My name is Hypno Bear!

Well, okay, that’s not the whole truth. I promised myself I’d be honest with this. That is the whole point of this thing after all, to put down an accurate and honest account of everything that happened.

My name is technically Kevin Kowalski. Well, Kevin Dwayne Kowalski is my full name, but I always really hated the ‘Dwayne’, I never really used it.

But anyway, that’s my name. Hypno Bear is the name I gave myself when I became a superhero.

Yes, you read that right. I am a superhero. Sort of. It’s kind of complicated. You’ll see what I mean, but we need to start at the beginning.

I really wish I had some kind of cool origin story. Hit by a beam of cosmic energy from beyond the stars. Caught in some cool science experiment gone wrong. Gifted powers by some benevolent supernatural entity.

But no, the truth of the matter is that I have no idea where my powers came from. I seemed to just wake up one day and there they were. Perhaps I’m just some kind of genetic mutant. I really don’t know.

You may be wondering what my super-powers are. If you are, then surely the name Hypno Bear is a big clue? One day, I just suddenly found I had hypnotic mind control powers. It was quite a shock, I can tell you.

Those first days, I will admit the power went to my head a little. But can you really blame me? I was a repressed, lonely, geeky bear working a mind-numbingly boring job as a convenience store clerk. And then I had the power to alter the minds of others as I saw fit.

So yeah, I indulged myself a bit.

Ok, a lot.

Fine, I need to be honest here, so yeah, I indulged myself an awful lot that first week. You have no idea how thrilling it was to have any guy I wanted at my beck and call, how exciting it was to be able to explore my every sexual fantasy with whoever I chose.

And I chose a fair few. There was that amateur bodybuilder ocelot who lived down the hall from me. That hunky tiger mechanic from the garage. The gorgeous wolf I bumped into on the street who… well frankly I never did get around to asking what he did for a living, now that I think about it. Oh well.

They were just the tip of the iceberg of course, the most memorable of the guys I played with that first week. It was the most exhausting and greatest week of my life, trying out every conceivable position, roleplay and activity that popped into my mind.

Now, I know how this must sound, me using my mind control powers to get a bunch of hot guys to sleep with me, essentially making them my sex toys who adored me and worshipped me and would agreed to do anything I wanted. I know it sounds bad.

But let me just say in my defence that I did undo what I did to them. Well, as much as I could. They still loved and adored me and thought of me as the greatest guy on the face of the planet. I’ve never been able to undo that when I do it to someone.

However, I did restore their personalities, more or less, and sent them back to their lives programmed to feel confident and happy. There was no damage done in the end. As far as I’m aware.

Once that initial crazy week was over, and I was resting up, recovering my strength, I started to seriously think about what I was going to do with my new abilities in the long term.

It really didn’t take me long to realize the obvious. I should become a superhero! That’s what good guys like me with super-powers did, right?

And the more I thought about it, the more perfect an option it seemed. I could fight crime, make the world a better place! Why, I’d probably be quickly invited to join the Heroic League, Earth’s greatest super team! I’d be world famous! How could I not do it?

So, I got to work. I wasn’t going to go at anything half-cocked. I started hitting the gym to ensure I was in great shape for my future heroic career. I wanted to look good in tight spandex, after all! And it helped that the personal trainer I ‘convinced’ to help me out for free was a hot hunk of a lion. He was also great in bed, but that doesn’t really matter to the story.

There was also the matter of my costume. I found an amazing tailor to help me out on that front. We went through so many designs before I settled on one I liked, and he whipped me up several spares. He wasn’t that great in bed, but after a time, he seemed to get the hang of giving a serviceable blowjob.

Once I had the fit body and the cool costume, it was time to begin my crime-fighting career, settling on the name of Hypno Bear for myself.

I would like to say it went great from day one, but that would be a huge lie.

You see, I never really thought too much about how the day to day life of a superhero must be. How much it depends on being in the right place at the right time to catch a crime in progress. There was a lot of frustration and waiting and disappointment during those initial days.

It didn’t help that my powers weren’t exactly helpful for getting around. The number of times I finally arrived at the scene of a crime to find that the situation had already been resolved, either by the police, or one of the other heroes running about the place. After a while, it started to piss me off.

I tried patrolling, but that didn’t turn up anything most of the time. It seems I was just unlucky that no crimes took place anywhere near me when I was on patrol. Maybe it didn’t help that I often grew bored quite quickly and often gave up and went home after the first hour or two. Who knows?

After a time, it started to get a little disheartening, and more than once I considered giving it all up. But then one day, my luck changed.

It would be nice to say that it was a result of hard work and perseverance. But it was really just blind luck. I was in an alley, having just changed into costume for another half-hearted patrol, when I found myself face to face with a super-villain.

His name was Starshimmer, a polar bear with some kind of weird light-based powers that I never fully understood. He’d just robbed a bank and dodged a bunch of pursuing police cars. And now he had ducked into an alley to hide for a few minutes and catch his breath.

Now, I had imagined confronting a bad guy many times since the idea of a becoming a superhero had first popped into my head. But now that the moment had actually arrived, all those ideas vanished at the realization of one simple fact: I had zero combat skills.

The villain noticed me glaring uncertainly at him, frozen with uncertainty and fumbling for some idea of how to proceed.

“Who the hell are you supposed to be?” He said, in a sort of half-growl, half-chuckle.

“I… I… I’m Hypno Bear…” I said, finally managing to find my voice.

