Other web sites you may find interesting...

Kuma-Chan's web site. Go here to read his 'Banzuke' stories, and see some of the artwork I did for him.
  Braford's Gym. His artwork is simply incredible. Go take a look.
Cashew Lou's Yukon Connection. A whole load of furry artwork and links. Go take a look.
Furnation. The host of a ton of furry web sites.
Dream Tiger's Assorted Site of Stories and Links.
Muscle Wolf's site. A great furry artist with a style all of his own!
Grifter's Furry Den. The site of a fellow fur for who I did a gift pic.
The page of Crouching Tiger, a great Japanese furry artist.
Beast Side, the site of the fantastic Japanese artist, Kazuma.
The site of Mark Wulfgar and his amazing art. His yiffy stuff is particularly good.
Dilgear. The fantastic furry artist who was kind enough to do me a pic for me for my birthday last year.
Albaster's Noir Theater. Take a look at Albaster's great art.
The excellent furry art of Danilo.
The Fur Affinity page of artist Da Boz.

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