Hypno Bears Edition 9

Confusion and Control

I had to get away, but it was so hard to focus… to think…

Why did I need to escape? Where I was I?

I was naked on a bed in a small unfamiliar room. There were headphones beside my head, connected to a music player resting on the night stand. I had the urge to just lie back down and put them on…

No! That was wrong. I tried to get up, feeling weak and woozy. My head felt all fuzzy and confused. I slipped off the bed and fell to the floor, sitting there as I tried to recover my wits.

I did my best to concentrate, to try to remember anything…

Byron. My name was Byron. I was… I was… I was a delivery driver. That was it!

Some part of me knew that I couldn’t stay here. I had to get out. Even if I didn’t know why.

I struggled to my feet and staggered over to the door.

More details came back to me, my head clearing slightly. I was fresh out of college, doing my best to make ends meet, and then… then something had happened…

My paw fumbled with the doorknob, eventually managing to get it to open, revealing a hallway beyond. And there he was.

He was just reaching the top step of a stairway at the end of the hall. A huge grizzly bear with thick bulging muscles and impressive large muscle gut. He was wearing only some figure hugging leather shorts and a leather waistcoat. A cigar was clamped in one side of his muzzle.

“Thought I heard you moving about up here.” He chuckled, stomping towards me. “You think you’re going somewhere?”

“Have to get away…” I mumbled, unable to take my eyes off him. He made me feel weak at the knees and strangely aroused.

“Hah!” The big bear laughed. “No, you don’t! You need to get back to bed and carry on with your listening. Your mental conditioning isn’t done yet. Obviously.” He sighed. “I knew I should have secured you to the bed…”

“No...” I protested weakly. “I… I…”

“Hush now.” The big grizzly commanded, reaching our and stroking my head fur. It felt surprisingly great, causing me to moan a little. “You know how I am?”

“Master.” The word jumped to my muzzle without me even thinking about it, and it just seemed to be the perfect word to describe the big handsome bear.

“Good to see you’ve got that much at least.” The grizzly said. He wrapped a thick arm around my shoulders and guided me back into the bedroom. “Now, let’s get the rest of that mind of yours sorted out, eh?”

That set off a flood of memories, all coming back to me at once. Of delivering multiple packages to this bear at his remote house. I remembered how he was always wearing skimpy leather gear and always seemed to be leering suggestively at me.

And I remembered him turning upon on my doorstep, saying how he was there to help me get ‘sorted out’. There had been a struggle and then a strange smelling cloth pressed against my nose, causing me to black out…

“You kidnapped me?” I blurted out.

“It’s more a case of giving you a new life.” The big bear sighed. “Guess that means your memories haven’t been completely supressed yet.”

“Why?” I wanted to know.

“Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I wanted you.” The grizzly explained. “I knew you’d make a great slave cub and fit right in with my others…”

“Others?” As far as I could remember, he had always seemed to live alone.

“Yeah, I have two others.” The grizzly nodded. “I made sure they were safely in their cages down in my dungeon whenever you made your deliveries.” He smiled a big leering smile. “I’ve already got a cage for waiting for you down there, once we get that brain of yours sorted out.”

“No! This is wrong!” I started to struggle against him, but it was weak and half-hearted. It was like there was a war going on inside of me. While part of me wanted to resist and escape, another stronger part of me wanted to submit to him, do whatever he said. Be his loving obedient slave cub, now and forever…

“None of that, cub!” Master said, annoyed at my feeble struggles. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look him in the eye. They were beautiful blue eyes, looking at them was strangely soothing and relaxing. My struggles ceased.

“I am your Master.” He said, firmly.

“You are my Master.” I mumbled, lost in his gaze.

“You will obey me.”

“I will obey you.”

“You want to be a good slave cub for me.”

“I want to be a good slave cub for you.”

“Lay down on the bed.” He ordered.

I obeyed, finding myself unable to do anything else. He was my Master after all and I wanted to be a good slave cub for him.

As I lay down, I could hear Master muttering. “Underestimated how much fight he had left in him… won’t make that mistake again.”