“Never heard of you.” The polar bear shrugged and raised a glowing paw, pointing it in my direction. “I guess no one else will either now.”

There was a moment of terror, I was hit by the absolute certainty that I was about to die. But then I guess some survival instinct kicked in as I closed my eyes and lashed out with my powers in a desperate act of self-defence.

A moment later, I realized that nothing had happened. I was still alive.

I opened my eyes to find that Starshimmer, the big menacing polar bear villain, was now on his knees, staring at me in adoration.

“You…” He stammered. “You are magnificent! So wonderful and handsome and virtuous! How could I ever have even thought of doing anything to you? Please forgive me!”

Yeah, it seemed I had unintentionally turned the guy into an admirer without really thinking about it. Relief at still being alive quickly turned into excitement and joy as it sunk in what was going on. Here was a dangerous and powerful super-villain, and he was now grovelling on his knees before me.

That quickly turned into the question of what to do next. And I want to make one thing clear. Using him for sex was not the first idea that came to me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, that idea did come later, it just wasn’t the first.

The obvious thing would have been to turn him into the police, and I almost did that immediately, visions of being celebrated as a hero for this dancing through my mind. But I stopped myself as I realised what an opportunity this represented. Here was a super-villain, completely at the mercy of my hypnotic mind control powers.

It struck me that I could make sure that Starshimmer never hurt anyone again. More than that, I could make him save lives! Alter his mind, give him the desire to use his powers for good rather than evil. How much better the world would be with another hero out there protecting it! And it would all be thanks to me!

After that, it was only a short step to realizing I could do that to other villains. I could turn a whole slew of dangerous bad guys into virtuous good guys. I could change the whole damn world for the better!

It was such an exciting prospect that I got to work straight away. I focused my powers on the villain kneeling before me, stepping into his mind and making all sorts of changes, wiping away his criminal desires, his selfishness, his insecurities. And then instilling in him a strong desire to turn his life around, to pay for his crimes and then become the best hero he could possibly be.

Once I was done, looking down at the kneeling polar bear, his expression blissful and vacant, I noticed how he was kind of ruggedly handsome, and felt a stirring of lust.

Now, I stand by what happened next. I mean, I had just stopped the criminal career of a dangerous super-villain and ensured he would spend the rest of his life protecting the world. Surely, I deserved a little reward for my efforts? And right there in front of me was a guy who already thought I was great. It would just be a small thing to make him sexually attracted to me as well, willing to go along with whatever I wanted out of gratitude for showing him the error of his ways…

The thing is, I found I had done it before I even finished thinking about it. It was an almost instinctual, sub-conscious thing. But I didn’t regret it as I saw the bulge developing at Starshimmer’s crotch and the way he was now looking at me with needy desire.

I fucked him right there in that alley, taking my time and enjoying the feeling of having this big bad villain begging me to plunge my cock into him. And when I did get around to fucking him long and hard, it was one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life. Not just because the polar bear was fantastic, but a large part of it was the knowledge that I had earned this. I had made the world a better place and was enjoying my just rewards.

Some may have looked at what I did as immoral or unethical. But I disagree strongly with that outlook. What’s so wrong with me receiving a little payment for my work in giving the world another superhero? And what better what to take such payment than in the form of some minor sexual favours?

Anyway, I fucked him senseless. That’s the point.

Afterwards, as we were resting up for a bit, getting our strength back, I took the chance to question him, asking if he knew where I might be able to find other super-villains. He rather helpfully provided me with the addresses of several hideouts used by villains he’d teamed up with in the past as well as the name of a seedy bar where a lot of villains tended to hang out.

And then I sent him off to hand himself into police to make a full confession of all his crimes. Well, that and to tell them that the magnificent Hypno Bear had stopped him and shown him the error of his ways. You should never pass up the chance at some free advertising. This would be my first big break as a superhero. I’d be admired and loved in no time.

Of course, the media didn’t see it that way. While the papers and news shows were all glad that Starshimmer was off the streets, there were a lot of questions and debates about the legality of what I’d done, many claiming that I had just ‘brainwashed’ him and that was somehow wrong.

I shrugged off all such arguments. They’d see this was for the best when Starshimmer got out of prison and became one of the world’s most dedicated heroes! And he was just the tip of the iceberg! I’d show them all that what I was doing was right!

Over the following several months, I used the information I’d been given to track down other villains. I was very careful, never forgetting my lack of combat abilities, making sure to catch them alone so as to avoid being faced with multiple targets. At that point, I’d never managed to have my powers work on more than one person at a time.

I picked off the ones I had definite locations for first, and then moved on to staking out the bar Starshimmer had told me about, following villains as they left and ambushing them when things were quiet, quickly directing them somewhere private so I could finish the job of re-educating their minds without being disturbed.

In those months, I dealt with an impressive list of bad guys. Dark-Dog, the Screecher, Crimson Commando, Junkyard, the Black Brute, to name but a few. All of them ended up handing themselves in after an encounter with me, and fully intending to join the ranks of the world’s superheroes once they’d repaid their debt to society. And every one of them crediting me for the change of heart.

And yes, I did also have a little sexy fun with each of them. Don’t judge me. I was just enjoying a little reward for my hard work.

They were good months, I really enjoyed myself, and I felt a wonderful sense of pride at the work I was doing, improving the world. Like I had finally found my true calling in life, my destiny. And all the hot sex I was having helped too.

