved. It was all the bear could do to prevent himself from drooling.

The sight of such a fantastic male body was all the bear’s dick needed. Kuman felt it hardening and rising.

“Hmm.” Necras hummed. “You like what you see, eh?”

“Yes, master.” Kuman replied. He still couldn’t stop himself from adding ‘master’.

“Come here, savage.” The tiger beckoned to him. “Remove my shorts for me.”

The barbarian bear walked forward and dropped to his knees before Necras. He reached up and pulled down the tight leather shorts. Once they passed below his groin, the tiger’s cock sprang out, a huge slab of male meat, right in front of Kuman’s face. The aroma filled his nostrils. A surge of excitement ran through him.

Nercas kicked his shorts away and stood there for a moment, looking down at his slave. Kuman could do nothing but wait to see what he wanted next, staring at the tiger’s huge dick the whole time.

“I think my cock may be dirty, barbarian.” The tiger eventually purred. “Lick it clean for me.”

Without even so much as a pause for thought, the bear got to work, leaning in, his tongue snaking out and caressing the big cock before it. The taste was salty and sweet, filling his mouth. Kuman stopped thinking and let instinct take over, letting himself get carried away by the sexual excitement.

The bear’s drooling tongue slithered over the tiger’s dick, back and forth, back and forth. The delicious taste filled him with pleasure. There was not a single spot that did not receive the touch of Kuman’s tongue.

Necras simply stood there, groin thrust forward for Kuman to be able to reach, enjoying the bear’s ministrations, occasionally groaning in delight.

Afterwards, Kuman had no idea how long he knelt there, licking the sorceror’s cock. It could have been hours, but he suspected it was just minutes.


At the tiger’s command, Kuman stopped, pulling back. A pang of disappointment struck him. He wanted the taste of that cock again.

“Enough licking, my slave.” Said Necras. “I want you to suck now, strong and hard. You going to be drinking down my cum, savage, aren’t you?”

“Yes, master.” Kuman replied.

“Then start sucking on me, slave!” The sorceror commanded, firmly.

Kuman got to it. He took the sorceror’s massive dick in his muzzle, its warm taste once again a source of ecstasy. The bear rolled it around in his muzzle for a moment, massaging it with his tongue.

Then he started to suck on it, again and again. It didn’t take long for him to lose himself in the sexual heat. Necras’ cock was his whole world. It had his complete attention. Everything else just seemed to fade away.

Necras started to thrust in and out, fucking the bear’s face, forcing more and more of his thick cock down Kuman’s throat. The barbarian accepted it all gladly, savouring the taste, sucking on it harder and harder, and not letting up for a second.

Each suck sent a fresh ripple of delight through Kuman’s body. By now he and Necras had a good rhythm going. The bear felt like they could have gone on forever.

But eventually, the tiger’s moans of pleasure got louder, more savage. In his muzzle, Kuman felt the sorceror’s dick throb, ready to burst. The bear’s body tensed and his own dick stiffened even more in anticipation of the treat he was about to receive.

Accompanied by a final purr of pleasure, the tiger shot his load, filling the bear’s mouth with his salty hot spunk. Hungrily, Kuman swallowed, and continued to suck, intent on squeezing out every last drop.

Necras went on ejaculating, shooting more and more cum down the barbarian’s throat. Kuman gulped it all down without hesitation.

Even when the tiger was done, Kuman went on sucking, hoping that there was a drop or two left to come.

Necras pushed him away, pulling his cock from the bear’s muzzle. “Well, aren’t you a hungry slave?” He laughed.

Kuman stayed on his knees, savouring the warm feeling drinking the sorceror’s cum had given him.

Necras chuckled. “Tell me honestly, savage, did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, master, I did.” Kuman answered.

“Well, you’re going to enjoy this even more.” The muscular sabre-toothed tiger wandered around behind him.

Before the bear really knew what was happening, Necras grabbed his hips and hauled him to his feet. He felt his ass cheeks part as something big and powerful forced its way through. It was Necras’ cock.

An instant later, Necras thrust into him, impaling the bear on his dick. A jolt of pain and pleasure shot through Kuman and he gasped. The tiger wrapped his big arms around him, pressing himself against his back.

