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A red panda in bondage, my first attempt at drawing this particular species. The superhero Power Panther
A hypnotised weightlifter. A panda at work, daydreaming of something more fun.
Master Lazarus and Butler, from my 'House of Lazarus' comic series. Superhero Lighning Lion, at the mercy of two mind-controlling supervillains.
A cougar slave. Erotic wrestling...
A new pic of my fursona character. A muscular ram showing off his body.
A mini-comic seeing the superhero Major Victory tackling a new supervillain. A mouse barbarian warrior.
An experimental pic, the first drawn freehand on my graphics tablet, and coloured trying out some new techniques. Mitchell and Michael, the central characters from my 'Mitchell & Michael' story series.
Royce Herrick, the main character from my 'Raging Tiger' story series. A bear getting hypnotised into a new life...
A group pic of the main characters from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series A short Master and his bigger slave.
A dragon in bondage. A badger and a tiger engaging in some unusual 69ing.
A Hypnotised canine, on sale to the highest bidder... Another coloured sketch.

A German Shepherd tied to a chair.


Another coloured sketch.

Two superheroes indulge in some sexual fun...


An experimental pic, in which I tried to colour an uninked sketch in photoshop. This muscular tiger was my first attempt.
Jack the hypnotist fox, and Buck, his hypnotised bull lover. A badger is about to fully hypnotically enslave an eager panda.
Space adventurer Captain Lucas Stormlock steps out of his spacecraft to explore a dark and mysterious alien planet... Now available from Thurman Industries! Mind Control Slave Collars!
A captive raccoon hooked up to a brainwashing machine. A big barbarian badger, wielding his weapon, trying to tackle some terrifying tentacles...
A black labrador undergoes a muscular transformation. An enslaved barbarian hyena is up for sale at a slave auction.
A wizardly weasel. Look out! Rampaging cyborg elephant on the loose!
Star-spangled superhero Captain Patriot has been captured... A closer look at Walter, from my 'Master Jack's Hypno-Slave Store' pic.
A closer look at Elliot, from my 'Master Jack's Hypno-Slave Store' pic. A closer look at Caeser, from my 'Master Jack's Hypno-Slave Store' pic.
A closer look at Master Jack, from my 'Master Jack's Hypno-Slave Store' pic. Want a hypnotised slave of your very own? Now you don't need to learn hypnosis to achieve this dream! Simply pay a visit to Master Jack's Hypno-Slave Store!
A muscular frog. A muscle-bound rat, securely restrained in a dungeon.
A bull with a nice physique posing. An angry, muscular Doberman.
A muscular rabbit. A dog being transformed by some cybernetic tentacles...
A leather-clad blue dragon. Losing a bet can sometimes be fun...
The 300th subject on a production line... Leather bears engaging some bondage fun...
A bear prisoner. Becoming a latex-clad slave drone...
A simple muscular Dalmatian. The heroic Fabulous Three arrived just a moment too late to stop Dr. Brainwave's plan for world domination...
The villainous Warpmind has decided to stop battling superheroes, and enslave them instead! Just what is the secret ingredient of the popular new milk drink 'Male Power'?
People can sometimes have two very different sides, like being a ruthless businessman by day, but a submissive, leather-loving slave by night... A crocodile in bondage.
A Tyrannosaurus Rex being subjected to some hypnotic enslavement. My very first attempt at drawing an orca character.

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