But like most good things, it eventually came to an end.

It all started to change one day when I was relaxing after an encounter with… I forget who now. Steel Archer? Sonic Boom? One of those two. It doesn’t matter. The point is, I’d sent him off, complete with a new outlook on life and was relaxing, getting my strength back after some mind-blowing sex. When suddenly there was an almighty whoosh of air and there he was, hovering a few inches off the ground right in front of me.

Paragon, the world’s greatest superhero. A tall and muscular fox in a red and blue skin-tight spandex suit with a big flowing cape.

I could hardly believe it. I had looked up to Paragon since I was cub, idolized him, wanted to be like him. And yeah, he was a really hot stud as well!

And now here he was hovering before me… He must be there for me, I realized. He must have heard about what a great job I was doing and so had come to congratulate me!

Or maybe he was there with an invitation to join the League! How fucking cool would that be, me getting to hang out with and fight alongside the best, most respected heroes in the world?

“You’re Hypno Bear?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yes!” I nodded vigorously. I held out a paw for him to shake. “It’s a real honour to meet you!”

He ignored the paw and instead fixed me with a serious glare. “We need to talk about you and your powers…”

My mind raced. Was he about to suggest a team up on an important case? Maybe he really was about to invite me to join the league, maybe me and my powers were just what they needed…

“You claim to be a superhero.” Paragon said. “And yet you are using your abilities in such an immoral way, twisting the minds of others to suit you! It’s unethical and illegal and I want to know what you have to say for yourself before I take you in!”

Take me in? Was the great Paragon really here to arrest me? I was shocked to my core. My hero and idol… he didn’t see me as a fellow great hero, but as just another villain to be apprehended. How could he not see the virtue of the work I was doing?

“But...” I spluttered, struggling to find any words to say. “I… I… I’m only doing it with criminals, villains!”

“It doesn’t matter who they are or what they’ve done!” Paragon snarled “It’s still altering their minds against their will! It is wrong!”

To hear him talking to me like that… well, it hurt. And that sting made me get defensive.

“Hey, I’m just as much a superhero as you!” My voice was angrier than I had wanted it to be. “I’m making the world a better place, just like you! I’m just doing it in a different way! I am a professional…”

“I don’t have sex with the villains I encounter.” Paragon said, the fox hero looking at me with growing contempt.

“What?” I was shocked. “I…”

“I’ve been watching you, to see what I’m dealing with.” Paragon stated. “And I have seen you use each and every villain you encounter for sex! You don’t just twist the minds of villains, you turn them into your sex toys!”

“It’s not like that…” I protested. “I was just, well… taking a little reward for my hard work…” Even as I said it, I knew how weak an argument it sounded.

“A reward?” Paragon was shocked. “I’ve heard more than enough, Hypno Bear. You’re coming with me and you’re going to answer for what you’ve done!”

I am ashamed of what happened next. But in my defence, it was not intentional.

My shock and anger and frustration had been bubbling up throughout the conversation, and when he said that, something snapped. With an almighty cry of “No!” I instinctively lashed out in self-defence. With my powers.

A moment later, I realized what I had just done and stared at Paragon. The fox hero’s whole demeanour had suddenly changed. He stopped hovering, landing on the ground, his stance calm and relaxed. And he was glaring at me with a look of loving adoration.

Yeah, I had accidentally enslaved the mind of the world’s greatest superhero.

Before I could say anything, Paragon rushed forward and dropped to his knees in front of me, hugging me around the waist with his big powerful arms. “Oh, I am so sorry, Hypno Bear!” He bawled “I am so sorry for threatening you and not seeing how great a hero you truly are. You are so much better than me! I am a pathetic piece of garbage compared to you! Please forgive me!”

I could only stand there in stunned silence as Paragon started to sob against me. It really started to dawn on me that I had really screwed up here. I mean, messing with the minds of bad guys was one thing, but this was quite another. Paragon was about as far from a bad guy as it was possible to get!

It wasn’t my fault! I told myself. He shouldn’t have threatened me like that! He should have tried to understand what I was doing better!

I know what you’re thinking and yeah, those are weak arguments. But hey, I was panicking and groping for justifications for what I’d just done, of course there weren’t going to be perfect…

Paragon gazed up at me, a pleading look in his eyes. “Please, sir! Please forgive me!”

With a sigh, I patted him on the head gently. “It’s okay, Paragon, I forgive you.” What the hell else was I supposed to do? It was heart-breaking seeing the great superhero like that.

The fox’s muzzle split into a wide happy grin. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” He said as he hugged me a little tighter. “I really am so very sorry! I’ll do anything you want to make it up to you!”

Given my history of giving into temptation, that was probably the worst thing he could have said at that point. I immediately felt a stirring in my groin.

“Anything?” I gulped.

“Anything you want me to do, I’ll do it!” Paragon nodded. “Please, I’d do whatever it takes to make you happy! A magnificent heroic bear like you deserves all the happiness and worship in the world!”

So yeah, I fucked Paragon.

Don’t judge me, okay? Can you really say you would have done any different? If you had a hot muscular guy, one of the greatest heroes the world had ever known, someone you’d idolized and fantasized about, on his knees practically begging to do whatever it took to make you happy… Well, can you honestly say you wouldn’t have given in to that temptation and indulged in some hot steamy sex with him?

But this wasn’t some seedy alleyway sex. No, that just seemed too wrong for Paragon. So, I had him quickly fly the two of us back to my apartment. Where we proceeded to indulge in several hours of lovemaking, both in and out of costume.

