It wasn’t supposed to have been like this…

Once again, Gideon struggled against the heavy steel chains that kept him secured to the back wall of his small dingy cell, as well as the heavy manacles around his wrists, ankles and neck.

But it was useless. There was no escape through brute force. The grizzly bear slumped in his restraints, downcast.

He had to admit that things were not looking good for him or his quest. Trapped in this cell since his capture after the ambush, stripped of everything save a simple loincloth, no clue as to what happened to his squire and his friends.

It shouldn’t have turned out like this. He knew that. The prophecy had been very clear. He was supposed to be successful in his quest to destroy Lord Garrius and save the land from his spreading evil.

What could have gone so wrong?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Everything has gone so wrong!”

The elderly brown bear, his fur streaked with grey, turned away from the window at that, looking at the knight who had spoken. “Oh, what makes you say that?”

Gideon folded his arms across his chest. “I am in no mood for games, Archibald. You know the situation as well as I do, the dire circumstances Ursinia faces…”

The old wizard hobbled in his direction, clutching his staff for support as he went. “Yes, I am fully up to date on current events in our fair kingdom. But I fail to see how they are dire.”

“You…?” The grizzly bear knight spluttered. “Are you serious? The king has died, leaving no heirs. The advisory council continues to argue and bicker about who should ascend to the throne. The kingdom is on the verge of descending into chaos. And the latest reports from the east indicate that Lord Garrius’ evil is spreading even faster than we first thought, his influence and domain growing rapidly.” He threw up his paws in exasperation. “Please explain exactly how that is not dire!”

“I grant you, it appears bad.” The wizardly bear shrugged. “But I ask you to have faith in me, my friend. It is not as bad as it seems.”

“And how exactly have you determined that?” Gideon wanted to know. “Faith is all well and good, but I would prefer some cold hard facts…”

“I have determined that by being more than a mound of muscle.” Archibald said, an edge of annoyance creeping into his voice, poking the breastplate of the knight’s ceremonial armour with a grizzled paw. “Who doesn’t spend his every spare moment training…”

Gideon sighed. He really wasn’t in the mood for another his friend’s lectures about him broadening his horizons, about how he should read and study more.

“I mean,” The wizard was saying. “You’re already the best warrior in the kingdom by far, the most accomplished of the late King Alonzo’s knights. How much better do you think you can get with the constant training?”

With a deep sigh, Gideon decided to try and move the conversation on. “What is your point?”

Archibald glared at him sharply. “The point is that I have actually read more than three books in my time, unlike some others around here… So, I know all about the Great Prophecy!”

“There’s a Great Prophecy?” Gideon frowned. He’d never heard of such a thing.

“Well, there are several actually…” The wizard shrugged. “But, there is one in particular that applies to the current state of affairs, which was written many centuries ago!”

“And what does this prophecy say?” The knight said, impatiently.

“Lots of things…” Archibald explained. “To be honest, the writer did have a tendency to drone on a lot before getting to the point…”

“Yes, I can imagine what that’s like.” Gideon said, his voice dripping with irony.

The elderly wizard ignored him. “But the key thing is that the prophecy describes a time when the kingdom is in turmoil, when there is no heir to the throne and nobles squabbling over who should be the new king. It tells of a great and mighty hero rising during this time who will combat a great evil, saving the kingdom…”

Gideon saw what he was suggesting. “And you think I am the mighty hero of this prophecy?”

“Of course!” Archibald nodded vigorously. “It all fits! You are the greatest warrior the kingdom of Ursinia has ever known!”

“Well, I suppose that is true…” Gideon admitted.

“And there is more…” The old wizard smiled. “The prophecy goes on to say that the mighty hero will become the new king and usher in a new age of peace and happiness for the kingdom.”

The knight paused, taking that in. “Really?”

“Yes! The prophecy is very clear on that point.” The wizard explained with a wave of a paw. “You are going to be king! Frankly, I can think of none worthier, my friend!”

The more he thought about it, the more Gideon found himself liking the idea. Him as king, absolute ruler of the kingdom… It presented such possibilities…

“Of course, you have to combat a great evil first.” The wizard added. “But that’s hardly something very challenging for you, eh? How many quests have you undertaken for the sake of the kingdom in your time?”

Gideon though for a moment. “I’m not sure. A lot. And I’m not entirely certain the one with the dragon cult in that brothel really counts…”

“Exactly! Too many to properly count…” Archibald said, then paused. “Or eighteen, because I did count. But the point is, it’s a lot, so one more will be simple enough!”

“I suppose that’s true.” Gideon admitted. “Very well, I will immediately start making preparations and depart on this quest as soon as possible.”

He was about to go, but the old wizard stopped him with a paw on his arm. “There is one other thing. Be sure to take that squire of yours with you.”

Gideon frowned. “Brandis? Of course he’s likely to accompany me. Why is it so important?”

“Another part of the prophecy.” Explained the wizard. “The mighty hero’s most valued sub-ordinate will apparently play a key role in the hero’s victory.”

“What kind of key role?”

The wizard let out an annoyed sigh. “The prophecy is frustratingly unspecific on that point.”

The knight supposed it didn’t matter, as long as they were victorious as this prophecy was apparently promising. Brandis had been his squire for many years, a trust-worthy and hard-working young bear. He certainly fitted the description of his ‘most valued sub-ordinate’.

As Gideon departed the throne room, a smile crept across his muzzle. A simple quest to defeat an evil lord would be easy enough, perhaps even fun. And then it would seem he was destined to ascend to the throne. A life of power and luxury was on the horizon.

The future was suddenly looking a lot brighter for the mighty hero…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Well, how the mighty have fallen!”

Gideon snapped awake and rolled over on the floor where he had managed to drift off to sleep, looking up to see Lord Garrius standing in the doorway of his cell. A snarl immediately leapt to his muzzle.

The tall and muscular black furred bear stepped into the cell, smiling down at the manacled knight. He was wearing simple casual clothing, a tight white shirt with black trousers and leather boots. He hardly looked like a monstrous tyrant intent on conquering the kingdom. If Gideon hadn’t seen him before, when he had met with old King Alonzo to offer a chance to surrender the kingdom to him peacefully, he would likely have had no idea this was indeed the infamous Lord Garrius.

