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The Orca Department of Thurman Industries, where the best muscular brainwashed slave orcas are produced by the company's finest slave scientists!

A muscular skunk.

A bull in bondage and wearing a locked chastity device while getting some hypnotic programming.

A shark in bondage.

A captive superhero getting brainwashed.

A badger luchador

A hyena all chained up, awaiting his fate...

A tiger hypno slave waiting for his Master.

Fan art of Star Coyote, from the novel 'Save the Day' by D.J. Fahl, which can be found here.

An otter Master and his slave croc.

In a dingy alley, a fox superhero is getting changed out of his civilian clothes so that he can go save the day.

A tattooed elephant, hypnotized and relaxing.

A bear with a nice collection of brainwashed slave bears in tight latex...

Done for Hypno Bear Week 2016.

A special advertisement for all the bears out there...

Done for Hypno Bear Week 2016.

Just a simple polar bear.

Fan art of Dev and Lee, from the 'Out of Position' book series by Kyell Gold. Find his works here.

A rat mage has used his magic to enslave an assortment of big muscular barbarian warriors. But he wants more...

A bulky badger in leather slave gear.

More Hypno Hunks! Here we have an antelope, an alligator and an armadillo.

An updated pic of my fursona.

An orc shaman has decided to take control of his tribe...

This was done for 'Orctober' 2015

Another variation of my Captain Carrot fan art: the latex slave drone version!

A kangaroo and his bear visiting the club 'Alpha's Den', from 'Mitchell & Michael' story series.

A kinky variation of my Captain Carrot fan art.

Do you love you mate so much you want to spend the rest of your life with him, even if that meant being transformed into a latex slave drone?

A hypnotized lion posing and showing off his body.

Fan art of Captain Carrot, here hypnotized and half-naked.

Fan art of Captain Carrot, in his classic costume.

Fan art of Captain Carrot, in his newer costume.

Fan art of the main characters from Bryan Talbot's 'Grandville' series of graphic novels.

More hypno hunks! This time, a wolf, a weasel and a wolverine.

A new pic of Superfur, from my 'Furry Guardians comic series.

A fox becoming a latex slave drone.

The superhero Mega-Bear encounters the Brainwasher! Drawn as part of Hypno Bear Week 2015.

Are you in need of a supply of male 'milk'? Thurman Industries can handle your needs!

A red dragon Master is taking his two slaves to a slave auction.

A hypnotically enslaved wolverine.

When a superhero loses a battle with a villain, he finds himself at the mercy of that villain...

Presenting the finalists of the Ultimate Muscle Bodybuilding Championship 2015, posing on stage for your judgement.

A scientist's project has developed in unexpected directions. Read the story based on this image here.

An alligator Master looking for a slave...

A unicorn Lord lazily sprawls on his throne. Despite having a captive slave to play with, he seems to be a bit bored...

Here's Harvey the bear and Oliver the badger, the main characters of 'That Day'.

A British superhero has become ensnared in some sinister trap.

A fox bodybuilder showing off his muscles.

More hypno hunks! This time, a bear, a bull and a badger.
One orc. Many variations. Created for Orctober 2014. A bear in bondage, getting brainwashed. And he seems to be enjoying it...
The villain known as Cyber Slaver gets his claws into another superhero. He appears to be building up a bit of a collection... Introducing Super-Shark! With his super strength, power of flight and the ability to control water, he battles evil and saves the world on a daily basis!

A trio of muscular, tattooed, leather slave sharks await the return of their Master...
Behind the scenes of the adult movie 'Hypno Sluts 9'...
A kneeling tiger showing off his muscles. Oh dear, the Lustful Lions seem to have fallen prey to a dominant hypnotist and been hypnotically enslaved...
Even more Lustful Lions! And now they're having fun in latex gear! More Lustful Lions! This time, they're engaging in some leather and bondage fun!
Introducing the Lustful Lions! Three gay lion friends who all have insatiable sexual appetites and very few inhibitions! Three hypno hunks, a rat, a raccoon and a rhino.
A cyborg tiger, lounging aboard a spaceship, working away at a holographic screen. The hyena superhero Captain Virtue, takes the time to stop off at his boyfriend's place to tell him how much he loves him...

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