Jonas was bored, surfing the internet looking for interesting stuff. The cougar yawned and stretched as he sat at the computer desk in one corner of his apartment. It’d been just a few weeks now since he had lost his job and he was starting to discover just how much unemployment sucked. He just wished he could find something interesting to do to distract him from his worries…

And then he received the email.

He recognised the address of the sender immediately. It was his old friend Ryan. Jonas hadn’t heard much from him for several weeks. The black panther always seemed to be busy recently, even though he was only employed part time at the gym where he worked.

Jonas opened the email to see what he had to say for himself…

Hey buddy! Long time no see!

Sorry I haven’t been able to see much of you recently. I hope that can change soon.

But anyway, I just wanted to send you the address of an absolutely fantastic web site I’ve discovered. Trust me; I think you’ll love it. My user number there is 365. You’ll understand when you visit the site.

Jonas stared for a moment at the web address at the bottom of the email. Curious, and with nothing better to do, the cougar decided to check it out.

Clicking on the link took him to a black screen, with a red logo, which declared the site to be something called ‘Servus Incorporated’. Jonas frowned. Was this site for some kind of company? There was no indication what kind of company it might be.

He clicked on the logo, and was taken to a log-in screen, similar to ones he’d seen on thousands of web sites. On one side was a part for existing users, asking for a user number and password. The other side of the screen was for new visitors, asking for a first name, and the number of the user who’d told them about the site.

The cougar’s curiosity was definitely aroused. His instincts were telling him there was something a little odd about this. But he trusted Ryan, so Jonas went ahead and typed in his name, and his friend’s user number, and then clicked on ‘Log In’.

The screen went black as the next page loaded, and Jonas waited, still feeling bored and a little tired. He hoped this web site had something good to offer him…

Suddenly, his computer screen was filled with a massive spinning spiral. The cougar felt his eyes drawn towards it. It had to be some kind of flash animation. It looked… kinda nice. He looked at it closely, and it seemed to be more than just a spiral… it was an intricate twirling pattern… so beautiful… sooo hypnotic… soooo relaxing…. he didn’t want to take his eyes off it… it was sooooo mesmerising…

Awareness came drifting back to Jonas. He found he was on the floor by his computer desk, completely naked, his fur all sticky with cum. What had happened?

He sat up. He was feeling surprisingly comfortable without any clothes on. He felt warm, refreshed, relaxed. He looked up at the computer screen. It was showing a Servus Incorporated farewell page. There was the logo, and a message thanking for his visit to the web site and that he would know when to log in again.

And the strange thing was, he did know. Tomorrow at 2pm, no sooner, no later. Jonas had no idea how he knew.

The cougar was certain that he would be there to log in again at that time, although if he were asked, he wouldn’t have been able to say exactly why he was so certain.


The following day, Jonas found himself pacing his apartment, feeling restless. He kept looking at the clock, yearning for 2pm to come so that he could return to the web site. He had a niggling feeling that this was all very strange, but it was a feeling he found easy to ignore.

He had tried filling his time with other things, watching TV, reading books, but he couldn’t focus properly, his mind always drifting back to the computer.

Even the shopping trip this morning hadn’t used up much of his spare time. He’d had a sudden urge to go out and buy a few things, and had ultimately returned with a pair of headphones, which he had promptly hooked up to his computer. He had also bought a thick leather collar from a local leather shop, but he wasn’t sure why. It was currently sat on his computer desk. Whenever he glanced at it, the collar looked sort of… inviting.

After much waiting and agonising, the time came. The eager cougar all but lunged at the computer, slipping the headphones over his ears, logging onto the internet and going straight to the web site. This time, at the log in screen, he went to the other section, typing in his user number of 366 and his password.

Jonas frowned momentarily. When had he got a user number and password? And why had he not remembered either until that moment?