“I do apologize.” Garrius chuckled. “That was hardly the most original thing I could have said. But it seemed appropriate.”

Growling, Gideon instinctively launched himself at his enemy, but was quickly stopped short by his chains. He strained against them in his manacles, but was unable to get near the black bear.

“Still so much fight in you….” Lord Garrius smiled. “Good. I like that.”

“Release me and you’ll see just how much fight I have in me, you monster!” Gideon snarled viciously.

Lord Garrius let out an amused laugh. “All in good time. I would be delighted to have you released. Once you have joined my cause, that is…”

The captive knight was taken aback, stunned by that statement. It took him a few moments to formulate a response.

“I knew you were insane…” He said. “But I had no idea how much. You seriously expect me to join you?”

The black bear blinked in surprise. “You… you actually think you have a choice in the matter? I had assumed you must have figured it out by now….”

“Figured what out?”

“How my forces have grown so rapidly.” Garrius said. “How my power and influence have spread so far so fast. Did it not occur to you to question how I was doing it?”

Gideon shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. You are a monstrous tyrant to be defeated! That’s all I need to know!”

“Then allow me to educate you, my dear Gideon. I had intended to use this as a way of showing you the futility of resistance, but he will work just as well as a teaching aid.” Garrius stepped back, leaning out of the cell’s doorway and spoke to someone out of view. “You, get in here now.”

Another bear entered the cell, a bulky polar bear wearing only a short loincloth held up by a basic leather belt. He stood just behind Garrius, head bowed submissively, paws clasped behind his back.

Gideon gasped as he recognized this new arrival. “Compton?”

“Indeed, he is!” Garrius confirmed. “One of your fellow knights who accompanied you on your grand quest to save the world from me.”

“By the Gods, what have you done to him?” Gideon demanded, growling out every word. The polar bear, one of his best friends and long-time comrade in arms, hadn’t even acknowledged him. Gideon had never seen him so subdued and cowed. Compton was a boisterous and outgoing bear, this was not like him at all.

“Really?” Garrius rolled his eyes. “You’re still not putting two and two together? You are an accomplished warrior, but it seems you’re hardly the most intelligent bear in the land. You should probably read more…” He clapped a paw on Compton’s shoulder. “The point is, I have a lot of magical power at my disposal, and one of the things I can do with it is enslave the minds of others, to twist their thoughts until they are irrevocably loyal to me.”

Gideon gaped disbelievingly at the black bear.

“Every soldier, servant and subject of mine belongs to me completely.” Garrius continued. “Their minds, bodies and souls are forever bound to my service. As my domain expands, more and more become mine. I am unstoppable. Of course, these days I only enslave special cases myself. I have a group of slave wizards who I have trained to magically enslave others for me. They handle the majority of it…”

“You truly are a monster!” Gideon growled, horrified at all this. “You corrupt the minds of innocents to make them your mindless slaves?”

Lord Garrius recoiled slightly, looking offended. “Corrupt? That is such an ugly way of looking at it. It’s more akin to bringing them enlightenment, helping them realize their destined role in the world as my loyal and obedient subjects.”

The knight sneered in disbelief at that. But the big black bear wasn’t finished.

“And mindless?” He said. “Hardly. Those I enslave retain their personalities and memories.” He paused. “Well, mostly. I will occasionally do more of it amuses me. Or if I feel they deserve it. Take Compton here. He was extraordinarily rude to me! Honestly, the filth spewing from his muzzle was shocking! So, he will be spending a few years as a lowly submissive palace servant as punishment!”

He turned to the polar bear. “Compton, I think this filthy cell has made my boots are a little dusty. Lick them clean.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Compton replied with a curt nod. “I live to serve you.”

Gideon watched in utter shock as his old friend, a distinguished and renowned knight, eagerly obeyed, dropping to the floor and slobbering all over Garrius’ leather boots, running his tongue lovingly over every inch of them, smiling broadly.

Lord Garrius waved at paw at the polar bear as he returned his attention to Gideon. “You see? Completely mine. Loyal and obedient, now and forever.”

The chained knight growled defiantly. “And you intend to do the same to me? And the others? Fenton? Brandis? If you’ve…”

“Brandis?” Garrius interrupted him with a frown. Then he burst out laughing, loud and deep.

Gideon felt like he was missing something important here. He struggled to figure out what that might be.

“What’s so funny?” He demanded…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What’s so funny? It’s a perfectly reasonable question.”

Gideon reigned in his laughter, signalling for Compton to do likewise. “I’m sorry, my friend, but it was actually a rather ridiculous question.”

“It was not!” Fenton fumed, the short stocky grizzly looking annoyed. “Asking why we didn’t bring more soldiers with us is a very good question.”

The knight poked at their small campfire with a stick. “We don’t need any more than the three of us. We’re on a quest, not fighting a war.”

“Besides,” Compton chimed in, taking another swig of wine from his bottle. “You didn’t object when our small band set out. Three weeks later is hardly the time for complaints!”

“We didn’t know what we were facing then!” Fenton said. “But we all saw Garrius’ fortress today, as well as the massive army guarding it. How are just the three of us supposed to fight our way in there?”

“There are four of us.” Gideon pointed out. “Don’t forget Brandis.” He glanced about their small camp site. Where had his squire got to anyway?

“Well, that skinny cub is rather easy to forget!” Compton laughed, downing more wine.

“Don’t change the subject.” Fenton said with steely seriousness. “The fortress…”

“We will find a way in, Fenton.” Gideon reassured him. “We always do. This is not our first quest that involved breaking into a seemingly impregnable lair.”

“It’s not even second or third!” Compton cheerfully chimed in.

“I would just be happier if we had a plan.” Fenton grumbled.

With a chuckle, Gideon doubted that was true. The tall golden furred bear was an excellent friend and fighter, but tended to be overly pessimistic and serious.

“We will start concocting a plan in the morning.” The knight said. “But for now, it has been a long day of scouting enemy positions. So now is the time to relax and get some rest.”

Fenton was obviously unsatisfied, but said nothing more, grumbling quietly to himself.

Gideon shook his head. “We should get some sleep, tomorrow we…”

He was interrupted by rustling in the undergrowth behind him. Instincts kicked in and his paw went immediately to his sword. Compton and Fenton did the same.

