These are simple black and white sketches and pictures done in pencil.

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    A dragon in bondage.
A practice sketch of a gorilla. A sad and lonely tiger...
This panda is angry about something... A simple muscular dog.
A brutish barbarian badger wielding his weapon. A panther space adventurer, disembarking his ship to explore an alien planet.
A cyborg skunk using his tentacles to enslave some helpless victims. A dalmatian wrestler.
A badger and a tiger engaging in some 69ing and suspension bondage. A raccoon being brainwashed...
An enslaved barbarian hyena being auctioned... A leather-clad otter.
A platypus bodybuilder. Emperor of the Feline Space Empire staring into space with his favourite slave...
A wizardly weasel. A canine undergoing some muscle-growth...
A fox riding his pet horse... A cyborg elephant. This one has since been coloured and can be found in my computer coloured gallery.
A leather-clad boar. My first time drawing a boar character... Their size difference doesn't stop this master bear and his bunny slave being together...
A running rhino. New from Thurman Industries: Mind Control Collars!
Hypnotising a panda can be fun... A superhero getting milked by a villain. This has since been coloured and can be found in my computer coloured gallery.
A posing muscle bear. A scarred lion warrior.
A simple sketch of a muscular canine. A barbarian bear. After drawing this, I had the idea for my 'Kuman the Barbarian' character.
The savage lion again, and this time he's armed. A savage looking lion.
A big horse. I have since done a colourised version of this sketch, which can be seen in the Computer Pictures section. My attempt at a wolf with a cyborg arm.
A muscular raccoon. A nice buff badger.
This lion came about as a result of me trying to come up with new poses for my pictures. A fox looking over his shoulder. I drew this in order to practice drawing the musculature of the back, which I'm not very good at.
A muscular raccoon. A lion on all fours. I was trying to do a different pose.
A fox wearing a loincloth. A big muscular bear drawing.

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