I kind of got caught up in the thrill of it all. It was like my every adolescent fantasy come to life, the great Paragon ready and willing to indulge whatever sexual position and idea that came into my head and seeming to love every second of being with me.

Looking back on it now, it is entirely possible that I might have sub-consciously (and perhaps a little consciously) used my mind control powers to… well ‘tweak’ Paragon’s mind here and there. Just to make sure he immensely enjoyed everything we did and found me incredibly exciting and attractive.

The sex was amazing. Paragon had such an unbelievably perfect and tight ass that was pure joy to fuck. And the energy and passion he put into sucking me off was incredible. And he was always so adorably grateful when I pawed him off, stroking and pumping his big beautiful cock.

After several hours, we were both exhausted and spent another hour or so just snuggling up with each other on my bed before we had regained enough strength to shower. Unfortunately, my shower wasn’t big enough to accommodate the two of us, so we had to take turns.

He went first and as I sat on my bed waiting for him to finish, all the worries about what I had done came flooding back. What the hell was I going to do now?

I couldn’t restore Paragon to how he’d been. Even if I thought I could, I wasn’t sure I’d want to turn him back into someone who disliked me, someone intent on bringing me in to face criminal charges. What I’d done here with him would have just made things worse.

But at the same time, it was likely that anyone who knew him was going to quickly spot that I’d done something to his mind. He was now suddenly my biggest adoring fan. I could easily see him telling everyone he knew about how great I was. It then wouldn’t be difficult for them to put two and two together and then I’d be known as the guy who brainwashed Paragon. I doubted I’d that would do my popularity or reputation any favours.

These thoughts followed me into the shower as I took my turn. By the time I was done washing myself clean, I still hadn’t figured out a course of action.

I came out of the bathroom to find Paragon waiting patiently for me in my bedroom. He had put his costume back on, although it was now stained with sweat and more than a little cum. He had also thoughtfully laid out a fresh uniform for me.

As I dried myself off and slipped on the costume, I got to listen to the smiling Paragon tell me repeatedly how amazing and wonderful I was and how grateful he was to me for the mind-blowing sex and my forgiveness and generally for just existing. Funnily enough, it didn’t help my mood.

Once I was dressed, he wrapped a strong muscular arm around my waist and grinned lovingly at me. “I have a surprise for you!”

He clicked a small device on his belt and we were suddenly enveloped with light. A moment later it died away and we were then somewhere else, a metal room with high tech control panels everywhere and dark windows along one wall.

Paragon noticed my confusion. “That was just a teleporter. Welcome to the Heroic League headquarters!”

I could hardly believe it. I quickly stumbled over to the windows and found myself looking down at the planet Earth below. I was really there on the famous space station headquarters of the Heroic League!

I stood in stunned silence as it fully sank in. I had dreamed many times of visiting this place, and now finally here I was!

Paragon was already at the door leading to a clean metal corridor beyond. “Come along, Hypno Bear, you wonderful hero. While you were showering I called an emergency meeting of the League. They should be all be here by now. This way…”

The fox hero strolled out. It took me a moment to pull myself together and scurry after him. The whole League was going to be here! I was about to meet the most renowned superheroes on the planet!

But then the thrill of that notion was ruined by the worry of how that meeting was going to go, how they would easily spot that something had changed with Paragon. And then a thought occurred…

The fox hero was walking quickly, and I struggled to keep up with him. “Why are we here?” I wanted to know. “Why the meeting with the league?”

“I would have thought that was obvious.” Paragon said, as he reached a door marked ‘Conference Room’ and hit a button to open it. “I’m here to recommended you for membership and leadership of the League! You’re the greatest hero in the world, Hypno Bear, no one else is more suited for it than you!”

I was so taken aback by that, I didn’t want to know what to say. It was flattering, sure, but deep down I knew I wasn’t really worthy of it, and that Paragon only thought so because of my meddling in his mind. But before I managed to regain enough of my wits to try and say something in response, the fox had stepped through the door to talk with the rest of the League. And I found that I was hesitant to follow.

Peeking around the edge of the door, I saw that they were all there. The shadowy black bear Dr. Black, the wolf speedster Blue Blur, the super-strong warrior Power Vixen, the hyper-intelligent otter inventor Technocrat, the energy wielding Giga-Gorilla, the shape-shifter Multiform. The most famous and beloved heroes of the world, right there before my eyes sat around a circular conference table.

And they were about to see me as public enemy number one once they realized something had been done to Paragon.

My mind was racing, and I was on the verge of panic, completely uncertain as to what to do. I considered running, but where would I go? I was on space station and had no idea how to use the teleporters to get back to Earth. But on the other paw, I couldn’t bring myself to step through that door and call attention to myself.

“Hey, Paragon! What’s the big emergency?” Blue Blur asked impatiently as the fox hero approached the big conference table.

“Yes, I was in the middle of working an important case.” Dr. Black added, obviously annoyed. “This had better be good! And… what the hell happened to your costume, it looks filthy!”

“Yeah, I thought you were looking into that Hypno Bear guy?” Giga-Gorilla rumbled. “Surely he can’t have turned out to be such a big threat as to need all of us here…”

“Calm down.” Power Vixen soothed. “I’m sure Paragon has a very good reason.” She looked to the fox. “Do you?”