A moment later, Brandis stepped into view. The three warriors relaxed.

“Sorry if I startled you, Sirs.” The young bear said. “I wasn’t expecting you all to still be awake…”

“He has a point.” Fenton said. “It’s very late.” He unstrapped his sword belt, setting it aside as he lay down on his bedroll by the fire. Compton reluctantly followed suit, corking his bottle and slipping it back into his pack before settling down to grab some sleep.

Gideon followed their example. “Where have you been?” He asked as he passed his sword belt to the squire.

“I was just gathering some extra firewood.” Brandis explained. “I wanted to make sure we had enough.”

Gideon nodded. “Very well. Are you still willing to take the first watch?”

“Of course, Sir!” Brandis said, an adorable eagerness to his voice that caused Gideon to smile. His squire was always so eager to help, so determined to prove himself and his worth, despite already having done so ten times over during their time together.

“Then wake me in a few hours to take over from you.” The knight told him. “We all need to be well rested for tomorrow. Even you.”

“Yes, Sir, I understand.” The young squire said.

Leaving Brandis to make himself comfortable by the fire, Gideon retired to his own bedroll, stretching and laying down to sleep. But something niggled at him and prevented him from fully falling asleep. He drifted in and out of sleep restlessly for some time.

Suddenly he snapped awake and knew what the problem was. Brandis had been empty pawed when he’d arrived back in camp. He’d had no firewood…

He sat up to ask his squire about it, but froze when he glanced about.

Figures were creeping silently out of the bushes all around them. They were surrounded by bears of all kinds wearing light armour that bore the emblem of Lord Garrius.

He cried out to rouse the others and grabbed for his sword belt, but it wasn’t where Brandis usually left it right beside him. He realised he would be defenceless as the enemy soldiers swarmed out of the darkness.

He put up the best fight he could, throwing savage punches left and right, and he was aware out of the corner of his eye of Fenton and Compton doing likewise. He couldn’t see what had happened to Brandis.

But it was all ultimately futile. There were just too many of them, and it wasn’t long before one of them got the drop on Gideon, getting behind him and clubbing him across the back of the head with the hilt of a sword.

Dazed, the knight collapsed to the ground, an easy target for another blow as he tried to get up. Blackness closed in on his vision as consciousness slipped away from him…

His last thought before blacking out completely was that this wasn’t how things were meant to go. He wasn’t supposed to be captured…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The captive knight couldn’t help thinking how things were not supposed to be like this. Him in chains at the mercy of a tyrant who was laughing for some reason he could not deduce…

Eventually, the black bear got himself back under control. “I am sorry.” Garrius said. “I just found it hilarious that you hadn’t even figured that part out yet…”

“Figured what out?” Gideon demanded.

“That your squire, Brandis, belongs to me.” Garrius said. “He’s one of my slaves. He has been for a long time.”

“No... That can’t be!”

“And there was me thinking it was obvious…” Garrius sighed. He looked down at Compton, who was still happily cleaning his boots with his tongue. “Compton, go up to my chambers and tell Brandis to come down here immediately. Then return to your assigned duties.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Compton nodded, getting to his feet. His voice carried an edge of disappointment at no longer getting to be in Garrius’ presence. He scampered quickly out of the cell.

Garrius returned his attention to the still shocked captive knight. “Did you not wonder how my soldiers found your camp so easily? Where you squire was right before they did? How they happened to attack right after you and your friends had removed your swords and laid down to sleep? And how your weapons were mysteriously missing when you awoke and tried to defend yourselves?”

Now that it had been put like that, it did seem rather obvious. But even as the harsh sting of that betrayal hit him, a part of him defiantly refused to accept it.

Brandis had been his squire for so long, he knew the young bear as well as he knew himself. He had always been utterly loyal and completely trustworthy. The idea that he was responsible for his capture, the failure of his quest… Well, his mind couldn’t help but reject the very notion.

“How?” Gideon said, unable to keep the pain from his voice.

“Did you think my current attempt at world conquest is something I started on a whim?” Garrius said, a smug grin plastered on his muzzle. “No, it involved many, many years of planning and preparation, ensuring I was ready for every eventuality. One of those eventualities was you embarking on a quest to stop me, as you have done for so many other threats to the kingdom’s status quo. So, it made sense to have someone close to you who was loyal to me.”

“That doesn’t make sense.” Gideon was confused. “Brandis has been with me since he was a young cub…”

“Come now, Gideon.” The big black bear said. “Can’t you think of any time where he was unaccounted for? Missing for several days?”

Gideon thought about it, unsure what his captor was getting at. And then it hit him, realization creeping over him. There was one time…

It had been such a small and insignificant incident that he had barely given it much thought once it had been resolved. A group of bandits had kidnapped Brandis, intending to extort a ransom. Gideon had easily tracked them down and rescued him. But he had been a captive for a few days…

“The bandits?” Gideon said. “That was you?”

“Oh yes.” Garrius nodded. “They were minions of mine, doing my bidding. Brandis spent those days with me, getting enslaved by my power and receiving instructions. Well, some considerable time was also spent with him riding my cock… Have you ever fucked him? He is very good, a really nice tight ass!”

Gideon could only stare in shock at that.

“No? What a shame.” Garrius shrugged. “Maybe I’ll allow you to fuck him sometime. Or him to fuck you, that could be fun… But anyway, the point is, I secretly enslaved your squire and then planted clues to allow you to easily find him. Since then he has been passing me information about the goings on in the royal palace as one of my spies. He’s done so well, he’s earned a spot in my personal harem.”

“One of your spies?” Gideon’s attention latched onto that part. “You mean you have more?”

“I have many.” The black bear admitted. “As I said, I have been planning this for a very long time.”

“Who?” Gideon demanded.

“It doesn’t matter.” Garrius said, with a dismissive wave of his paw. “Suffice to say that nothing of importance happens in Ursinia without me hearing about it.”

“My Lord?”

The both looked to the cell door. Brandis was stood there. Gideon gaped at him.

His former squire was dressed so differently than what Gideon was used to, it was quite startling. He was wearing so little! An elegant silk loincloth with embroidered edges. Gold bands embedded with gemstones around his wrists. A gold collar around his neck etched with elaborate designs. It was a far cry from the plain no-nonsense garments Gideon was used to seeing him wear.