“I’m truly horny now, slave.” The sorceror whispered in Kuman’s ear. “And you have been very good. Maybe I won’t kill you after this. Maybe I’ll keep you around as an enslaved sex toy.”

This suddenly brought home to Kuman the predicament he was in. He still had to find a way out of here. Yes, this sex was fun and fulfilling, but he had no intention of becoming anyone’s enslaved sex toy.

The sorceror started fucking him hard, thrusting his huge cock with a furious intensity, gripping Kuman’s body tightly, and keeping him close. Each thrust gave the grizzly a jolt of pleasure beyond description, growls and moans of ecstasy rumbled deep in his throat.

Time seemed to lose all meaning for Kuman as Necras went on and on, fucking his ass hard and fast, again and again and again. A big part of the bear didn’t want it to end, wanted to live in that pleasure forever.

But it did eventually end, but Kuman couldn’t be too sure how long the sorceror had been fucking him. He just felt the big cock inside him swell slightly, and then release.

Tiger spunk filled the bear’s insides, a feeling of warmth and satisfaction flowing through him. Kuman unleashed a loud primal growl as Necras went on cumming inside him. It felt like it was never going to end.

But then it came to an end. Necras was panting hard as he pushed Kuman off his cock.

“That’s it,” The tiger sighed, content. “I’m spent.” He stumbled back a few steps and fell to his knees. “I need to rest.”

Kuman was exhausted, despite the warm feeling inside. He fell collapsed to the floor, unable to remain standing. “Me too.” He gasped.

The grizzly frowned. That didn’t sound right. Why hadn’t he added ‘master’ to that?

He said he’s spent. Kuman thought. He’s out of energy. Maybe he can’t keep up whatever magic had enslaved him.

This was his chance. He had to strike before Necras recovered enough to cast his incantations again. Kuman looked for his sword.

It wasn’t too far off. The bear scrambled towards it, as fast as he could. His body ached and complained. It needed to rest. But Kuman forced himself onward, calling on all his reserves of strength.

He reached out and took the sword as soon as he was close enough. A quick look at Necras showed that the sabre-toothed tiger wasn’t aware of what he was doing. He was more concerned with getting his breath back.

Using his weapon for support, Kuman struggled up to his feet, gritting his teeth as the aches got worse. He staggered towards Necras.

“I’m sorry about this.” He said. “This is nothing personal.”

It was only then that sorceror realised Kuman had retrieved his sword.

“I mean the sex was great, and you’ve got a great body, but I was hired to do a job.” Kuman explained, stopping in front of Necras.

The tiger sorceror was trying to raise his arms, cast some magic, but he was having trouble concentrating enough through his exhaustion to remember the words.

Kuman didn’t give him a chance to remember. He plunged his sword into Necras’s chest. With a gasp of released breath and a blank stare in his eyes, Necras died.

Pulling his sword from the corpse, Kuman let himself collapse again to the floor. A quick rest, then he could get down to finishing the job he’d come here to do…

 * * * * * * * *

“And that’s what happened?”

Kuman took a swig of beer from his mug. “That’s how it happened.” He nodded. Then he drained his drink, surveying the tavern around him and his client.

The place was crowded and noisy, just the way Kuman liked it. He could already spot several young male furs that he’d just love to…

“So what did you do after you killed Necras?” Dreck asked from across the table.

Kuman shrugged as he answered the middle-aged fox. “Nothing much. I rested. Then I got dressed, grabbed what I went there for, and left.”

There was a glint in Dreck’s eye. “Then you got them?”

“I did if you have my money.” Said Kuman.

The fox tossed him a small pouch. The bear opened it enough to see the gold inside. Then he reached to his belt and brought out a bundle of cloth, which he handed to Dreck.

Eagerly, the fox unwrapped it, and was delighted to find two sabre teeth, inscribed with various mystical symbols.

“You’d be surprised how difficult it was to cut those things out of his mouth.” Kuman commented.

Dreck was paying no attention, examining the teeth.

“Now, you have what you want, I have what I want, so I’ll be going.” The grizzly stood up, his gaze wandering over the drinkers in the tavern. “There’s a nice looking hare over there looking very lonely.”

The fox gave him only a cursory wave of farewell.

Kuman left him to his teeth. His business was done, now it was time for pleasure, and this time, he’d be the one in charge…

The End

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