“I have important League business that simply cannot wait.” Paragon said. “I have encountered a superhero greater than all of us combined! He deserves our complete respect, loyalty, devotion and worship. And I move that we immediately not only make him a member of the League, but that he becomes our leader!”

Outside the room, I was listening to all this with mounting fear and dread, my face buried in my paws. I could see no way in which this was going to go well for me…

The rest of the League were seemingly stunned into silence by Paragon’s announcement, as it was at least a minute before any of them managed to respond.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Multiform said.

“Why, Hypno Bear, of course!” Paragon exclaimed. “He is truly magnificent, a powerful hero, a wonderful guy, a passionate lover…”

“Wait, what?” Power Vixen spluttered.

“We spent several hours having sex…” Paragon sighed wistfully. “It was amazing...”

At that moment, I genuinely thought this couldn’t possibly get any worse…

“You and Hypno Bear…?” Technocrat stammered.

“Yes!” Paragon said, happily. “I can’t wait for you all to meet him. He’s right outside…”

There was a whoosh of air and I was suddenly grabbed by the paws of Blue Blur. He dragged me with him as he sped back into the conference room. In an instant I was standing before the whole of the Heroic League, all of them staring at me, all but Paragon looking very unhappy.

Blue Blur grabbed me roughly. “What the hell have you done to Paragon, you sick freak? You are going to restore him right now or…”

The super-speeding wolf was suddenly struck across the chin by a punch from Paragon and staggered back, releasing me.

“Don’t you dare treat the magnificent Hypno Bear like that!” The fox hero snarled.

The rest of the league were instantly out of their seats, obviously ready to fight. I could see this whole situation was going to turn very ugly very quickly.

Technocrat seemed to take charge. “Power Vixen, Giga-Gorilla, Multiform, subdue Paragon! Dr. Black and Blur, get that damn bear!”

I closed my eyes and braced myself for the inevitable beating from the attacking superheroes, my mind overloaded with fear and stress. And then the unthinkable happened.

I once again instinctively lashed out with my powers in self-defence.

And you can probably guess the result. A few seconds later, when no beating came, I opened my eyes to see the whole League was now glaring at me, every last one of them looking at me with love and adoration.

I swear, before then, I had no idea I was capable of affecting multiple people at once. Every time I tried it, I failed. But it turns out I could do it, just not consciously.

But yeah, I suddenly found that I had accidentally brainwashed the entirety of the world’s greatest superhero team.

“You were so right, Paragon!” Dr. Black said, grinning wildly. “He is amazing!”

“Yeah!” Giga-Gorilla nodded. “Truly the best superhero who ever lived!”

“I know, right?” Paragon agreed.

I suddenly felt someone gripping my paw and turned to see it was Blue Blur. He was on his knees, gently holing my paw with both of his and with a look of despair in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry for treating you roughly!” He moaned. “I should never have even considered doing anything that could have possibly harmed a wondrous bear like you! Can you possibly ever forgive me?”

“I forgive you, it’s okay!” I said quickly. What else was I supposed to do?

“Thank you, Hypno Bear!” Blue Blur looked on the verge of tears of happiness. “You really are wonderful, so kind and forgiving!”

I had no idea what to do next. Things had quickly got out of control, and I had seriously never intended things to end up like that, with the entire Heroic League now my most devoted and adoring fans…

But then an idea struck me. Perhaps this turn of events could be just the best way to resolve things. All these heroes would now do anything for me. So, I could just tell them not to ever say anything to anyone about me and carry on their heroic careers as if I wasn’t there. No one would know what I had done! I was going to be in the clear!

Relief washed over me, and I couldn’t help but smile. Everything was going to be alright…

And then Blue Blur ruined it. “How can I make it up to you?” The wolf asked with incredible eagerness.

This caused several others to chime in, saying that they too would do anything to make up for daring to even consider threatening me. Which of course sent my imagination going and…

Look, you can probably already see where this is going. True to form, I once again let myself give in to the massive temptation life had set before me. I had hot passionate sex with the entire Heroic League.

Okay, except Power Vixen. I had to break it to her that as I was gay, that I had no interest in sleeping with her. Her downcast heartbroken expression really got to me, so I told Paragon to sleep with her to cheer her up. He was more than willing to do that for me, and she seemed pretty pleased with the solution.

I did later find out that the two of them had both secretly had crushes on the other for a long time but had never acted on it for fear of any relationship interfering with the superhero careers. So, I did help them finally get something they’d wanted for a long time. I choose to count that as a victory for me, no matter how inadvertent it might have been.

But yeah, I fucked the rest of the league sure enough. The conference room became the location of a huge orgy that lasted many hours and included many breaks to snuggle and regain some strength before carrying on.

The various heroes all proved very adept at pleasing me. They were naturally all willing, thanks to what I had accidentally done to them, but I was surprised by how well they took to all the steamy gay sex.

Blue Blur was able to use his speed to suck several cocks at once, going back and forth between them.

Dr. Black used his shadow powers to create some kinky apparatus when the mood struck me, solidifying shadows to create gags, blindfolds, and restraints on his fellow heroes at my command.

Giga-Gorilla got quite creative with his powers, using them to deliver small electric jolts to stimulate pleasure, particularly with cocks and nipples. He quickly became very good at it, and it made me laugh how much delight he seemed to take in torturing Technocrat’s cock, on several occasions making him cum with some well-judged blasts of his powers.

