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A bird finds himself getting brainwashed. A basic pic of a bull in bondage.
A simple pic of a sword wielding barbarian warrior mouse. The Bear Gallery at The Museum of Hypnotized Muscle Furs. Created for Hypno Bear Week 2014.
Introducing the superhero Hypno Bear! Brainwasher of Bad Guys! Enslaver of Evil! Created for Hypno Bear Week 2014. A bear's attempt to use a Hypno Ray doesn't turn out the way he planned. A basic flash created for Hypno Bear Week 2014.
A hypnotized black bear in bondage is getting ruthlessly milked... and seems to be enjoying every moment of it. Created for Hypno Bear Week 2014. The superheroic Dauntless Duo come up against the villainous Rubberizer.
A badger and a german shepherd couple cuddled up on a couch together. A lion getting rubberized by some latex tentacles as part of some Thurman Industries experiment.
A pic of me and my ex-pup/boyfriend. A bear waiting for someone to follow the instructions on his speedo...
An illustration of the first chapter of my new 'Beware the Transformer' story. A platypus in bondage, waiting in a dungeon cell...
A fox being enslaved with a brainwashing helmet. A chained superhero at the mercy of his captors.
A cyborg skunk and his enslaving, mind control tentacles. A kangaroo having fun with an otter.
A gorilla enjoying some rope bondage. A latex-clad koala.
A bunch of guys getting converted into latex-encased slave drones. A Master has tried seducing another Master's slave...
A hypnotically enslaved muscle orca. Some superheroes are unscrupulous and may ask for sexual favours...
A badger scientist is checking up on an interesting experiment.

My first ever attempt at drawing an orc character.

A raccoon hypno-slave waiting to be sold. Sometimes, it's good to be the king. But which king is it good to be?
Rhino on the run! Always be careful when translating ancient runes...
A mouse and his hypnotized lion. New from Thurman Industries: The Mail Order Slave.
A shark super-villain has got himself a super pet...  

An old poster for an old movie serial.


A test subject breaks free... A boar in leather gear.
A hypnotized dragon waiting for his Master... A badger in bondage.
Introducing the cosmically powered superhero Captain Cosmos. A muscular fox has been hypnotized.
A couple of dogs having some bondage fun. A badger tries out a Self Help Hypnosis CD...
A cheetah having a little fun fondling himself. Extreme care should be taken when handling chemicals capable of transforming you into a robot...
A tiger pole dancing You'll love being a lion...
A pic of my ex-pup/boyfriend. How to enslave your dragon!
A captive superhero, at the mercy of his captor. A badger, a gorilla and a copy of the Kama Sutra
The Hypnotherapist 4: A New Life For The Lovers

Drawn for Hypno Bears Week 2013

The Hypnotherapist 3: The Things We Do For Love

Drawn for Hypno Bears Week 2013

The Hypnotherapist 2: The Boyfriend

Drawn for Hypno Bears Week 2013

The Hypnotherapist 1: Stress Relief

Drawn for Hypno Bears Week 2013

A scantily clad dragon in flight. A gorilla superhero, who could have been in my 'Fallen Hero' comic if my livestream viewers had chosen a gorilla instead of a rhino.
A hyena test subject being subjected to a bizarre fetish-y science experiment... My first attempt at drawing an armadillo. And of course, I drew him hypnotized!
A hypnotized badger enjoying himself. Eddie and Dexter, from my 'House of Lazarus' comic series, playing a little game...

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