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My very first attempt at drawing a skunk character. My very first attempt at drawing a zebra character.
A new character: Argus Rex, a bull and a space bounty hunter. A red dragon cyborg.
My very first attempt at drawing an anthro-dinosaur character, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A muscular lizard guy.
Flux, a character who appeared in Furry Guardians #3. A bear is being converted into a rubberised pet...
A muscular elephant ripping off his t-shirt, as he thinks he'll look better without it. Do you agree? A barbarian warrior finds his mission to assassinate a powerful sorcerer taking an unexpected turn...
Blue Torch from 'Furry Guardians'. Fastlane from 'Furry Guardians'.
Shadow Knight from 'Furry Guardians'. Enforcer from 'Furry Guardians'.
Superfur from 'Furry Guardians'. Steel Tiger from 'Furry Guardians'.
Brute from 'Furry Guardians'. Connor from 'The House of Lazarus'.
Dexter from 'The House of Lazarus'. Eddie from 'The House of Lazarus'.
Master Lazarus from 'The House of Lazarus'. Butler from 'The House of Lazarus'.
Always be wary of possible unexpected side-effects... A big tiger Master is giving a little hypnotic programming to his two slaves.
A wolf has hypnotised a few guys for some fun... A bear fully encased in leather gear.
A sci-fi style tiger warrior. A special Furry Guardians promo image I created to advertise the fact that series has been nominated for Best Comic Book in the 2007 Ursa Major Awards.
A barbarian hero's attempt to slay a tentacled monster are not going well... Sandman and Daring Mouse, from a story called 'Mind Games a Go-Go', by Chrysop55 (AKA Ouroboro), which can be read at his gallery on FurAffinity here: Chrysop55's Page
A fun little joking pic here. A recruitment poster for The Corps. Lieutenant Harker, main character of my 'The Corps' web comic.
A simple pic of a black bear playing with a wolf... A character concept pic. Raknar is an axe-wielding barbarian warrior who lost an eye in battle, which he then replaced with a magical gemstone that has the power to hypnotise and enslave others.
A page torn from the 2008 Thurman Industries Catalogue, offering a rather interesting item... Coldfire, a character who appeared in the back-up story of Furry Guardians #1.
A new pic of Lord Omega, the main villain from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series. A simple pic of a muscular badger.
A naked canine showing off his physique. My lovely BF's Riot Bunny fursona indulging a bit of skateboarding.
A white tiger lord commands his two cyborg slaves to fight to the death for his entertainment. A brown bear finds himself being brainwashed and milked.
A new pic of my Kuman the Barbarian character. A black-furred muscle bear.
A racoon in chains. A very muscular fox.
A wolf wrestler. A polar bear bodybuilder.
Tigers, leather and bondage. A good combination! A bear enjoying being in chains...
The adult version of the Captain Carrot picture, in which he appears to have removed some of his costume. My interpretation of Captain Carrot, star of comic series 'Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew', which was published by DC Comics.
Another picture of Fastlane, from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series. Kryn, a character from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series.
A canine with a leather collar. A muscle bear with a difference: He's blue!
A nice and muscular German Shepherd dog named Jack. A very simple animation of a hypnotist.
Dress the Leather Tiger! A simple flash game. Simply click on the options to dress the tiger in whatever outfit you wish. Click on an option again to rermove. A fox in chains and leather.
You don't see many ligers (a lion/tiger cross breed) drawn in furry art, so I drew one, and he's rather muscular. A big, muscular fox.
A pic of Master Alpha, a character who has appeared in my 'Mitchell & Michael' story. The Furry Guardians, from my comic series.
A captive tiger getting ruthlessly 'milked'. A big wolf bodybuilder.
Lord Omega, the central villain from 'Furry Guardians'. Shadow Knight, the wolf vigilante from 'Furry Guardians'.
Superfur, as seen in my 'Furry Guardians' comic series Another character from 'Furry Guardians', this time Fastlane, the super-speeding badger.
A newer and more improved pic of my Enforcer character, from 'Furry Guardians'. A new pic of Blue Torch, from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series.
A mysterious advert cut from a magazine, advertising something rather interesting. Unfortunately, someone had already cut out the contact number for themselves... A simple character pic of Steel Tiger, a character from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series.
A simple character pic of the Brute, a character from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series. This is Emperor Gragor III, supreme ruler of the Feline Space Empire, a character from a furry sci-fi story I may get around to writing one day.
A quick a simple character pic of Enforcer, a character from my 'Furry Guardians' comic series. A rhino leather slave, all chained up and awaiting his Master.
Bernard Thurman, a character from my 'Servus Inc' story. A naked bear, playing with himself.

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