And Multiform… Oh my, if you’ve never had sex with a shape-shifter who is willing to indulge your every fantasy, then you have not truly lived. That orgy, he became every hot celebrity I had ever wanted to fuck. He took on a big dicked, muscular physique with a cute tight butt, altering himself until he had taken on the type of body that really turned me on. He actually started using that body as his natural form afterwards…

We were all at it for hours, a mass of super-powered guys engaging in every possible sex position we could imagine, sweating and moaning all the while. I must have fucked each of them at least twice and seen all of them cum several times.

Eventually, exhaustion got the better of me. As I rested after having just fucked Technocrat again, I snuggled up in Multiform’s powerful muscular arms and drifted off to sleep…

Some time later, I snapped awake, and was momentarily confused as I didn’t recognize my surroundings. It was a large elegant bedroom with gleaming metal walls.

And then the memories of the super-orgy came flooding back. I will admit that part of me was a little ashamed at having given into temptation again like that, but on the other paw, it wasn’t as if anyone was going to ever know. I wondered if maybe it could even become a regular thing, an all-out orgy with the League…

I realized I must be in the quarters of one of the heroes. They’d obviously put me to bed after I fell asleep.

Getting up, I padded over to a nearby closet and opened it, hoping for a clue. Hanging inside were several familiar red and blue uniforms. That confirmed that this was Paragon’s room.

I had slept in Paragon’s bed. For some reason, that thought made me smile.

On a nearby chair I noticed my costume. It had apparently been cleaned and pressed while I’d been asleep. I was touched by the thoughtfulness.

I found a bathroom attached to the bedroom and took a quick shower before getting dressed and going in search of my fellow superheroes.

The space station was practically a labyrinth and I seemed to spend quite some time lost in its winding passages. But I couldn’t seem to find anyone. Where had they all gone?

After what seemed like hours, I managed to find my way to what appeared to be a control room, filled with banks of computer consoles and monitors. And it was here that I found Technocrat.

The otter was sat at a desk, watching a monitor while also working on some kind of strange high-tech device, poking at it with a screwdriver. He looked up at me as I entered.

“Ah, you’re awake!” He said, leaping out of his seat and eagerly rushing towards me. “I hope you slept well? Can I get you anything? Are you hungry? Thirsty? How about…”

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Down on Earth at the press conference.” Technocrat explained, whiskers twitching. “I’d have liked to have been there too, but someone had to stay here on monitor duty in case of emergency.” Then he smiled and gazed lovingly at me. “But at least it gives me the chance to spend some time alone with a certain magnificent bear!”

There was stirring of lust deep within me, but I managed to resist it in order to ask the obvious question. “What press conference?”

“I was just watching it, you want to see?” He rushed back to his desk and punched a few buttons.

The large main screen on one wall sprang to life, displaying a live news feed from a large press conference, seemingly hundreds of reporters crowded around a stage. The rest of the League were line up on the stage, with Paragon stood at a podium, making some kind of announcement.

“… we are here to let the whole world know of an incredible development in the history of the Heroic League.” The hero fox was saying. “This day will go down as a great one in the history of our team and the world!”

Technocrat offered a little explanation. “You were fast asleep for so long and none of us wanted to disturb you. We had a special meeting and reached a decision. They’re just letting the world know about …”

My confusion gave way to mounting horror. I thought I knew what was about to happen as I suddenly realized that once Blue Blur had asked what he could do for me, I had completely forgotten about ordering the League not to tell anyone about me…

“Oh shit…” I sighed.

On the screen, Paragon was still talking. “A short time ago we had a special meeting of the whole League. After a brief discussion, we voted unanimously to appoint the great Hypno Bear as our newest member and leader.”

I winced and buried my face in my paws. So much for being in the clear…

On the screen, Paragon was still addressing the press. “We can all personally attest that Hypno Bear is absolutely the greatest hero who ever lived. Powerful and wise, strong and compassionate, and a caring yet dominant lover! Everyone one of us in the League is proud and honoured to be on the same team as him, to know him, to have had sex with him…”

That was the moment I realized the downside of having altered their minds to see nothing at all wrong with having sex with me. It seems in the process I had removed any inhibitions about talking about it. Instead, they saw it as something amazing to boast about.

So yeah, everyone then knew I had fucked the League. The assembled reporters had quite a few questions about that. And then the inevitable questions about me having obviously brainwashed them all started to fly.

I watched the whole thing, ignoring Technocrat’s concerned questioning about what was upsetting me. As the press conference dragged on, the heroes on the stage got more and more agitated by any suggestion that I wasn’t the greatest guy to walk the Earth, and the reporters became more and more frustrated, their questions and attitude becoming more and more aggressive.

As it carried on, the realization crept over me that I was watching the end of my life. There was no coming back from this. As far as the world and history was concerned, I was the pervert who had brainwashed the Heroic League and used them as his sex toys.

Yeah, technically that was true. But it wasn’t as if I’d planned it or anything. It had just kind of happened.

The point was, I was going to face disdain and scorn wherever I went for what I had done. No matter what I did from here on out, the world would always see me as the brainwashing sex villain.

It didn’t help that the press conference ended pretty damn badly, with the heroes insulting the reporters before teleporting away.

Over the weeks that followed, I stayed on the space station, not daring to go back to Earth. Paragon gave up his quarters for me, insisting it was the biggest and best room and that I deserved it. I didn’t have the heart to argue. He started sharing Power Vixen’s quarters.

