A collection of very short mind control stories. Each set has three stories.

Mind Control Tales Voices

Exploration's End


Hypno Bears Edition 1 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 Project Overrule

Wonder Bear Vs. Dr. Mindwarper

Made to Order

Hypno Bears Edition 2 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 The Price of Arrogamce

Plague of Hypno Bears

Case Closed

Hypno Bears Edition 3 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 One Year Later

All The World's a Slave

Music to Work Out By

Hypno Bears Edition 4 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 An Accidental Super-Slave

A Dungeon Drone's Day

The Demon's Promise

Hypno Bears Edition 5 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 A Cop Uncovered

The Power Behind the Throne

Sexually Transmitted Slavery

Hypno Bears Edition 6 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 Taming of the Beasts

Wanting More

Reprogrammed in Rubber

Hypno Bears Edition 7 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2017 Owning Your Enemy

Remaking a Master

The Bad Dream

Apes Edition - Written for Ape-ril 2017 Super-Rat Vs. Lord Silverback


Giving in to Godliness

More Mind Control Tales Acceptance

Expedition's End

His Master's Master

Even More Mind Control Tales From Ex to Enslaved

Empire's End

Focused at the Gym

Superheroes Edition Return of the Reprogrammer

The Villain's Broadcast

From Hero to Henchman

Sci-fi Edition Awakened in Space

'The Mindless Minions of Minos!' - A Rex Starstorm Adventure

A Time Traveller's Journal

Orcs Edition - Written for 'Orc-tober' 2017 Overlord

Refusing a Rescue

Enslaved by Arrow

Chistmas Edition To Serve Santa

A Kinky Christmas Gift

The Spirit of Christmas

Hypno Bears Edition 8 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2018 Humiliated Heroes

Live and Let Bear

Having Some Fun

Hypno Bears Edition 9 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2018 Confusion and Control

The Visors

Demonic Discovery

Hypno Bears Edition 10 - Written for Hypno Bear Week 2018 A Rivalry's End

Using the Abuser

The Taking of the Triumphant

Drones Edition The D.R.O.N.E System

Patient's Patience

Free Trial

Orcs Edition 2 - Written for 'Orc-tober' 2018 The Fall of Freedom

The Warrior and the Shaman

The Helm of Power

Barbarians Edition NEW! The Treasure Trap

The Corruptor

Sorcerer's Revenge

Raging Tiger/Kuman the Barbarian/Mitchell and Michael/Going Under/Beware the Transformer/That Day/Servus Inc./Farewell to Free Will/Working Bears/Mind Control Tales

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