These thoughts bothered him slightly as he logged in. But they were soon forgotten as his login was accepted and the screen was filled with another spiral, just as the day before. The cougar was instantly mesmerised, not able to take his eyes off it. Not even wanting to take his eyes off it. Jonas could feel his mind and body relaxing, letting the effects of the spiral wash over him without any resistance…

And suddenly his ears were filled with sound, coming through the headphones. It sounded like gentle rhythmic music, accompanied by a deep, hypnotic voice, telling him to relax and let the spiral take him… let his mind slip away into the depths of the spiral… relax… relax…

The hours ticked by, Jonas absolutely enthralled by the sights and sounds the web site was giving him. At one point, he had slipped out of his clothes, stripping off without looking away from the screen. Once he was naked, his whole body seemed to relax even further, tension draining from his muscles. His cock started to thicken as well, and was soon fully erect.

Shortly after that, one hand drifted towards the collar he had bought and he buckled it around his neck. The feeling of the leather against his flesh sent a small shudder of delight through the cougar’s body.

A little while later, Jonas pushed back his chair and fell to his knees, continuing to watch the screen.

It was hours later when Jonas suddenly ejaculated, shuddering as a full intense orgasm burned through him. His cum splattered across the floor and the hypnotic connection came to end, the cougar’s gaze finally leaving the screen.

Full consciousness returned to Jonas, who felt refreshed and satisfied. He was completely without concern at finding himself kneeling naked in front of his computer, a collar around his neck, even though he thought that maybe he should find it odd.

He glanced back at the screen to find a message just like yesterday’s, but this time he just knew that tomorrow at 3.45pm exactly was the time to log in again. He knew deep down there was no way he would miss that appointment.

The cougar then noticed the cum on the floor. A wave of curiosity washed through him. What did it taste like? He just had to know. He wiped up a little with one finger and licked it.

It was like an explosion of taste in his muzzle. It was amazing, sweet and delicious. In fact he now had a hunger for more. He ravenously started licking it all up, savouring every last drop. When Jonas was done, he lay down on the floor and began gently stroking his dick, wishing he could cum again so he could drink it again. But somewhere inside he knew that he wasn’t permitted to cum. Not until tomorrow.

He fell asleep there on the floor, still naked, still collared.


For the next three weeks, Jonas logged on to the web site every day without fail, always at a different time as instructed by the messages from the site. He would then spend hours sat there, his senses absorbing all that the site fed them. At the end, he would cum and then lick up and enjoy every last drop.

After the first week, he would strip naked and put on his collar before logging on, without even thinking about it. After the second week, he started wearing his collar all the time, only taking it off in order to shower. By the end of the third week, he had stopped wearing clothes around his apartment, liking how being totally naked made him feel. By the fourth week, he had started fingering his own tail hole regularly, enjoying the sensation of his ass being penetrated. At the end of the fifth week of visiting the site, he logged on as usual, but no spiral greeted him.

An intense sadness built up within him. He had come to truly enjoy his sessions in front of the spiral, and felt sort of empty at the prospect of not seeing it today.

Instead, he was shown a simple message:

You are ready to proceed to the next step. Please call the following number…

Jonas glared at the message, as if trying to make the spiral return out of sheer force of will. Some part of the cougar’s sub-conscious was telling him he had to call the number, he had to obey…

He padded across the room to the phone and dialled the number. It was picked up straight away.

“User number?” A rumbling voice demanded.

“366.” Jonas replied. There was a click and the voice he’d been listening to over the internet the past five weeks was in his ear, telling him to relax and listen… he had instructions to follow…

The next thing Jonas knew he was getting dressed and leaving his apartment. He consciously had no idea where he was going, so let his instincts guide him.

A little while later he arrived at an ordinary looking office building across town. There were no signs indicating what the building was as Jonas pushed his way through the revolving door into the spacious, luxurious lobby beyond, feeling with all his heart that this was the place he had to be.

The receptionist at the desk was a big handsome stallion, dressed in a sharp suit that barely seemed to contain his muscles. “Can I help you?”

Jonas wasn’t sure what to say. But his sub-conscious seemed to know, as he spoke without thinking. “User number 366.”

The equine at the desk nodded, seeming to understand what he meant, even though Jonas himself didn’t. He was feeling strange. Why was he here? What was happening to him?

The stud of a receptionist was calling someone. “New acquisition for you, sir, number 366.” He listened for a moment. “I understand, sir.” He hung up and returned his attention to Jonas.