As time rolled on, I slipped further and further into depression. Every time I checked the news or looked online it made me feel worse. The furore over me being voted leader of the Heroic League, about me obviously having brainwashed them, was showing no signs of dying down. Everywhere I looked there were articles and essays and comments about me, how I was a monster, a terrible pervert, a villain that someone should stop so that the League heroes could be restored.

The League carried on their superhero duties, fighting crime and stopping super-villains down on Earth. But they were often confronted with reporters of angry members of the public, bombarded with uncomfortable questions about me and how they were protecting an obvious villain. These encounters never ended well, as every one of the League heroes would always valiantly defend me, doing the best to argue how great I was. This really just made things worse, as everyone took it as evidence of how completely I had reprogrammed all of their minds.

I knew all the League heroes were worried about how this was taking a toll on me. How could they not, what with me spending every day sulking around their headquarters? It was touching how much they cared about me, even if it was only because of what my powers had done to them.

They tried all sorts of things to cheer me up, even offering themselves up for sex on a regular basis. I sometimes even took them up on those offers. Don’t judge me for that. It should be more than obvious at this point that I am far from perfect, so having a bunch of hot superheroes begging me for sex… yeah, I gave in here and there and indulged myself. It was a good, if temporary, distraction from my depression.

That whole time, I had no idea what to do. How I could resolve the whole mess in any kind of good way? As it turned out, that responsibility was taken out of my paws…

One morning, I was woken up by odd noises, and sat up, hitting the switch besides the bed to turn the lights on. They came on but were flickering rapidly. There was a strange distant crackling sound, accompanied by the groaning of metal, as the room shuddered slightly. And then all the lights went out.

I sat there for several minutes, scared and confused. What the hell was going on? I had the sudden thought that maybe the space station was under attack. That had happened a few times in the past, villains trying to wipe out the League by attacking their headquarters. Was I about to find myself in the middle of a huge battle?

But then the lights came back on and everything seemed normal again. The strange noises were gone. However, that still left the question of what had just happened.

I jumped out of bed and hurriedly pulled on my costume. I was then rushing out of the room.

As I padded through the corridors, I tried to remember who was supposed to be here on monitor duty today. I was sure I had been told… The problem was I hadn’t actually been paying attention.

Suddenly, Technocrat skidded around the corner ahead of me. A wild grin was plastered on his muzzle. He came to a stop when he noticed me.

“Hypno Bear!” He exclaimed. “I was just coming to find you! You’ve got to come right away! I have something amazing to show you!” He shot off at a run before I could question him. I ran after him, still utterly confused.

The otter hero led me to his workshop, where he researched and built a lot of the amazing technology he used as a superhero. I’d never been there before, as I’d not really been very interested. The room was full of workbenches and tools and computers and a wide and varied assortment of unfinished gadgets and gizmos.

However, one device in the workshop grabbed my attention. It was large and complicated, and it was obvious than a lot of the room’s contents had been shoved aside to make room for it. It was made up of rings of glowing tubes, exposed wiring and electronics, and a single control panel built into one side. It was smoking slightly, emitting a strange sort of burnt metallic odour.

“What’s going on?” I asked, as Technocrat started looking over this big machine or whatever the hell it was. “The lights were flickering and went out, there were crazy sounds…”

Technocrat shot me a sheepish grin. “Sorry about that. That was me. This thing here needed a lot of power to run and do its thing, so I hooked it into the station’s power grid. It ended up putting more of a strain on the station’s systems that I expected.” He paused and started stroking his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm. Maybe that means headquarters needs another upgrade? I wonder if I could…”

“What is this thing?” I said, letting my annoyed impatience seep into my tone. “What’s so important as to risk the station like that?”

The otter looked surprised. “Why, your happiness of course, Hypno Bear! This here is a Planetary Neurological Imprint Transmitter! I’ve been working on it almost around the clock for the past eight days!”

Now that he mentioned it, I hadn’t seen him in a while before then. But I had been so distracted with my depression (yes, and with sex with the other heroes of the League) to really notice.

But his description of his new creation left me perplexed. “Umm... What?”

However, Technocrat was too excited to notice my confusion. “And it worked! It worked exactly as intended! Come and see!”

He grabbed my wrist and led me over to a nearby monitor that had apparently been tuned into television broadcasts from Earth. It appeared to be a live talk show of some kind.

I listened to what they were talking about and was stunned. They were talking about how great I was! The host and his guests were all discussing how wrong they’d been about me, how amazing I obviously really was, how much they regretted ever doubting my magnificence.

Quickly, I stabbed at the monitors controls, changing the channel. I found another few talk shows, in which they were saying exactly the same things, before I found a news channel.

The main story on the news? ‘World Realizes Its Mistake’.

My shock and bafflement grew as I watched the latest report. Apparently, everyone across the globe had just suddenly decided I really was the greatest hero of all time, the most amazing, sexy, incredible guy in the world. There was even a segment of a reporter interviewing people on the street about me, and the public couldn’t seem to stop talking about how fantastic I was. A few even broke down in tears at the thought of ever having thought badly of me.

Eventually, I managed to pull myself away from watching. I turned to Technocrat. He had to have been responsible for this. “What did you do?”

“I noticed how everyone down on Earth hating you was making you miserable.” The otter explained. “And you are so wonderful, you don’t deserve that kind of misery, so I found a way to fix the problem.” He patted the huge machine. “I invented a device capable of simultaneously altering the minds of everyone on the entire planet, imprinting a new profile of thoughts and opinions.”

