These are pictures done for me by others, and pictures I've done for others.

Anyone who'd like to do an art trade with my, feel free to contact me.

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Gift Pictures From Others

A fantastic pic of Kuman the Barbarian from Albaster. A great sketch of my fursona done by Da Boz, who's art can be seen on his page at FurAffinity.
This pic was a birthday gift from Dilgear, for which I am very thankful. This pic of Daniel from my 'Mitchell and Michael' story is from Muscle Wolf, as part of our art trade. The pic I did for him is below.
This great pic is from Doc, done as part of an art trade. It's Royce, from my 'Raging Tiger' stories. A different version of the above coloured Braford picture, but after I'd played around with it in Photoshop.
The picture Braford did for me, coloured by me. An excellent drawing of my Kuman the Barbarian character, by Braford.
Another pic of Kuman, this one drawn by Hokshi A pic of my Kuman the Barbarian character, by Kuma Chan

Gift Pictures For Others


Another gift pic for Tredain, done for his birthday.


A gift for my friend Kuma Chan, of Dai from his 'Banzuke' series.


A gift pic I did for my good friend Tredain.

Done as my part of an art trade with SargX12 on Furaffinity. This is his Sarg character. This was done for an art trade with Indagare on Furaffinity. He asked for a transformation pic, but as I worked on it, it became a basic GIF animation, and then eventually this simple flash animation.
An art trade pic for Woulfe on Furaffinity, depicting his rather large fursona. An art trade pic with LizardSharkDragon on Furaffinity, this is his Sharkdragon character.
This is a gift pic showing the fursona of Lupus Lusitanus, an artist over on Furaffinity. A gift pic for my friend Whiptail.
A gift I did for Albaster. This is his Frank character.

This pic was a gift for Da Boz. This guy is Stanislov Wilkosz, the central character of his 'Slave Gym' story.

This is a pic I did a while ago as a gift for Braford, at a time when he'd had an operation on his hand.

Another more recent pic I did for Matt Z, again of Cactus Jack.

A pic I did a while back for Matt Z, of his character Cactus Jack.

This is a pic I did as part of an art trade with Doc.

This is a pic of Muscle Wolf's character Lou Furringo, done as part of an art trade.

A pic of Grifter, a fellow furry.

The Gregory pic, but with a background added.

Another pic I did for a fellow furry. This guy is Gregory.

A pic of Explicit, done at the request of a fellow furry.

A pic I did for Samoied.

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