“Ah, Brandis!” Garrius beamed. “Come show your friend what has become of you!”

The young bear stepped forward to stand beside the big black bear. Garrius placed an arm around his shoulders and Brandis nuzzled against him, pure joy and adoration playing across his expression.

“Brandis?” Gideon asked.

“Hello, sir.” Brandis smiled at him.

“You really betrayed me?” Despite all the evidence, Gideon was still having trouble with that, some small part of him clinging to the futile hope that there was some other explanation.

“Of course not, sir!” Brandis seemed genuinely hurt at the suggestion. “I simply did what was best for you!”

Anger welled up in the knight. “It was best for me to be captured like this?”

“Yes!” The former squire nodded enthusiastically. “Now you can be enslaved and experience the happiness of belonging to Lord Garrius.” He looked up at the black bear. “You really cannot understand how wondrous it feels!”

Gideon couldn’t believe his squire, the quiet, restrained young bear he had known so well, had always trusted implicitly, was talking in such a manner.

He glared at Garrius. “You are a true monster, twisting his mind like this!”

Lord Garrius let out a short chuckle. “Perhaps. But let’s see how you feel after a little mind twisting of your own. He pulled away from Brandis and stepped toward the chained knight.

Gideon cowered away from him, backing up against the wall. “I will not be your slave! I will resist you!”

“Trust me when I say that you have no idea how many times I have heard that.” Garrius rolled his eyes. “It gets so boring after a time. I am constantly hoping someday someone will manage something more original. But it seems that day is not today…”

The black bear raised his paws and Gideon noticed that they were glowing now, with a faint blue light. Small sparks of energy were crackling around them.

“Just relax, my dear Gideon.” Garrius said soothingly. “In a moment, you will feel so much better.”

Gideon looked up at him, intent on protesting. But the words died in his throat when he saw that the black bears eyes were glowing as well. He suddenly found himself unable to look away from them, unable to move or speak, like they were drawing him in, filling his whole world, his very mind and soul sinking into their oh so enchanting glow…

No! Gideon wrenched his thoughts away from those eyes and their relaxing glow. He had to stay focused, to resist this monster’s attempt to warp his mind. He struggled to look away, but he had no control over his body.

He could feel more and more of Garrius’ power flowing into him, threatening to overwhelm him at any second. But he held on regardless, managing to hold his thoughts together despite the onslaught on his mind, and the nagging temptation to give in and accept Garrius’ control. It would be so easy to give in, embrace his wonderful, blissful destiny as a loyal slave and servant of the handsome and attractively powerful Lord Garrius…

Quickly, Gideon shook off that line of thought. He would not give in! He could resist this monster! This sexy, attractive monster he could see himself devoting the rest of his life to serving…

Once again, the knight had to fight to refocus his thoughts, to drag his mind away from the temptation of submission to Garrius’ power. He could tell that the black bear was attempting to subtly seduce his mind, to draw him into allowing himself to be enslaved and controlled. It was very clever of his opponent, a clear sign of how he was vastly superior to Gideon, how it would be right for him to submit and…

With a grunt of effort, Gideon resisted yet again, denying Garrius victory and holding his mind together against the storm of enchanting magical energy pouring into his head. He could do this, he knew he could. He could keep this up, keep resisting…

“Oh, Gideon…” Garrius laughed. “Your resistance is amusing. It will just make it all the more satisfying when you submit.”

Never! Gideon screamed in his head, still unable to move or speak. With all your power, I am still able to fight your control!

“But this is not all my power.” Garrius said. “Just a small fraction of it. If you want to feel my full power, then allow me to show you…” The black bear’s glowing paws grabbed the sides of Gideon’s head.

In an instant, the flow of magical power into Gideon’s mind increased dramatically, flooding through him and almost obliterating his mind entirely. The knight could only gasp in shock.

All his mental resistance crumbled away in a matter of moments, Garrius’ power and will easily forcing it way into every corner of his head.

Gideon was aware of Garrius laughing, but very little else. His mind was completely subdued by the black bear’s intense magical power, unable to form any thoughts. Vaguely he could feel the core aspects oh his very being getting altered, his desires, drives and priorities being forcefully rewritten. New knowledge was being burned into his brain.

The flow of power gradually died away, and the ability to think returned to the knight. And he found himself with new understanding.

He understood how foolish it had been to resist the mighty Lord Garrius. The black bear was magnificent and powerful, simply superior to him in every way, the one who truly deserved to rule the world and everyone in it.

Garrius finally broke eye contact, the glow fading away, and withdrew his paws, taking a step back.

For Gideon, it was like looking at the black bear for the first time. Although nothing had actually changed, he now looked wonderful to the chained knight. Strong and sexy, a perfect specimen of a bear, gorgeous and amazing. Someone he wanted to devote the rest of his life to serving and worshipping.

He belonged to Lord Garrius, he knew that now, with every fibre of his being. This incredible black bear owned his mind, body and soul. Gideon could feel nothing but honoured and deliriously happy by that knowledge.

With a gentle smile, Garrius waved a paw. The manacles securing Gideon snapped open and fell to the floor with a clang. The knight knew exactly what to do.

He threw himself to his knees, prostrating himself before his new master. “I am so sorry for resisting you, my Lord! I am so sorry for being so foolish as to even consider opposing you!”

“You are forgiven, Gideon.” Garrius said softly. “Now get up and stand to attention.”

“Yes, my Lord!” The newly enslaved knight rushed to obey, leaping to his feet, his master’s forgiveness filling him with happiness.

Lord Garrius looked over his new servant, nodding approvingly at his nicely muscled physique. “Oh, you have no idea how long I have waited for this moment, Gideon. Turn around.”

The knight obeyed, turning his back to his Lord and facing the wall. He assumed the black bear wanted to check out his back as he had his front.

So, he was surprised when Garrius grabbed his loincloth and ripped it away, leaving him naked. An instant later, he was shoved against the wall, the big black bear holding him roughly, pressing up against him.

“It feels so good when one’s patience pays off.” Garrius breathed in his ear. “Sir Gideon, greatest warrior in the kingdom, the biggest threat to my plans. Now you are mine!”

