Page 1 of my computer coloured pictures featuring my most recent works.

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    A superhero lion has been fitted with a brainwashing hypno-slave hood by a villain. NEW!
Master Cyberklaw has his slave Tredain hypnotized. NEW! A bunch of possible designs for a tiger slave drone. NEW!
A rhino tries to figure out what happened to him the night before... NEW! Master Cyberklaw oversees the final stages of conversion for a batch of new latex slave drones. NEW!
A red panda Master has his own herd of brainwashed slave bulls. NEW! Harvey and Oliver, the main characters of my 'That Day' story, enjoying a hug. The story can be found here. NEW!
A hypnotized muscle fox. NEW! A simple pic of a posing wolf. NEW!
A simple animated pic of an orc being brainwashed. Done for 'Orc-Tober' 2018. A Master tiger and his slave cougar.
The telepathic superhero Psi-Skunk. More hypno hunks, a hyena, a husky and a horse.
Just a simple bear pic. Superfur lifting some heavy rubble.
A big otter in a rainbow speedo. A rhino in some skin-tight rubber.
A bound and hypnotized Gorilla. A lion warrior.
A bear becoming a mindless latex drone. A tribe of bears and some mind control visors. based on a story from 'Mind control Tales - Hypno Bears Edition 9, which can be read here.
A bear hypnotised by his laptop. The villainous Brainwasher enslaves some more superheroes.
A rubber drone converting a lion. An orc whore, inspired by one of the stories from my 'Mind Control Tales - Orcs Edition' which can be read here.

A badger Master with his slave fox.

A hypnotized skunk showing off his body.

The superhero Battle Bear has fallen into a trap and is getting brainwashed by an evil villain.

A former superhero who lost his powers remembers his old life.

A big lion. Just a little something I did for World Lion Day. A fennec fox who is both a wizard and a warrior.
A big panther. A dog almost converted into a latex slave drone.
A hooded tiger slave working out. A restrained and hypnotised bear getting milked.
A good muscular dog. A pic produced for Hypno Bear Week 2017.

A bodybuilder celebrates a win with his boyfriend.

A cougar barbarian warrior.
A pair of rabbits in bondage. A bear and some latex tentacles.
A business badger hypnotized. A superhero enjoying himself in mid-air.

A gay pride image featuring a gay superhero character from an earlier pic that can be seen here.

The summoning of a demon hasn't gone as planned. A pic done for Halloween 2016.

An orca Master playing with his orc slave. Done for 'Orctober' and 'Orcatober' 2016.

An unwilling orc getting turned into a slave drone.

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