The muscular tiger sat starting at the pretty colours and spirals dancing before his eyes, his whole body relaxed, his cock hard and throbbing, his mind empty and unthinking.

He was vaguely aware that there were two others nearby, but was unable to think about them at all, completely enthralled by the display the visor over his eyes was feeding him. A display that was slowly but surely wiping away his free will.

But he could hear the voices...

“Wow! He's hot!”

“Yeah. He's a professional bodybuilder. Or rather, he was...”

“How long has been wearing that thing of yours?”

“The visor? He's been sat there wearing it for six hours now...”


“I know. Just another few hours and his brain will be completely reprogrammed and enslaved. He will be mine!”

“Uh... don't you mean ours?”


“Surely he's going to be our enslaved plaything, not just yours? I thought...”

“I see. Well, enough thinking for you then. Slave, remember your place...”

“What... I... I... Yes, Master, slave remembers his place.”

“Good. As much fun as it is letting you think you're your old self, making you forget you were the first test subject for my brainwashing visor, it does get annoying when you start thinking too much.”

“Yes, Master. Slave is sorry Master.”

“Hmm. Now, we have a few hours to kill before this muscle-bound stud is ready. Strip off those clothes and bend over. I think your ass needs a good pounding.”

“Yes, Master, slave obeys...”

The tiger could hear the voices of others, but paid them no attention, his head instead filled with obedient, submissive feelings, and the certain knowledge that he would soon be a mindless slave and would enjoy every second of it...


Exploration's End

Lieutenant Davis walked cautiously along the hexagonal corridor. His scanner showed a room up ahead and he wanted to check it out before he headed back.

He'd wandered much further from the landing site than he'd supposed to. But he'd just been too eager to fully explore these ruins. After nearly a year of nothing, of exploring empty planets and lifeless rocks, their deep space exploration mission had finally stumbled upon something interesting. Some crumbling old underground complex, ruins of some long dead ancient civilization!

The well built timber wolf smiled to himself. He'd had to call in several favours to get himself assigned to the first landing party, but it had been more than worth it for the thrill of being one of the first living things to set paw in this place in... what? Centuries? Millennia? He couldn't be sure exactly, not until the full range of scans and tests had been performed.

A bleeping from his scanner drew his attention. There was an energy reading coming from the chamber up ahead, something the device in his paw couldn't identify.

He quickened his pace. Could some old piece of technology still be active after all this time? That would be an incredible discovery!

The wolf pushed his way into the room, through the remains of a metal door that had long since eroded away too much to provide any sort of barrier.

The chamber was a perfect square, the walls inscribed with alien writings at regular intervals. He knew his scanner would record everything for later translation so instead focused his attention on the centre of the room.

There was a large square pedestal. An altar of some kind maybe? Did this place hold religious significance?

On the pedestal was a large cube, it looked like a box. It was made of some solid metal and inscribed with more of the alien writing. According to Davis' scanner, the energy reading was coming from inside, but it was distorted, as if the box was suppressing it somehow.

Thinking about how he could go down in history as the first to ever discover still operational alien technology, the wolf allowed his curiosity to get the better of him and he reached out for the box. There had been what he assumed were locks on the box, but they crumbled at his touch, having rusted and worn away. Slowly and carefully, he lifted the lid from the box and moved it aside.

Inside the box, nestled among what looked like old electronics, was a sphere, glowing green. Davis' scanner bleeped more urgently now that whatever this was were no longer contained. But what was it? He had to...

Pain suddenly rippled through his mind and he stumbled backwards, collapsing to the ground, paws clutching his head. It felt as if some presence, something alien and powerful, was drilling into his thoughts.

Something was rummaging haphazardly through the contents of his brain, absorbing everything he knew, ripping it from his head. Davis could do nothing to resist, his body paralysed from the pain.

And then suddenly, there came the voice, crashing through his mind, powerful and irresistible. YOU ARE A SLAVE. YOU WILL OBEY. I AM YOUR MASTER.

Davis yelped in pain and terror unable to form even the most basic coherent thought, the overwhelming alien presence immediately crushing any attempt at resistance, it's tendrils of thought digging through every part of his brain, rearranging and reprogramming what it found.


“I am a slave!” Davis cried out, desperate for the mental assault to stop. “I will obey you!”

Suddenly, the pain was gone, replaced by intense overwhelming pleasure, greater than he had ever experienced before. His cock sprang to life, instantly hard a s a rock, straining against the material of his uniform. The wolf gasped, as the blissful sensations the alien mind flooded him with washed away any last shreds of free will and resistance.


Davis squirmed and writhed on the ground, whole body throbbing with delight as he felt the alien presence.. his Master... finish its work, utterly eradicating any desire to be anything other than a slave, crushing his old self out of existence. This was accompanied by a surge of sexual pleasure, causing the wolf to orgasm instantly, his hard cock spurting hot cum, creating a warm wet squelching mess inside his uniform.

“You are my Master.” Said Davis, climbing to his feet. “I am your slave. I exist to serve and obey you.” Every fibre of his being knew those words were the absolute truth now, and he revelled in the pleasure saying it brought him.