“Yes, my Lord!” The touch of his new master was causing waves of ecstasy to ripple through the knight, his cock quickly hardening.

Gideon felt one of Garrius’ paws slip down his back, fondling his bare ass, squeezing and kneading at the cheeks. “Mine to do whatever I please with… Tell me, my dear Gideon, would you like me to fuck you?”

The answer came quickly and naturally to the knight. “Yes, my Lord! It would be a great honour, if you deem me worthy of it!”

Garrius slipped a paw between the knight’s buttocks, fingering playfully at his hole. Gideon gasped with delight. The thought of being fucked by the big black bear was running through his head, and it seemed glorious, the very idea of aiding his Lord and Master in achieving sexual gratification. Even though he had never even been attracted to another male before today, much less even considered sex with one, now it seemed the most natural thing in the world and having Lord Garrius’ cock buried deep in his rear was something he desperately wanted.

“Then beg for it!” Garrius commanded. “I want to hear the great Sir Gideon, mighty warrior and honoured knight of the realm, beg to be used as my sex toy, to be fucked senseless like some lowly sex-crazed whore!”

Gideon was aware that not long before, he would have rather died than humiliate himself doing any such thing. But that was before his Lord Garrius had opened his eyes to his true place in the world.

“I beg you, my mighty Lord Garrius!” The knight said without a moment’s hesitation. “Please use me, fuck me, fill me with your seed! I am your lowly slave, worthless compared to your supreme glory! Please grant me the great honour of being used as your sex toy, an aid to your sexual pleasure! I yearn to serve you and please you!”

Garrius let out a loud, rumbling laugh. “Oh, that is music to my ears!” Suddenly he stepped back, releasing the grizzly bear knight. “Unfortunately for you, getting fucked by me is indeed a great honour. One which you have yet to earn.”

Looking back over his shoulder, Gideon was suddenly awash with disappointment. “Please, my Lord, I…”

“Silence!” Garrius snarled. “You will beg only when I want to hear you beg!”

“Yes, my Lord, as you command.” Gideon bowed his head in shame.

“Don’t worry my dear Gideon.” Garrius said. “You will have plenty of opportunity to earn my cock inside you. I have a special role in mind for you, after all.”

“I will serve you in whatever role you wish, my Lord.” Gideon said.

“Of course, you will.” Garrius nodded. “But for now, I think you should thank your former squire here for helping you become mine.” He gestured to Brandis, the young bear waiting patiently for commands. “Suck his cock to show your gratitude, and don’t stop until he cums.”

“As you command.” Gideon strolled over to Brandis, dropping his knees before his former squire. He smiled up at the young bear. When it came right down to it, he did now feel immense gratitude to him for the part he had played in him becoming one of Lord Garrius’ servants. It was only right and proper that he show how thankful he was, especially in whatever way his Lord and Master decided was appropriate.

“Enjoy yourself, Brandis.” Garrius said, ruffling the young bear’s head fur. “Hold off on cumming for as long as you are able. Once Gideon here has finished sucking your balls dry, bring him to my chambers. I will need to begin instructing him in his new duties.”

“Of course, my Lord.” Brandis beamed as Garrius turned and departed.

Gideon wasted no time in doing as his Lord had commanded. He pulled aside Brandis’ loincloth to find the younger bear’s cock was already hardening quickly. Being careful so as not to catch his teeth on the rubbery flesh, he opened his muzzle wide and took it into his mouth.

He’d had no idea what to expect, sucking a cock for the first time, but he was surprised by how natural it felt having his muzzle filled with another male’s meat. Briefly he wondered if perhaps that was a result of his Lord Garrius’ magical altering of his mind. Perhaps his Master, in his infinite wisdom, had taken the opportunity to condition him to enjoy sexual activity with males. It seemed likely.

That thought was soon driven from Gideon’s mind as he focused all his attention on giving Brandis the best blowjob he possibly could.

The knight was slightly taking aback by how enjoyable the sucking of his former squire’s cock was. He found the taste delightful as he wrapped his tongue around the younger bear’s member, suckling at it like a hungry cub.

Acting on instinct, one paw reached up and fondled Brandis’ balls as he sucked, gently squeezing and massaging the furry orbs.

Soon he was sucking on the young bear’s cock hungrily, eager to see his Lord’s commands fulfilled, to suck Brandis’ balls dry. With each passing second, Gideon was enjoying himself more and more. He’d had no idea sucking off another male could feel so good. Of course, he realized, part of it was down to obeying his Master, that was always going to feel great.

Gideon sucked and sucked, quickly falling into a regular rhythm, his muzzle sliding up and down the young bear’s stiff meat, his slobbering tongue sampling every inch of the hard rod filling his mouth and falling more and more in love with the taste of cock.

His efforts were driven more and more by the moans of Brandis, the young bear having no hesitation in giving voice to how much he was enjoying this. Gideon took pleasure in every delighted moan, every yip of pleasure, every sigh of contentment. He was so glad he was able to reward his friend and former squire in this way, to show his gratitude.

The knight became so lost in the sensation and taste of the dick in his muzzle, he lost track of all time, his focus completely on Brandis’ cock and balls. He found himself savouring every second of the experience.

But eventually they reached the point where Brandis was panting and groaning constantly, sweating profusely, and Gideon’s jaw was starting to ache. Yet they were both determined to obey the commands their Lord had given. The young bear was doing his best to hold off cumming, and the knight was unwilling to stop for anything until he did, until he could suck him dry.

Gideon soldiered on with his suckling, doing his best to ignore his aches and his growing exhaustion, keeping his focus on the fantastic feelings of pleasure this whole experience was giving him and his desire to do as Lord Garrius had commanded.

Suddenly the moment came when Brandis could no longer hold off the inevitable. He threw back his head and let out an almighty growl of primal pleasure, that echoed around the small cell. As he did this, his whole body bucked and shook, the head of his cock exploded in Gideon’s muzzle, filling the knight’s mouth with his hot salty seed.

Hungrily gulping it all down, Gideon was a little shocked at how much he found himself loving the taste, the young bear’s salty seed tasting as good to him as the finest of wines. More of his Lord’s magical conditioning, he supposed. He kept on sucking, greedily drinking down as much as he could, although a few dribbles escaped the sides of his muzzle.