I lay there as my big bear Master reached into a drawer of the night stand and pulled out several pairs of handcuffs. He proceeded to use them to handcuff my wrists and ankles to the frame of the bed.

Just as the last cuff was clicked into place, I started to feel a stirring of resistance again, my desire to escape was flooding back and I pulled at the cuffs holding me in place.

“Relax, cub.” Master said, patting me on the chest. “You’re not going anywhere. We’re going to finish your mental conditioning.”

He reached into the drawer again and pulled out a syringe, pulling the cover off the needle. I cowered in fear at the sight of it.

“Don’t worry, cub.” Master said. “It’s just a little something to make your mind more open and suggestible, to increase the effectiveness of the brainwashing. I thought you’d had enough, but it seems you’re a little stronger willed than my other cubs were. Time for another dose!”

There was nothing I could do as he administered the injection, plunging the needle into my arm. Within seconds, I was much more relaxed, my mind feeling numb, all thoughts drifting out of my head.

“Relax and listen. It’s just a matter of time until you’re my devoted slave cub.” Said my Master as he slipped the headphones over my ears, securing them in place.

I closed my eyes, my ears filled with soothing sounds and subliminal tones, overlaid with the powerful voice of my Master, drilling instructions into my head, telling me how I was going to be his good obedient cub, a loyal and devoted slave.

And as the last of my conscious thought drifted away, I knew that was absolutely true.


The Visors

Burton crept through the village, searching for a hiding place, and having no idea what to do…

He sighed. If only the clan elders had listened to him.

It had all seemed innocent enough at first, when the strangers had arrived from the sky in their big metal craft. Of course, every bear in the village had been frightened at first, even the clan’s bravest warriors. But when they’d been revealed to be small skinny creatures, black furred things with funny long hairless tails, calling themselves ‘rats’, that fear lessened. Even the scrawniest cub of the clan, such as Burton, would be able to overpower them if necessary. They seemed to represent no real threat.

And the rats proved to friendly and jovial, wowing many with their tales of worlds beyond the stars, of strange places they had visited and creatures they had encountered.

Then they won over the trust of many when they used their seemingly magical devices to heal the sick and wounded. Even old Balt, the old warrior who had walked with a limp ever since he had badly broken his leg in his younger days, was suddenly able to walk perfectly. The rats were hailed as miracle workers. The elders had even started talking about making them honourable members of the clan.

But it had all seemed very suspicious to Burton, and he had tried to warn others that this seemed to good to be true. But he was young, scrawny and unaccomplished. He had little to no respect compared to the wise elders and the mighty warriors who seemed to wholeheartedly accept the rats’ claims that they were peaceful explorers, there to learn and help. Burton’s concerns were ignored.

And then the rats had started offering the visors.

The rats claimed they were devices that granted pleasure and happiness to those who wore them. Which seemed fine enough, but Burton’s suspicious remained, as he noticed that the rats themselves never seemed to use them. But as before, few listened to him and his concerns.

Several bears immediately tried the visors. And they did indeed seem extremely happy wearing the glowing devices across their eyes, smiling constantly and telling everyone about how amazing it felt and how great the rats truly were to bestow such gifts upon the clan. They encouraged everyone to give them a try. Many more bears put them on after that.

Those that did wear the visors were allowed the honour of visiting the rats’ craft, apparently a ‘reward’ for trusting them. Whoever did so later returned looking changed, their bodies bigger, their muscles thicker and stronger. More gifts from the rats they said, granting those with visors greater strength and stamina. That led to more bears willingly putting on the visors, not wanting to be outdone by their fellows. The clan highly valued strong warriors after all, the strongest earning the most respect.

It reached a point where those bears with visors greatly outnumbered those without. And then their constant attempts to convince others to try them became more forceful, grabbing bears and shoving visors over their eyes.

And now Burton was hiding, trying to come up with a plan. He’d seen so many of his clanmates having those damn visors forced onto them and had been shocked by how quickly they had stopped struggling and started smiling, joining the others in subduing the village.