He returned to the pedestal and the open box, glaring down at the sphere within. Through his connection to Master, he understood this place now. This entire complex had been a prison built to hold his Master after a failed attempt to conquer and enslave the galaxy many thousands of years ago.

Master's enemies had managed to capture him. His body had been disintegrated, but his mind had proven too powerful to destroy. So they had trapped it in this sphere and placed it in this prison. It had been filled with technology designed specifically to suppress and contain his Master's massive telepathic abilities. But all that technology had fallen into disrepair and failed over the millennia that had passed since then.

Obeying the commands flowing into his mind from Master, Davis picked up the sphere and turned to leave. He could feel Master's mind reaching out and he suddenly heard the cries of the other members of the landing party, echoing through the ancient corridors. In just a matter of minutes, he knew his fellow explorers would be just as enslaved and devoted to Master as he now was.

The enslaved wolf strolled out of the room heading back the way he came, his Master's sphere clutched protectively in his paws. He knew exactly what to do. Return to the ship so his Master could enslave the rest of the crew. Help his Master find a suitable new body to house his powerful and magnificent mind. Locate new slaves for Master.

And he knew that this time, his Master would not fail in his goal of galactic domination...




The otter awoke, confused.

He sat up on the hard metal bunk he'd apparently been sleeping on, clutching at his head. His mind felt foggy, his memories fragmented.

The otter glanced about the room he was in, seeing only white metal walls. It was a small room, a cell, basically. The bunk he was on the only thing in it. There was only a single closed door.

Where was he? Why was he here? He had no idea. He felt like he should be more concerned about that, but he was strangely calm.

Another question arose. Who am I?

The only answer that came to mind was a name. Kyle. So he clung to that. He was Kyle, but he had no idea who Kyle was...

He looked down at himself, his brow furrowing in confusion. Had he always been this muscular? And why was he dressed from the neck down in skin-tight shiny black rubber? Even his cock was encased, sticking out from his groin, thick and hard.

The otter couldn't remember anything, but he was certain this was new, the heavy bulging muscles and the figure-hugging latex.

A piece of memory floated to the top of his mind. Himself, laughing and joking, looking much scrawnier than he was now, wearing ordinary everyday clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. He was snuggling up against someone. A badger?

He just knew the memory was real and recent. So how had he gone from that to this? He shook his head, having no idea.

Suddenly the room's door opened and someone entered. A figure dressed just as he was, in tight latex from the neck down, and just as muscular as he was now, thick rubber-clad muscles bulging and flexing as he moved, paws behind his back. A steel collar encircled his neck, with '#03459' etched into the metal.

The new arrival was a badger, and as Kyle looked at him, he realized he recognized him as the badger from his memory. But in his memory, he hadn't been this big...

More fragments of memory drifted to the surface of his mind. This badger... his name was James, and he was his husband, they'd been married for a year and a half...

“James?” The otter said, uncertainly.

“No, my designation is 03459.” The badger said, his tone flat and monotonous. His eyes had a glazed look to them

“But... I...” Kyle stuttered, more and more fragments of his memory resurfacing. The shadowy intruder in their home. The gas the stranger had used making him pass out. Waking up alongside his husband strapped to tables in some strange lab, muscular men in black latex looming over them...

“Do not let the fragments of memory concern you.” The badger told him. “They are a side effect of your control implant making the final purge of your mind. They will be gone soon. You are in the final stages of your reprogramming.”

“What? I...” The otter felt so strange. As if he should be protesting this. But he just didn't feel like he should. After all, drones didn't protest, they obeyed.

Kyle frowned. Drone? Where had that come from? Was he a drone? It seemed right somehow...

“Stand up.” The badger commanded. Kyle obeyed, standing up on shaky legs that felt bigger than he was used to.

The badger proceeded to look him up and down, surveying the otter's muscular physique. “Your physical conversion is complete. Your body is now suitable for a slave drone.”

Slave drone. Yes, that seemed so right to Kyle...

The rubber-clad badger held up something he'd been holding behind his back. It was a steel collar. As the otter stared at it, he noticed that '#03460' was etched into its surface.

“It is time to complete your uniform, 03460.” The badger said, stepping forward.

“My name is...” Kyle trailed off, unable to complete that sentence. It just felt wrong. Drones like him didn't have names.

“Your designation is 03460.” The badger told him.

Yes, the otter thought. That felt right...

A sudden wave of euphoria washed through him. The fragments of memory he'd been clinging to slipped away, fading into nothingness. And then it was all gone. Even the name Kyle no longer meant anything to the otter. His head was now filled with new knowledge, downloaded into his brain through his control implant.

“My designation is 034560.” The otter said. “This drone's reprogramming is now complete. Full connection to Central Control established. Drone is ready to serve.”

The badger simply nodded, reaching up and wrapping the steel collar he held around the otter's neck, clicking it closed.

The two new slave drones stood to attention. A moment later, new orders arrived in their minds, transmitted through the implants in their brains.

They strolled from the room together, bound for a new life of obedience and servitude.

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