He didn’t let up his suckling of the cock and squeezing of the balls until he was certain there was no more cum to be extracted from the young bear, several minutes after he had stopped ejaculating.

Finally, Gideon stopped and slumping back, allowing the softening cock to slip from his muzzle, panting and gasping for breath. He gently rubbed at his sore jaw. Despite being exhausted, he felt extraordinarily good at having given his first blow job. He smiled up at Brandis.

The younger bear smiled back, looking just as tired he was. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you, Brandis.” Gideon said. “I now belong to Lord Garrius thanks to you. I will be forever grateful to you for that.”

“I understand.” Brandis nodded. “And speaking of our Lord, he will be expecting us. We should go…”

Despite still feeling tired, Gideon staggered to his feet, the thought of his new Master giving him strength. He followed Brandis out of the cell, pondering how lucky he was to be one of Lord Garrius’ subjects, how everything had turned out so right for him…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He couldn’t help but ponder how things had gone so wrong…

Archibald sat on the steps before the throne, exhausted and depressed. He’d done all he could to aid in the defence of the city and the royal palace, but he was now spent. His strength was gone and his magic depleted. He knew he was unlikely to recover before the fighting ended.

Gideon was supposed to defeat Lord Garrius and save the kingdom from his corrupting evil. But instead, his friend had disappeared, his quest a failure.

In the three months since then, Garrius’ influence had spread even more rapidly, seemingly unstoppable. His armies grew with every town conquered and every battle won. The Imperial Army of Ursinia had proven useless, defeated at every confrontation. The enemy armies just seemed smarter and stronger.

It had just been a matter of time until they reached the capital and the royal palace. It had been a futile gesture for the tattered remnants of the Ursinian armies to try to resist, but they had done so all the same.

The old wizard sighed. They had done the best that they could, but it hadn’t been enough. The lines of defence had already been crumbling, enemy forces flooding into the city, as he had retreated to await the end.

For what was probably the thousandth time in the past few months, Archibald wondered what had gone wrong. The prophecy had seemed so right…

Suddenly, the great doors of the throne room were shoved open. The wizard snatched up his staff, ready to defend himself to the death, to go down fighting.

Lord Garrius strolled into the room, wearing gleaming ceremonial armour inscribed with mystic runes in swirling patterns. He was smiling broadly and headed directly for the throne, his gait strong and confident.

The wizard was on his feet in an instant, brandishing his staff. He could hardly believe the monstrous tyrant himself was here before him, alone and unguarded. Perhaps he could end this with victory after all!

He summoned what little strength he had managed to regain and began to channel it through himself and his staff, preparing to strike the approaching black bear with everything he had. If he got lucky, maybe he could…

Garrius rolled his eyes with a look of mild annoyance and waved a paw at the wizard.

The staff in Archibald’s paws vibrated slightly for a few seconds and then shattered, wooden fragments spraying outward, causing Archibald to flinch. Then he stared at the remains of the magical staff that he’d had for decades, shocked at how easily it had been obliterated.

The black bear was close now and waved another paw at the wizard. Archibald was flung aside like a rag doll, crashing to the floor on one side of the throne room, allowing Garrius a clear path to the throne itself.

A few moments later, Archibald recovered enough to pull himself up into in a kneeling position. He looked up to see Garrius standing before the throne, leaning over and studying it intently.

“Hmm, quite impressive, I suppose.” The black bear was saying. “The patterned etchings are quite nice. However, it could do with being bigger with more inlaid gemstones to make it truly stunning. But it will do for the moment…”

In that moment, it hit Archibald. It was over. All was lost. Garrius had won and would become the new ruler of Ursinia. He slumped in despair.

“This isn’t possible!” The old wizard wailed. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

Lord Garrius turned away from his examination of the throne, raising a quizzical eyebrow. “I assume you are talking about the Great Prophecy? Well, one of them, anyway…”

“Yes!” The wizard stabbed a paw in the black bear’s direction. “You were supposed to be defeated by the mighty hero, who would then ascend to the throne!” He sagged. “I don’t understand, I was so certain it was true…”

Garrius let out a low chuckle. “Oh, it was true. But the problem with prophecies is that they tend to be somewhat vague, lacking in specifics. That means they are open to interpretation. Or mis-interpretation in your case.”

The wizard frowned in confusion.

“Is it not obvious at this point?” Garrius sighed with annoyance. “I am the mighty hero of the prophecy!”

“That is ridiculous!” The wizard spat.

“I will defeat the great evil of free will.” Garrius explained. “I will become king and bring about a new era of peace and harmony. Because with my hold over the minds of my subjects, disharmony will be impossible.”

“Free will is not a great evil!” The wizard protested.

“To me, it is, a source of chaos when possessed by those who would misuse it.” Garrius shrugged. “Which frankly is almost everyone aside from me. And don’t forget, history is written by the victor. Free will leads to chaos and indecision. It will be remembered as a source of great evil. So, the seer who saw the future to make the prophecy will see it as such.”

The wizard could hardly believe what he was hearing. This couldn’t possibly be true! Could it?

Garrius turned as a pair of armoured figures entered the room, one walking respectfully behind the other, who was obviously the superior, from the more elaborate rank insignia on the shoulder plates of his armour.

The black bear’s muzzle split into a wide smile. “And of course, I was helped by my most valued sub-ordinate here. The general of my armies.”

The figures removed their helmets. The wizard stared in shock.

“Gideon? Fenton?”

“Hello, old friend.” The former knight nodded at the wizard before striding over to Lord Garrius, closely followed by Fenton. The two of them dropped to one knee, bowing their heads.

“My Lord.” Said Gideon. “The palace is secured. The ruling council have all been captured. They are ready to be enslaved whenever you wish.”

“You turned them into your slaves?” The wizard balked.

“Or course.” Garrius said. “I do that to everyone. But Gideon here in particular has proven himself extremely valuable. I needed a general to command my armies for me, so who better than the kingdom’s best warrior? Thanks to his knowledge and experience, my campaign of conquest has advanced much faster than I had ever hope possible.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” Gideon said. “I live only to serve and please you.”

“And you do both very well.” Garrius grinned. “So much so that I believe that you have now earned the reward I know you have been yearning for. Strip!”