“Take the elevator.” He instructed. “The thirtieth floor. You’re expected.”

The cougar headed for the elevator without thinking about it. It just felt good to do as he was told. The joy of being obedient started to block out his doubts.

He took the elevator up to the thirtieth floor. In the ride up, he started to feel more and more comfortable, almost like this place was his home.

The elevator doors opened, and Jonas was a little shocked to find someone waiting for him. But not half as shocked that he recognised him.

It was his friend Ryan. The black panther was standing just outside the elevator, completely naked except for a black leather collar around his neck. He looked like he’d been working out quite a bit since Jonas had last seen him. He seemed fitter, his muscles bigger. His cock was standing to attention, fully erect and waiting for attention.

He’d never thought of his friend like this before, but Jonas found him incredibly sexy. He could feel an erection of his own coming on. The sight of him made him aroused.

The cougar’s feelings of strangeness returned as he stepped out of the elevator. Ryan greeted him with a broad smile.

“Hello, Jonas!” He chuckled. “I’m glad you’ve come this far, I did say in my email that I’d hope things would change. Now they have and we will be seeing a lot of each other.”

“What’s happening?” Jonas asked.

“All will be explained.” Ryan said, placing his arm around the cougar’s shoulder and guiding him along the corridor. It felt good and Jonas relaxed some. “There’s someone you need to meet.”

As the cougar passively allowed himself to be guided, he noticed that his friend’s collar had three metal numbers attached to it. 365. He vaguely remembered that had been Ryan’s user number for the web site…

The panther guided Jonas to the end of the corridor and through some double doors into a huge office beyond, beautifully decorated and furnished, and with a very nice view of the city through some large windows. Ryan closed the doors behind them.

The office’s only occupant looked up from where he was sitting on a large brown leather sofa. He was a hugely built grizzly bear wearing an expensive looking suit. He smiled warmly and stood up, approaching Jonas. He towered over him as he shook the cougar’s hand. Jonas’ erection was straining against his underwear now. The bear was so damn gorgeous! Masculine and confident and handsome…

“Welcome, Jonas.” He said, in a deep voice that sounded familiar. “I’ve heard all about you.”

Jonas glanced at his friend. Ryan was staring in adoration at the bear.

“Oh, don’t worry about him.” Said the bear. “We’re here to talk about you. Come, sit with me.”

The cougar followed the bear back to the sofa and sat down beside him, his feelings of arousal rising by the second.

“I am Dr. Bernard Thurman.” The bear explained. “Servus Incorporated is a company I built based on my various researches in a number of different fields. And you are here because you have been determined to be psychologically suitable for a position within this company.”

“I don’t understand…” Said Jonas, fighting off his growing attraction to the bear and the desire to just go along with whatever he wanted. “What position? How can you know I’m suitable?”

“The web site I created.” Dr. Thurman said. “It’s quite a sophisticated thing. That first time you logged on, the spiral hypnotised you. You answered a series of intimate questions while you were in a trance. Your suitability was determined based on that and how well the hypnosis worked on you, so you were given a user number and password.”

The cougar found himself entranced by the bear’s eyes, struggling to resist, struggling to focus on finding out what was happening to him.

“If you had not been suitable,” the bear doctor was saying, “then the hypnotic suggestion would not have worked and you wouldn’t have bothered to log on again the next day at the precise time instructed. If that had happened, your password would have been locked out. Over the past weeks, your visits to the web site have been gradually programming you to be ready for this day.”

Jonas frowned. “Programming? I didn’t know hypnosis could do that.”

“On its own, it can’t.” Dr. Thurman nodded. “But that’s where my researches come in. Everything the web site gave you, that you were enjoying so much, had multiple subliminal signals built in. Very powerful things, took me years to develop and perfect. Signals that have been conditioning and programming you to obey and love it.”

“No…” Jonas protested weakly. “That can’t be possible…” Then he realised where he recognised the bear’s voice from. It was the same voice that he’d been hearing every day through the web site.

“On your feet and strip!” The bear barked.

Before he could say anything, the cougar was on his feet peeling off his clothes. And damn it felt good to obey! Especially as he was obeying a powerful male like Dr. Thurman.