The enormity of what he was saying hit me like a ton of bricks. “You… you’re saying you reprogrammed the minds of everyone on Earth so that they’d love me? Seriously?”

“Of course!” Technocrat nodded enthusiastically. “I’d do anything to make a magnificent bear like you happy! And now, the whole world knows the same truth that we in the League have known for weeks. About how fantastic and amazing and wonderful you are and how you deserve everyone’s complete love and devotion!”

I collapsed against the nearest workbench, still processing this. The minds of everyone on the planet altered? I had been trying to figure a way out of the mess I’d been in, but that seemed a little extreme. Believe me when I say that I had never wanted that. Yeah, partly because I didn’t even suspect it was possible, but still…

Once I calmed down some, I started to look on the bright side. At least this meant things were going to get better, right? I mean, everyone on Earth now loved me. How bad could that be?

Well, I was about to find out.

I made a return to Earth, but was mobbed wherever I went, I ended up needing a team of security guards just to be able go anywhere, to keep the crowds off me. And they insisted on working for free, saying it was just a huge honour just to be near me, leaving me with a guilty conscience.

It didn’t take people long to figure out my secret identity, so I had hordes of adoring fans camped outside my home day and night. And then they started singing songs about how glorious I was, denying me any peace.

Although I didn’t stay for very long in my old home. I had all the most prestigious hotels offering me their best most luxurious rooms for free, and I eventually took one of them. Just until the mansion was built.

You see, the government offered to build me a new home, anywhere I liked, built to any specifications I wanted, saying it was the least they could do for the world’s best superhero.

So, I eventually moved into a vast palatial mansion, staffed by servants who offered their refused to be paid for their services. The outer walls of the grounds of my new home were still surrounded by fans, but at least they were some distance from my home, so they weren’t bothering me.

The heroes of the League stopped by regularly to make sure I was okay, and to offer themselves up for sex. I also found I could get sex with whoever I wanted, I simply had to call them and ask.

This may sound difficult to believe, but it actually got really boring really quickly. There was no challenge to anything anymore, no obstacles to overcome. Life became oh so incredibly dull!

Having absolutely everyone love you and give you whatever you want for nothing, who’d have thought it would be so terrible? I was constantly inundated with offers and calls. For sex, interviews, public appearances, statue unveilings…

The statues really weirded me out. It started when some small town somewhere erected a statue in my honour, and then towns and cities around the world decided that was the perfect way to show their devotion to me, so suddenly they were cropping up everywhere. But it turned into a kind of completion, each city trying to make theirs bigger and better than everyone else’s.

Seriously, nothing in life can prepare you for suddenly seeing that some city on the other side of the planet has unveiled a 100-foot-tall gold plated, jewel-encrusted statue of you. But they all put so much time and effort into these things, it seemed almost cruel to tell anyone that I didn’t like the statues and found them kind of creepy.

At least I was able to use my influence to improve the world. All I had to do was make a public broadcast telling everyone that I didn’t want them committing crimes anymore, and the crime rate dropped to zero. I did a similar thing with wars, and within a week, all the world’s militaries had been disbanded. And then I denounced racism, sexism and homophobia. Everyone rushed to completely give up anything that I said displeased me.

And I directed the governments of the world in the fixing of many of the worlds problems. World hunger, environmental pollution, poverty… all I had to do was tell them I wanted those problems solved, that it would please me, and they would move heaven and earth to get it done, no matter the cost. I even encouraged the richest in the world to donate their fortunes towards helping with those costs.

So, I do like to think that I have managed to make the world a better place. Yeah, they way I was able to do this was dubious and questionable, but they say you can’t argue with results, right?

Well, that’s pretty much my story, recorded for posterity. As I write this, it’s been a year since Technocrat activated that machine of his. The day has been made a worldwide holiday, Hypno Bear Day. The UN decided to mark the occasion by unanimously voting to appoint me official King of Earth. As far as I know, not a single person anywhere on the planet objected.

It’s weird looking back on it all. I managed to take over the world, something numerous super-villains had tried and failed to do over the years. And I had done it completely by accident!

I should wrap this up. The male members of the League will be arriving soon for a celebration orgy. I just need to decide if I’m going to have a word with Technocrat afterwards…

See, I had a thought. Maybe that machine of his, the Planetary Neurological Imprint Transmitter, could be used to undo this universal devotion to me. I have already talked to him about it and he said it is theoretically possible.

There is the worry that the world might fall back into its old ways of crime and war and prejudice. But at least they’d have free will, it’d be their choice. Their actions wouldn’t be dictated by whatever would please me.

Of course, I’d also lose everything, the big house and the world’s adoration. But that might be a price worth paying…

And the League. It would be devastating to lose them in my life. I’ve grown quite attached to them. They’re close friends, great company, and wonderful compassionate guys. And yeah, I love the hell out of getting to fuck their brains out.

Come to think of it, I won’t talk to Technocrat about that machine just yet. Maybe next month… Or next year… Or perhaps in a few years…

I’ll definitely do it before I die, I promise! I mean, I’m not going to live forever, right? Well, unless Technocrat does manage to some day get that immortality device of his working. He says he doesn’t want the world to ever have to get by without me. He can be sweet like that sometimes.

But honestly, I’m sure I’ll manage to bring myself to free the world eventually…

For now, though, this is Hypno Bear, Leader of the Heroic League and King of Earth, signing off…


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