“As you command, my Lord.” Gideon was on his feet in an instant, paws fumbling at the straps of his armour as he rushed to undress.

Garrius turned his attention back to the still shocked wizard. “I suppose I should deal with you before I have my fun.”

“You won’t enslave me!” The old bear snarled. “I will resist you!”

“Oh, I hope so!” Garrius beamed, rubbing his paws together. “That makes it much more fun!”

Glowing paws grabbed the sides of Archibald’s head and he found himself looking into the glowing eyes of the big black bear.

As he felt then tyrant’s power pour into his head and start to wash away his free will, he only then realised he had vastly under-estimated the extent of Lord Garrius’ power. He realised there was no hope of viable resistance, no chance of breaking free. Overtaken by despair and hopelessness, Archibald submitted to the black bear’s power, allowing it to fill him and enslave him without challenge.

As Gideon finished undressing, stripping off the last of his underclothes, he looked over at his Lord to see him standing up from his old wizard friend, just as the glow in his paws and eyes faded.

He was happy to see Archibald was now smiling, staring up in absolute adoration. He was pleased his old friend now knew the joy of belonging to Lord Garrius.

“You didn’t put up as much a fight as I was expecting. How disappointing.” Garrius shrugged. “Oh well. Anything to say, Archibald?”

“Thank you so much for making me yours, my Lord!” The old wizard said. He could hardly believe how joyous he now felt being a slave of the black bear. He really had been a fool to oppose him. It was going to be so much better to serve him in whatever manner he desired. “I live only to serve you!”

“Indeed.” Garrius smiled. “And there is plenty I want you to be getting on with. Fenton!”

Fenton stepped forward, having been waiting patiently for commands. “Yes, Lord?”

“Take Archibald here down to my other enslaved wizards.” Garrius told him. “Tell them they are to instruct him on how to magically enslave others to my will. Once that is done, I want them all to get to work enslaving every last citizen of this city.”

Fenton nodded his understanding. “As you command, my Lord.” He rushed to help Archibald to his feet and then guided him out of the throne room.

Garrius focused his complete attention on Gideon, now completely naked and standing to attention. The anticipation of what was to come had already excited him to the point that his cock was rock hard.

The black bear strolled slowly towards him. With the flick of a briefly glowing paw, his armour unbuckled itself and slid off his body as he walked, clattering to the floor.

He walked slowly around Gideon, admiring his general’s muscled body. “I’ll bet you’ve been looking forward to getting fucked by me, haven’t you?” As he talked, he slipped out of the rest of his clothes, kicking off his boots, tearing off his shirt, dropping his trousers. He was soon totally naked.

“Yes, my Lord.” Gideon admitted. “I have dreamt of it every night since you enslaved me.”

Garrius nodded. “Of course. I would have been surprised by anything less. Well, you have certainly earned a good reward over the past few months. You have been an excellent commander of my armies.”

“Thank you, Lord!” Gideon beamed with pride, his master’s praise filling him with warmth.

The black bear stopped in front of him, allowing the bear a good look at his naked body. It was more magnificent than Gideon had dared dream, majestic bulging muscles forming a perfect male physique. Gloriously glossy fur. A cock that was large and thick and enticing. It was all Gideon could to stop himself drooling at the sight.

Lord Garrius grinned a playful grin. “But before we get started, I think you need to convince me again that you really do want to get fucked by me. So, get down on your knees, kiss my feet and beg for the honour of being used by your Master!”

Gideon wasted no time, immediately throwing himself to the floor before his Lord. He leaned forward and gently kissed each of Garrius’ feet, treating them with utter reverence.

He then looked up into the eyes of the black bear. “Please, my Lord and Master!” He pleaded. “Please deem me worthy of the supreme honour of being used to satisfy your sexual needs. I am lowly and insignificant compared to your magnificence, but I beg you to use me in whatever way you might desire! My ass would be forever grateful to be fucked by you, my muzzle would be honoured to suck your cock, my tongue would be in heaven to be allowed to worship your god-like body.”

He bowed his head submissively. “I beg you, Lord Garrius! Please make use of this puny slave of yours!”

The throne room suddenly echoed with the sound of laughter. Lord Garrius laughed loud and hard as he looked down at the begging grizzly bear. “Oh, my dear Gideon.” He said. “I don’t think I shall ever tire of hearing you beg. You do it so well!”

Gideon was about to thank him for the compliment, but his attempt to speak was cut off as he was lifted bodily off the floor by some invisible force. The same force spun him around, holding him in the air and twisting his body into a spread-eagled position in front of Garrius.

The black bear had one glowing paw raised and was grinning at his servant. His other paw was gripping his now hardened cock. Gideon practically salivated at the sight of it and the thought of how amazing it must taste, and how glorious it would feel inside of him.

Garrius made a slight motion with his glowing paw and Gideon suddenly felt his cock being stroked, as if several paws were handling it. But he looked down and there was nothing there, just his stiff genitals.

Another flick of Lord Garrius’ paw and suddenly it felt as if many paws were massaging every inch of his body. Every touch of these invisible paws sent tiny jolts of pleasure shooting through his muscular frame. He was soon moaning in delight.

The black bear watched and chuckled at Gideon’s reaction to his magical ministrations. “You begged so well, I am going to fuck the hell out of you, Gideon.” He waved his glowing paw and the former knight’s spread-eagled body was spun around in the air, so that he was facing away from Garrius. Whatever magical force was holding him then bent him over and forced his arms behind his back.

Garrius stepped toward him. “Relax and enjoy this reward, Gideon. You earned it…”

“Yes, my Lord!” Gideon said. A moment after he spoke, his muzzle was forced open as something large and invisible forced its way into his mouth. It took him a moment before he realized that whatever it was felt and tasted like a large thick cock.

“That’s a magical recreation of my own cock in your mouth, in case you’re wondering.” Lord Garrius explained. “My way of fucking both your muzzle and ass at the same time!”

Marvelling at his master’s ingenuity, Gideon realised that the unseen cock in his mouth did indeed feel and taste far better than Brandis’ had. It’s musky male taste was even more glorious than he had ever dared dream. It’s presence in his muzzle just felt so incredibly right.

He didn’t have long to think about it too much, as Garrius moved forward and savagely thrust his real cock straight into the grizzly bear’s ass with ferocious force.