“So, you were saying it couldn’t be possible?” The grizzly grinned, once Jonas was naked, erection full and throbbing.

The cougar couldn’t think of anything to say in reply. The bear had ordered and he had obeyed, and he had loved it. Had he really been programmed somehow?

The bear got up, circling Jonas, surveying his naked body. “You, little cougar, have been programmed to prefer being with males, to have a higher sex drive, to love the taste of cum, to enjoy having your ass used, and…” He grabbed Jonas’s erection. “To find me the sexiest male you’ve ever encountered, with a desire to serve me no matter what.”

Jonas couldn’t deny it. The desire to beg to serve the bear’s every whim was growing within him, a desire he hadn’t realised he’d had before now. The sensation of the bear’s touch on his dick was driving him wild.

“My company here deals in male slaves.” Said the bear. “Not for sale, of course, but for rent. We have a lot of very rich clients from around the world on our books, clients willing to pay a lot of money for a sexy slave to serve them, if only for a time. You are going to be my latest slave acquisition.”

Jonas would have expected some doubts to arise in his mind at that revelation. But there was nothing but the pleasure of Dr. Thurman gripping his cock tightly.

“You will be well taken care of.” Said the grizzly. “You will live here in this building with my other slaves, have a life of happiness and contentment, free from the worry and stress of making your own decisions. And in return, I will demand absolute submission and obedience to my will. That’s a good deal, isn’t it?”

Jonas had nothing to say, merely nodding and purring in delight as Dr. Thurman continued to massage his stiff dick.

“All your programming is already in place, you are pretty much ready to become mine.” Said the bear. He realised his grip, and Jonas found himself longing for it again. “But I think you should take a look around the place before you take the final step. Your friend here will take care of that. I am fully able to overcome any resistance you may still have to becoming one of my slaves. But I find it so much more satisfying for to want to join my company. I will see you later.”

Ryan guided Jonas out of the room. The cougar was still naked and in a bit of a daze as the panther took him to the elevator.

“We’re going to go to the slave quarters.” Ryan explained. “You should meet some of my brothers.”


The handsome black panther smiled. “The other slaves of the company. We’re all one big happy family under Master, so tend to think of each other as brothers. You’re going to love being one of us.”

It was a quick ride down in the elevator to the floor that housed the slaves. The elevator deposited them in a short corridor leading to some large doors. Ryan threw them open, revealing a scene from a gay muscle-fetishists horniest fantasy.

Beyond the doors was a large lounge area, with lots of large couches and sofas, a few TV’s here and there for entertainment. The room was occupied by about fifteen slaves of varying species, all muscular and sexy. They were all naked, except for their leather collars. Ryan explained that not all the slaves were here at the moment. There were plenty out on assignment, serving clients around the globe.

Jonas noticed a tiger and a wolf sat together, watching TV while absent-mindedly stroking each others’ stiff members. There were a few other couples about; a Doberman and a raccoon, a rat and a leopard; and even a threesome consisting of a polar bear, a lynx and a fox; all sitting around fondling and nuzzling each other.

Ryan showed the dazed and confused Jonas about, explaining that this was the main lounge, where Dr. Thurman’s slaves would hang out when not sleeping, working out in the gym, or serving the doctor and his company.

“Hey! There’s my favourite panther!”

Ryan and Jonas turned to see a hugely-built German shepherd stalking towards them, muscles rippling seductively, a big smile on his face.

“And there’s my favourite canine!” Ryan replied and Jonas watched as the two of them hugged.

“Good to see you again, 365.” The dog grinned.

“You too, 329.” Ryan grinned back. “How was Australia?”

“Nice, I suppose.” The German shepherd shrugged. “The client kept me restrained and locked up in his hotel room for the whole week, so it’s not as if I got to see much of it.”

As they talked, Jonas noticed they were gently stroking each others’ cocks. He was surprised at how comfortable they were around each other and with playing with each others’ genitals.

“You must be jet-lagged.” Ryan said.

“Yeah.” The canine yawned. “I was just heading to bed when I noticed you here with a new guy.” He turned his attention to Jonas.