He had thought that maybe he could try and get those visors off them. But then he had witnessed one get knocked off during a struggle with a reluctant bear and it had made no difference. Once the bear had been subdued with his own visor, the bear who had lost his simply picked it up and put it back on. It seemed that whatever it did to the minds of his fellow bears, it was permanent.

There seemed no other option than to flee, since he could not fight or free his clanmates. The horrible realization crept over him than his clan, one of strongest and mightiest bear clans of the Great Plains, was effectively finished, without having put up much of a fight.

Suddenly paws grabbed him and pulled him out of his hiding place. It was Durden, a bear he had been good friends with since cubhood. He had been one of the first to try a visor.

“There you are, Burton!” He said, jovially. “It’s time for you to wear your visor!”

“No!” The smaller bear cried out, struggling uselessly. “Please don’t!”

“The rats want the entire clan in visors.” Durden held him around the neck with one thick muscular arm. “It’s for the best. You’ll soon understand.”

A moment later, it was all over, as the larger bear place a visor over Burton’s eyes.

The smaller bear’s vision was flooded with sparkling light and swirling colourful patterns, instantly enthralling him. All his resistance drained away and he stopped struggling.

All of Burton’s fears and doubts and suspicions crumbled away as the visor did its work, all traces of free will quickly erased from his brain.

And he suddenly understood everything much better as the visor loaded new information and knowledge into his head. The rats were his superiors, his Masters. It was his duty to be a good mindless slave for them. They had a vast galactic empire that required a lot of slave labour. So, primitive races like his were enslaved to serve that purpose.

He now knew that his ultimate fate was to board the rat’s star ship, have his body enhanced with genetic engineering to make him bigger, stronger and to extend his life span, and then be sold into slavery, put to work somewhere out among the stars, serving the empire of the rats.

And he didn’t care. The visor reprogramming his mind saw to that. The only thing he cared about now was being a good slave and serving his Masters. Nothing else mattered.

Burton’s muzzle split into a wide happy grin as he joined his fellow visor wearing bears in hunting down the rest of the clan…


Demonic Discovery

Professor Halston strolled through the crumbling ruins, swinging his flashlight back and forth, taking in every detail of the carvings and inscriptions on the walls.

This was incredible! The archaeological discovery of the century!

He knew he should get back to then rest of the expedition, let them know he’d managed to find what they’d come to this remote and desolate place to find.

But he couldn’t seem to tear himself away from exploring, wanting to see as much as he could before he shared this find with anyone else.

Of course, this was just the beginning. Many months of work lay ahead studying this place and trying to translate the inscriptions. From what he could see, the writings here seemed to be a very old dialect he barely recognized, and it would be quite a challenge to decipher. It was a challenge he was looking forward to.

Suddenly, his flashlight came across something unusual. A huge square of stone blocks set into a wall. It was easily 10 feet high. The blocks were covered in strange runic carvings the like of which he had never seen before. As he looked about the chamber he was in, taking in the layout, he guessed this… whatever it was… was the centrepiece of the room.

...touch it…

The thought popped into his head from nowhere, almost like a whisper from some strange voice. The bear frowned, wondering where that idea had come from. He knew he should probably not disturb anything.


…touch it…

More strange thoughts. He almost felt like it was someone else speaking. But he was alone, and the words were arriving in his head, he wasn’t actually hearing them. They had to be his own thoughts, right?

…relax and obey…

These weird thoughts had quite a soothing, compelling, quality to them. They seemed to drown out any other thoughts in his head.


“Relax…” He mumbled, feeling himself becoming relaxed and calm.

…step forward…

…touch it…

“Touch it.” He mumbled, stumbling forward. He momentarily felt like there was something very wrong here, that he shouldn’t be doing this, that he should be running away and never coming back to this place. But that feeling evaporated as the strange thoughts came again.

…that symbol there…

…run your paw along it…

His eyes focused on a spiral like carving, instinctively knowing it was the one. Thinking of nothing else, he reached out and traced his paw along it…

Suddenly the chamber was flooded with light, stinging the professor’s eyes and causing him to stagger back. The centre of the stone square was now a wall of undulating pale light. All the runes on its surface were glowing.