Gideon let out a gasp of surprise, which was muffled by the invisible cock filling his mouth. There was a brief flash of pain at the sudden intrusion, but it quickly vanished to be replaced by unimaginable intense pleasure.

The former knight had never experienced anything like it before in his entire life. It felt so incredibly good, so right and perfect, to have his Lord’s hard member buried deep inside him. He moaned as best he could through his stuffed muzzle, letting the pleasure wash over him.

He had the vague thought that there couldn’t possibly be anything that felt as good as this, but was quickly proven wrong as Garrius proceeded to fuck him, pulling out slightly in order to slam back into him again and again and again, each time with savage speed and force.

Each and every time his ass was speared by the big black bear’s meaty cock, it set off explosions of intense sexual bliss throughout Gideon’s body, causing him to shudder and squirm. He’d always known that getting fucked by his Lord would be amazing, but he had never suspected it would be this incredible. He wasn’t sure how much was from the sexual act and how much was from him being conditioned by Garrius during his enslavement to enjoy this. But he didn’t care.

The magical invisible cock in his mouth also started to fuck his muzzle, slamming down his throat in a regular rhythm, adding to the pleasurable sensations coursing through him.

At the same time, the invisible paws groping his own hard cock were working tirelessly, stroking and jerking at his member, providing another source of sexual pleasure. It wasn’t long before he felt like he wanted to cum, but instinct told him he shouldn’t without his Lord’s permission, so did whatever he could to resist that release.

Garrius showed his new sex toy no mercy, pounding into him again and again without letting up, each time with the same level of brutal power. Primal grunts and growls emanated from his muzzle, echoing about the vast throne room. His paws roamed up and down his slave’s muscular back, gently massaging and occasionally slapping encouragingly.

For his part, Gideon was quickly lost completely in the unending ecstasy flooding his body and mind as his Lord and Master used him, revelling in every last second of the black bear’s cock inside him, in the violation of both his ass and his muzzle.

Time became meaningless for the grizzly bear, lost in the throes of the pure bliss being given him by Lord Garrius’ cock in him. He didn’t want it to end. He could have happily spent eternity being fucked savagely by his magnificent Master.

But he could eventually feel his Lord’s release building, the big black bears thrusts becoming faster and even more ferocious, his paws digging at Gideon’s back muscles, his growls getting louder.

“When my cum fills you…” Garrius panted between thrusts. “You will cum as well…”

Gideon mumbled his understanding around the unseen magical cock sliding forcefully in and out of his muzzle.

A few more minutes passed, the onslaught of sexual pleasure continuing to blitz Gideon’s body and mind, before the end finally came.

Lord Garrius opened his muzzle and let out a primal guttural roar of pleasure as his climax hit him, throwing the last of his strength into one final brutally forceful thrust into Gideon’s tight ass as he let go.

A blindingly intense wave of pleasure, greater than any he’d experience so far, hit the grizzly bear as he felt his Lord cumming inside him, filling his insides with a brilliantly delightful warmth. In that instant, the invisible cock in his mouth, as well as the invisible paws fondling him and his cock, vanished. He was at last able to give full voice to his ecstasy, an intense growl slipping from his muzzle.

As Garrius had commanded, he stopped resisting his release and he started to cum, his sticky seed exploding from his cock and splattering across the marble floor.

The two bears continued growling and moaning as they both let the pleasure of orgasm flow through them, Garrius digging his paws into the grizzly bear’s lower back as he spewed his cum deep inside his slave. Gideon writhed and squirmed on the black bear’s cock, all conscious thought temporarily wiped away by the overwhelming sexual pleasure crackling through every nerve of his body.

After what seemed like forever, the pleasure died away. Both bears stopped cumming, balls drained. They were left standing there, panting and exhausted.

Lord Garrius acted first, roughly grabbing Gideon and pulling him off his cock. The grizzly bear slumped to his knees, his strength and stamina drained. The black bear managed to remain standing, only stumbling back a few paces, remnants of cum dripping from his cock.

After a few minutes breathing heavily and regaining some of his strength, Garrius let out a low chuckle. “That was excellent, my dear Gideon.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” Gideon replied, feeling sore and drained, but still amazingly good, the memory of the intense and incredible sex still lingering. He could feel his Lord’s seed gradually oozing out of his ass, finding it to be a wonderful sensation. “Thank you for fucking me. I am glad I proved worthy of it.”

Garrius cast an eye over the large splatters of cum now decorating the floor. “We seem to have made a bit of a mess. Oh well, I’ll have Compton come in and lick it clean shortly.”

The big black bear laughed and staggered over to the throne, sitting himself down with a contented sigh. “I have now conquered everything I wanted to conquer.” He glanced at the kneeling Gideon. “When you have the strength, do get dressed.”

The grizzly bear nodded and crawled over to where he had left his armour and clothes. But he was perplexed to find they were not there. They were gone, replaced by some other garments.

Confused, he looked to Lord Garrius. “My Lord?”

The black bear was watching him and smiling. “Oh, didn’t I mention? I have decided that you are to be assigned a new role. With my conquest of the kingdom complete, I have no need of a general. So, I transmuted your armour into your new uniform when you weren’t looking.”

He waved a paw in the air and the new clothes jumped onto Gideon’s body before the grizzly bear could react. A golden collar clicked into place around his neck, jewel-encrusted gold bands attached themselves to his wrists, and an elegant silk loincloth wrapped itself around his waist.

“That’s better.” Garrius said, relaxing on his throne. “From this day forward, you are part of my personal harem.”

Surprise and pride overwhelmed Gideon to such a degree that it took him a moment to respond. “Thank you, my Lord! Thank you for granting me such a great honour!”

“Of course.” Garrius nodded. “Now get over here, I am in need of a footrest.”

Gideon hurried to comply and was soon on all fours in front of the throne, the feet of the relaxing Lord Garrius resting on his back.

The former knight found himself happier and more content than he could ever remember being. He was happy that his quest had failed all those months ago, happy that his mind had been magically enslaved by the mighty hero that was Lord Garrius, happy that he’d been able to play a part in helping him fulfil the prophecy and begin a new era for the kingdom.

The grizzly bear slave smiled with utter contentment and awaited the next command from his glorious Lord and Master…



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