“Welcome to the family!” He rumbled, and gave the stunned cougar a huge hug, which Jonas found himself enjoying immensely. “You’re going to love being a slave to our Master!” He broke off the hug. “But now I need my sleep. We can get to know each other later.”

As the big dog wandered away, Jonas had a question for his friend. “Why did you use numbers for each other rather than names?”

“Because none of us slaves have names.” Ryan explained. “Names are for free males, which we are not. We are simply numbers to Master and the company. I know you think of me as ‘Ryan’, but while I have his memories, I am not him anymore. I am slave number 365.”

Jonas found this incredibly strange. “That’s a bit weird…”

“You’ll understand better when you are one of us.” Ryan smiled. “But come on now, there are other guys for you to meet.”

Ryan introduced Jonas to the other slaves in the lounge, and they all turned out to be just as friendly as the German shepherd had been, hugging him and welcoming him. And they all seemed to know Ryan, greeting him with hugs, and strokes of his dick. The atmosphere and camaraderie between them was so relaxed, so jovial, so refreshingly free of inhibitions of any kind. More and more, Jonas wanted to be one of them, to be a slave of the sexiest bear he had ever met, to be a brother to these sexy handsome enslaved studs…

And he suddenly felt sad that he wasn’t. The muscle slaves around him were friendly, but he knew he was an outsider, not a part of their world…

Without warning, two of the muscle slaves, a wolf and a fox, grabbed him from behind, forcing him to his knees. He struggled against their iron grip, suddenly fearful, having no idea what was happening. The other slaves gathered around, Ryan at front.

“We have a tradition here, Jonas.” The panther chuckled. “When a new guy comes here for the first time, he gets ‘broken in’ by the next newest guy. Which would be me. Just think of it as a sort of initiation ritual.”

The two slaves holding Jonas forced him down on to all fours and holding him there as Ryan circled around behind him. The cougar was filled with a combination of fear and expectation, not sure if he was ready for his friend to use him sexually.

“Now, just relax, Jonas.” Ryan said. “I won’t be able to cum in you, as we slaves cannot without permission. But I can give you a damn good fucking.”

There was no further warning as the panther plunged his swollen erect cock deep into the cougar’s ass. Jonas cried out in surprise at the sudden penetration of his body.

When the moment of shock passed, the cougar found the presence of a males cock inside of him to feel amazingly right, completely natural, and incredibly pleasurable. Ryan began working himself in Jonas like a professional, grinding and pumping his dick in the cougar’s tight tail hole while seductively rubbing and massaging Jonas’ lower back.

Jonas could hardly believe how much he was enjoying being used as a sexual toy by another male. He didn’t know if it was him of the doctor’s programming, but he didn’t care. Having his ass filled by a cock felt so wonderful, wave after wave of sexual ecstasy flowed through him.

Ryan kept going and going, not ever showing any signs of slowing or tiring, displaying tremendous sexual stamina, his fellow slaves offering words of encouragement as he worked.

The cougar under him was having trouble thinking, his thoughts blotted out by the sexual heart burning through him. God! How could he have gone through his whole life never knowing the sheer pleasure of being fucked by a male? He wanted more and more, and began grinding his rear against the panther.

The other gathered slaves seemed to notice Jonas’ new found enthusiasm and started encouraging him as well.

The cougar couldn’t be sure for how long they were like that, both of them caught up in the pleasure of the long hard never-ending fuck. They both knew they couldn’t cum, as they had received no permission, but at some point they had both silently decided to enjoy the sexual act as long as they could.

But eventually one of them ran out of energy, and it was Jonas, his body sagging in the grip of the slaves who had been holding him in place. Recognising that his friend had had enough, Ryan pulled himself out with a small pop.

Jonas felt empty at the lack of a cock occupying him as he slipped to the floor, the slaves who had been restraining him stepped aside as a tired Ryan crouched beside him.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked.

The warmth of the intense sexual experience still slung to him as Jonas nodded.

“You can have it again, and more.” Ryan told him. “When you are one of us. Do you want to be one of us?”

Jonas nodded again. “Oh, God, yes…”


Dr. Thurman was sat at his desk, finishing off some paperwork, when there was a knock at his door.