“What the fuck?” The bear stammered.

…thank you, mortal…

A figure emerged from the light, tall and heavily muscled. It was vaguely ursine, but with crimson fur streaked with black patterns, and horns protruding from his head. He was naked except for spiked metal bands around his arms and legs and a belt from which hung an assortment of circular metal objects. A massive thick cock dangled between his legs.

“I was almost starting to think a foolish mortal might never stumble close enough to the portal to allow me to influence them.” The new creature rumbled, his deep voice echoing around the chamber. “That I might remain banished forever…”

The bear professor backed away in horror, confused and afraid, getting ready to run for his life. “Who the hell are you?” He stammered.

The creature laughed a sinister laugh. “My true name is unpronounceable in the tongues of you lowly mortals. Simply call me Master, as it works as a name and accurate description.”

Halston doubted he would be calling this demonic thing Master any time soon. He was still stumbling backwards away from it, about to turn and run…

But then the creature looked directly at him, with his glowing red eyes, and Halston found himself frozen in place. Those eyes seemed to draw him in, enthralling and hypnotizing him. Relaxation spread through his body as his desire to flee vanished, replaced with the certainty that this was exactly where he was supposed to be…

“I am grateful to you for reopening the gateway to my dimension.” The creature said. “It has been so long since I was able to visit this world. You shall have the honour of being the first of this age to become mine!”

The bear suddenly felt the force of the demonic creature’s mind pouring into his, absorbing his knowledge and ransacking his memories. It was overwhelming, and he suddenly knew he was facing something of immense and irresistible power.

“Demonic?” The creature mused, seemingly plucking the word from the bear’s mind. “Yes, I suppose that is how me and my kind have been remembered. Demons. Otherworldly monsters.”

He stepped toward the bear, keeping his locked in place with his glare. “In truth, I am the rightful ruler of this world, banished by a surprisingly effective rebellion millennia ago. And now you have allowed me back in to reclaim dominion over this world.”

The professor was aware of other figures emerging behind the demon, smaller, but still big and muscular creatures, powerful and fearsome. There were four on total, each wearing only a spiked metal collar.

“Spread out, my minions!” The demon barked. “Secure the area and capture any nearby mortals for enslavement.” The other creatures sprinted off in all directions at surprising speed.

The demon towered over professor Halston. A clawed paw went to his belt and snatched up one of the metal circles hanging from it. As he raised it, the bear professor realised it was a metal collar covered in spikes.

“This will forever bind you and your soul to my service, little mortal.” The demon said. “Do you want it?”

Halston knew he should say no, that he should resist. But with the demonic power flowing through his head, and still held in place by those glowing hypnotic eyes suppressing any attempt at free will, there was really only one thing he could say. “Yes…”

With another sinister laugh, the demon reached forward and snapped the collar on around the bear’s neck.

There was a flash of burning pain as the collar fused closed and burned into his flesh. Energy suddenly coursed through the bear’s body, causing him to convulse and twitch. He could feel himself growing in strength, his muscles bulging and expanding.

His brain felt as if it was on fire, the demon’s power now crashed through his mind in a relentless flood, burning away his old self, irrevocably obliterating his free will and instilling new thoughts and desires. Such as the desire to spend eternity serving and obeying his new demon Master.

His clothes started feeling too tight, and he could no longer stand to wear them. He ripped them off, the new claws growing from his paws aiding in tearing them to shreds.

Halston admired his new muscular body, his brown fur now streaked with crimson patterns, revelling in the power and strength he now possessed. A bigger, thicker cock rapidly hardened and before he knew it, he was cumming, blasting his seed across the floor, finishing his transformation with a powerfully intense orgasm.

“Isn’t that better?” Master laughed.

“Yes, my Master.” The demonic bear that had once been Professor Halston laughed, bowing submissively.

“One mortal enslaved.” The demon Master smiled. “The first of many! Reclaiming the Earth is going to be so much fun!”

The demon bear followed his new Master away from the portal, looking forward to aiding in the corruption and enslavement of the entire planet…


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