“Enter!” He commanded.

365 came in, guiding a dazed looking Jonas. The cougar had a warm smile on his face.

He got up from his desk and approached the two of them, glad to see how both the panther and the cougar couldn’t take their eyes off him, their expressions full of love and adoration.

“You showed Jonas around then, 365?”

“Yes, Master.” The panther nodded.

“And I suppose you gave him the traditional new slave fuck?”

“I did, Master.”

“Good slave.” The bear patted him on the head, causing the panther’s cock to twitch in delight. “Now leave. I need to speak to Jonas alone.”

“As you command, Master.” The panther bowed and left the office.

Dr. Thurman turned his attention to the waiting cougar. He started gently stroking the Jonas’ cheek, getting a deep purr of delight from the cougar in return. With his other hand, he reached down and took Jonas’ erect cock in his grip.

The bear looked deep into Jonas’ eyes, fixing him with an intense stare. He knew the cougar was pretty much his by now. Whatever resistance he may still have to becoming his slave would be far outweighed by the urge and desire to submit and serve. But it wasn’t time yet.

“You want to join my company, don’t you Jonas?” He rumbled. “You want to be my loyal slave for the rest of your days, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir…” The cougar pleaded. “Please let me…”

“Of course you do.” Dr. Thurman smiled “The entire process you have been through since you first logged on to my web site, everything you’ve experienced since setting foot in this building, has been carefully designed and planned to mentally guide you to this moment. The moment when you are ready. Do you want to begin a new life with your mind fully enslaved to my will?”

“Yes, sir…”

The bear released Jonas and stepped back. “Then get on your knees and beg for it!”

Jonas fell to his knees, not once taking his eyes away from the bear’s for even a second. “Please, sir! Please allow me to become enslaved to your will!”

“Very good!” The grizzly bear laughed. “I think you will make a fine addition to my slaves. A little scrawny compared to the others perhaps, but an intense exercise and weight-lifting regime will take care of that. But, unfortunately, you will not become mine today.”

The cougar’s face fell, an intense sadness filling him. He wanted to belong to the bear…

Dr. Thurman smirked. “You have an old life to take care of first…”


It had been a very busy and hectic few days for Jonas.

He surveyed his now empty apartment. Everything he owned, all his furniture and possessions, had been sold to whoever would take them. The money he’d made had been donated to a local charity. He wouldn’t be needing it.

He picked up the sports bag that contained the last of what he owned, a few clothes and personal items, and left his apartment for the last time. The cougar left the apartment building, beginning the walk to his new home.

On the way, he threw the sports bag in a dumpster in an alley. He didn’t need any of his things any more.

Jonas arrived at the Servus Incorporated building and went inside, his heart pounding in his chest in anticipation at the new life that awaited him inside.

The receptionist recognised him and pointed him towards the elevator, telling him that Dr. Thurman was expecting him.

The ride up in the elevator seemed to take forever. Jonas was eager to see the big handsome bear again, to submit his mind to him and begin his new life.

The elevator arrived and Jonas padded along the corridor to the door of the doctor’s office. He knocked nervously on the door. The answer from within came almost instantly.


Jonas stepped through the doors to find the Thurman was waiting for him. The huge bear was standing in front of his desk, completely naked, and looking like the sexiest male ever to walk the planet. Within a second, Jonas’ cock was hard and straining against his underwear.

“Come here.” The grizzly commanded.

The cougar found it so easy to obey. It felt so damn good, so right. He knew deep down that serving the bear was his natural place in life.

Jonas stopped in front of the bear, unable to take his eyes of the bear’s wondrous physique and full thick cock. The thought flashed across his mind that he hoped Dr. Thurman would allow him the honour of sucking it someday, when he had proven himself worthy…

“Strip!” The bear ordered.

Jonas had been waiting for that command. He was pulling off his clothes within an instant. Nakedness was his natural state now, he realised. Wearing clothes was for free males.

“Did you do as I asked?” Thurman asked. “Have you taken care of all the loose ends of your old life?”

“Yes.” Jonas nodded.

“And do you want to be mine, now and forever?”

“More than anything.”

“Then kneel before your Master.”

Jonas sank to his knees, staring up into the bear’s eyes, captivated by this gaze.

“Listen to my voice…” The bear rumbled. “Feel my words wash over you…”

The cougar felt his mind relaxing, slipping easily into a light hypnotic trance.

“In a moment,” the bear said, “your deep programming will be activated, transforming you, altering your mind, making you my slave. It will be the most fantastic experience of your life. Once your transformation is done, you will be a whole new cougar. You will be mine.”

Dr. Thurman reached out and unbuckled the cougar’s collar, the one he had been wearing for weeks. Jonas had become so used to it, most of the time he simply forgot it was there. And now that it had been removed, he felt like an important part of him was missing.

The grizzly bear tossed the old collar aside and then reached behind him and picked up something from his desk. He showed it to the hypnotised wolf. It was a brand new thick black leather collar. It had three metal numbers attached to it: 366. His number, his new identity…

The bear reached down and buckled the collar around Jonas’ neck.

The act of being collared by the bear, his new Master, triggered something deep with his mind. It had activated whatever deep programming had been implanted in him during all his weeks in front of his computer.

He closed his eyes as wave after wave of pleasure washed through him as new thoughts and feelings flooded through his mind, reordering his personality and priorities. But Jonas didn’t care as he felt his consciousness fading… he wanted this… it felt so good…

A few seconds later, the cougar opened his eyes. The whole world looked and felt different to him now. He felt different.

And he knew why. He wasn’t Jonas anymore. Although the cougar still had his memories, he knew Jonas no longer existed. He was slave number 366, property and devoted servant of his Master. He looked up the bear towering over him.

“Welcome to the family, 366.”

“Thank you, my Master. It is my honour to serve you until the day I die.”

“Yes, it is.” The grizzly agreed. “And by submitting to me, you have proven yourself worthy of this.” He grabbed his cock and pointed it at the cougar. “Suck, my slave.”

The cougar obeyed, hungrily enveloping the bear dick with his muzzle, almost overwhelmed by how good it tasted, how thick and wonderful it was, how spectacular it felt to have it in his muzzle.

366’s sense of time faded as his entire conscious mind focused itself solely on the task of sucking his Master, his senses flooded with intense bliss. He wrapped his tongue around the bear’s dick as he sucked, intent on making the experience as pleasurable for his Master as he could make it.

The cougar had no idea how long he knelt there sucking. He was too entranced by the cock filling his muzzle.

After a time, the bear suddenly pulled himself out of the cougar’s muzzle. 366 whimpered slightly as his focus was broken and the world around him came flooding back.

“That’s enough for now, 366.” Said his Master. “You have proven yourself worthy of a small suckle. For a full suck of your Master, and to taste his seed, you will have to earn it.”

The cougar bowed his head. “I understand, Master.” As far as he was concerned, the bear’s word was law.

“Now that you are fully and permanently mine,” Said the bear. “You should go down and join your brothers in your new home. I believe they are planning some kind of celebration orgy for you. My slaves have always found a new addition to their ranks to be a joyous occasion.”

366 thought of the other slaves. He was one of them now. That thought made him very happy.

“But before you go revel in the bliss of belonging to me,” The bear added. “There is something for you to do. When you first logged on to my web site all those weeks ago, one of the questions you answered under hypnosis was about any single male friends you have. One of them has aroused my interest. A zebra by the name of Jason.”

366 recalled him from Jonas’ memories. A tall muscular specimen, worked in construction. “I remember him, Master.”

The grizzly grinned. “I have never had a zebra among my slaves…”


Jason got home from work feeling stressed and exhausted. He’d had a long hard day and was looking to relax and unwind. But first, he wanted to check his email.

He logged onto the internet, and found an email from Jonas waiting for him. He hadn’t heard from the cougar in more than a month.

Hey Jason!

Sorry for not getting in touch in awhile. Things have been all over the place for me, but my life has settled down now. Hope I can get to hook up with you soon.

By the way, I have found a great web site that I’m sure you will just love. The link is below. Check it out. My user number is 366. You’ll understand when you visit the site.

Curious about what this web site might be, the big zebra clicked on the link...

The End?

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